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Check out the "Driving U.S.A." and "Back in the U.S." tour pages for more info about the shows below .

The "Driving USA" band: Abe Laboriel, Jr. (drums, vocals), Rusty Anderson (lead guitar, vocals),
Brian Ray (guitar, bass, vocals), Paul "Wix" Wickens (Keyboard, accordion, guitar, vocals)

Official press photographer's pass

Paul's grand entrance in Chicago April 10 (United Center). After the pre-show of assorted costumed characters and circus performers, McCartney appeared behind a white screen in silhouette, with Hofner raised to a cheering audience. The screen lifted and after a few waves he launched into "Hello Goodbye."

Paul treats the Chicago audience to the concert opener "Hello Goodbye," the Beatles classic he's never performed live. Both shows at the United Center were sellouts with 32,000 concertgoers per show. Ticket prices ranged from $50 - $250. Scalpers were getting $3,000 for the front row. The VIP ticket was $475.


(Left and Right) - Paul performs an old Wings favorite, "Jet." (Chicago April 10)

Center) - "Hey Jude" Chicago style (April 11)

In Chicago Paul attended a benefit for the Center for International Rehabilitation where Heather Mills was honored. The photos are on the "Meet Paul McCartney" Web Page. Paul also donated a generous sum of money to the Chicago Firefighters for a memorial park tribute to fallen colleagues.

VIP pass for the Anaheim show for the before after parties, May 5, at The Pond.

The National Car Rental Center in Fort Lauderdale was the host for Paul's last two shows on the "Driving USA" tour. Tickets ranged from $51.50 - $251.50 VIP tickets were $425.
While in Florida Paul spent time golfing, eating in gourmet restaurants on Miami Beach and visiting the famous South Beach, known for it's all night party clubs and celebrity in-spots.

(Above and below) Paul rocks Fort Lauderdale with "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/The End," May 17.

The demand for tickets was so high for McCartney's last show in Fort Lauderdale, the National Car Rental Center added 1,500 more seats to bring the attendance to 16,000. Both shows were sellouts. Paul did something he's never done at the last show. He picked two female fans out of the audience to dance onstage during "I Saw Her Standing There."

Paul, the band, and cast of characters bid farewell on the last night of the tour. Paul was surprised by the entire crew who came forward with red hearts painted on placards during the "Long and Winding Road." The outpouring of love was so intense Paul choked up on the lyrics and apologized afterwards for his "lousy singing." He thanked the cast and crew members numbering a hundred for a job well-done.

(Left) - Paul and the band get ready to make their final bows in Fort Lauderdale, May 18.

Center) - Paul and band take their bows at the first show May 17.

(Right) - Paul signs a "Revolver" album for a lucky fan, May 18 before leaving the stage.

"Driving USA" Official VIP Party Laminate

At selected venues VIP Party Packages were available that included a premium seat, special parking, gourmet vegetarian buffet dinner, open bar, a black "Driving USA" tour T-shirt not available anywhere else and a raffle to win an autographed "Driving USA" tour poster. Prices for the package ranged from $400 - $475.

For more details about the "Driving U.S.A." tour click here where you will find set lists and reviews of all the shows.


(Left and center) - Paul waves to fans in Indianapolis at the Conseco Fieldhouse, October 5. One of the unusual songs performed at the sound check was, "I've Got A Feeling." Paul did not sound check this song anywhere else on this tour.

Right) - Paul waves while on the cell phone as he passes fans at Milwaukee's Bradley Center, September 21. In the backseat is personal assistant John Hammel -- The opening show of the "Back in the U.S." tour introduced for the first time a song Paul never performed live, "She's Leaving Home."

(Above) - The final notes of "The End." Paul and the band wave to the Indianapolis crowd at the packed Conseco Fieldhouse on October 5.

The funniest part of the evening came when Paul was playing "Lady Madonna." Someone threw a bra on the stage that fell in front of Brian. At the end of the song Brian picked it up and gave it to Paul who handled it like it was a hot potato and flung it back to Brian.

Paul picked up bouquets and signed "A Hard Day's Night" album for a lucky fan in the third row before he left the stage.

VIP Pass for the Los Angeles show October 28 at the Staples Center

(Above) - Paul holds the final note of the "The End" then struts across the stage as the preshow performers gather for the final bows at Chicago's sold out United Center, September 24.

Paul mentioned several times how warm a reception he gets in Chicago and how great the Chicago audience always is. "People of Chicago, it's a nice day today." Then he let out a scream, "AHHHHHHH!!!!!! BOOGEY WOOGEY!!! He referred to the very vocal Chicago audience as "Ella-noise-ians!" And "A great bunch of people." After "Something" he said, "Chicago is the third show of our tour and you always make us feel welcome. You're extremely special CHI-CAG-GO!"

Paul signed a "Driving Rain" CD jacket and a poster before he left the stage saying "See ya next time!"

For more details about the "Back in the U.S." tour click here where you will find set lists and reviews of all the shows.

If you think Wings deserves to be nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...

Should WINGS be nominated into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? There's a debate amongst Beatles/Paul McCartney fans whether Wings is covered by Paul's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a "solo artist." Does Wings qualify as a band and are they worthy with a string of number one hits during the '70s? Should its band members be recognized for their contributions?


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