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March 25 - Bercy Palais Omnisport Arena - Paris, France

March 28 - Palau San Jordi - Barcelona, Spain

March 29 - Palau San Jordi - Barcelona, Spain

April 1 - Sportpaleis Antwerpen - Antwerp, Belgium

April 2 - Sportpaleis Antwerpen - Antwerp, Belgium

April 5 - Hallam Arena - Sheffield, England

April 6 - Hallam Arena - Sheffield, England RESCHEDULED

April 9 - Manchester Evening News Arena - Manchester, England

April 10 - Manchester Evening News Arena - Manchester, England

April 13 - NIA (National Indoor Arena) - Birmingham, England

April 14 - NIA (National Indoor Arena) - Birmingham, England

April 18 - Earls Court - London, England

April 19 - Earls Court - London, England

April 21 - Earls Court - London, England

April 22 - Earls Court - London, England

April 25 - Gelredome - Arnhem, The Netherlands

April 27 - Köln Arena - Cologne, Germany

April 28 - Köln Arena - Cologne, Germany

April 30 - Preussag Arena - Hannover, Germany

May 2 - Parken Stadium - Copenhagen, Denmark

May 4 - Stockholm Globe Arena - Stockholm, Sweden

May 5 - Stockholm Globe Arena - Stockholm, Sweden

May 8 - Koenig Pilsener Arena - Oberhausen, Germany

May 10 - Colosseum - Rome, Italy (inside)

May 11 - Via dei Fori Imperiali (in front of the Colosseum) - Rome, Italy

May 14 - Stadthalle - Vienna, Austria

May 15 - Budapest Sportarena - Budapest, Hungary

May 17 - Konigsplatz - Munich, Germany

May 18 - Konigsplatz - Munich, Germany

May 21 - AOL Arena - Hamburg, Germany

May 24 - Red Square - Moscow, Russia

May 27 - RDS (Royal Dublin Society) Stadium - Dublin, Ireland

May 29 - HallamFM Arena - Sheffield, England

June 1 - Kings Dock - Liverpool, England

Concert-goers don't forget to bring your mobile/cell phone to Paul's "BACK IN THE WORLD" concerts. A special phone number will be posted on the screen before the show that you can call and send a 'text message' to Paul or whoever. If your message is selected it will be shown on the big screen before the concert and at the end of the show. Anyone who sends a text message will be entered into a drawing to win a front row seat upgrade for two! They will also receive a text message from Paul and be entered to win a chance to be a balloon carrier in the pre-show (Moscow).


Audience participation and interplay is a big part of the tour which kicks off on Tuesday (25th March) in Paris. You can now join in with a mobile phone. It's textual intercourse - but we call it "Let You In."

Anyone in the audience at the gigs with a mobile phone can send a text message to a special number (which will be on screen as the doors open) and we will get as many as we can displayed on the screen by the stage before the show begins, and at the end. You can send a message to Paul, or to a friend - whatever you want!

All messages will be displayed on a special page on the Paul McCartney website. Also all day long you can see if your message appears after the show.

Everyone who sends a text message will automatically be entered into a draw and win the chance to upgrade themselves plus a friend to seats in the front row for that nights show. They'll get a message from Paul and also be entered into a very special prize draw, the prize for which will be to be part of the show at a spectacular event on the tour.

So if you're a text maniac, look for the number and send now!

You may see this text message on your mobile phone at the concert:

"Are you ready to rock? please call this have 4 front row seats, Paul."


The Fireman - Special "Auraveda Remix"

(OPENING with circus performers before Paul appears onstage)

(Hofner bass)
Hello Goodbye
All My Loving
(switches to lead guitar)
Getting Better
(switches to Hofner bass)
Coming Up
(switches to electric guitar)
Let Me Roll It
(switches to Hofner bass)
Lonely Road
Driving Rain
(introduces drummer, Abe Laboriel and moves to grand piano)
Your Loving Flame

(begins acoustic guitar solo set)
Every Night
We Can Work It Out
(switches psychedelic upright piano)
You Never Give Me Your Money/Carry That Weight
(Paul unaccompanied)
            The Fool On the Hill
(with Magical Mystery Tour footage on screen)
(switches to acoustic guitar)

                   Here Today
(John Lennon Tribute)
(switches to ukulele)
(George Harrison tribute)
(switches to acoustic guitar)
                                  Eleanor Rigby
(with band)                      
          Here There and Everywhere
(Wix on Accordion - full band)
Calico Skies (Paul on acoustic - with full band)
  Michelle (Wix on Accordion - full band)

(switches to Hofner bass)
Band On The Run
Back In The USSR
(introduces Rusty Anderson-switches to grand piano)
Maybe I'm Amazed
Let 'Em In
My Love
(switches to Hofner bass, band at front harmonizing)
She's Leaving Home
Can't Buy Me Love

(introduces Brian Ray-switches to grand piano)

Live and Let Die
Let It Be
(psychedelic upright piano)
Hey Jude

(psychedelic upright piano)
Long And Winding Road
Lady Madonna
(switches to Hofner bass)
I Saw Her Standing There

(acoustic guitar)
(switches to Les Paul guitar)
Sgt. Pepper's Reprise/The End

See set list change under Manchester review

The "Back in the World" tour program (20 to 22 Euros) is different than the U.S.A. tour program, with new photos and pages dedicated to the "Driving Mexico" and "Driving Japan," shows. There is info about the Dublin and Moscow shows and the two dates for Rome are also in the program.

The tour program mentions that the Mexican audience was the wildest and best so far on the world tour.

There are new T-shirts with the European dates and new photos on them ranging from 30 to 33 EUROS.

Two new posters costing 8 to 10 Euros.

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March 25 - Bercy Palais Omnisport Arena - Paris, France

Paul was staying at the Hotel Bristol in Paris. He did some radio interviews before the concert and some songs were broadcast on the radio thought to be from the show. Paul arrived at the arena at 5:30pm for the sound check.

The concert started a half-hour late due to a large anti-war demonstration that held up traffic around city center. Paul was in great voice and the Paris audience was very enthusiastic.

At 9pm the pre-show began and was the same as the 2002 tour.

Paul wore a new black Nehru jacket with an embroidered collar and cuffs and a banded embroidered edging at the bottom of the jacket. He had on a long sleeved red T-shirt and blue jeans. The concert was sold out with a capacity of more than 15,000 with a general admission (no seats) floor.

He introduced "Getting Better" saying,
"This song was from the Sixties - the decade that gets applause."

In the audience were French politicians, atheletes, actors, recording artists, VIPs and celebrities. Sting was also spotted.

Paul spoke some French in his introductions warning the audience that he would try out his French on. He told them, saying in French, that he speaks "un petit peu" (a little bit). For "Your Loving Flame" he dedicated it to "Pour ma femme Heather." (for my wife, Heather). Before he started "All My Loving" he said,
"Bonsoir Paris! Salut les copains! - We have come to rock you tonight." (Good evening Paris! Hello buddies!)

For the introduction to "Getting Better" Paul said in French, "C'est la première fois qe je fais cette chanson en France !" (this is the first time I am doing this song in France)

He said before "Lonely Road" the first new song performed in the show, "Une nouvelle chanson, maintenant." (a new song now)

At the beginning of the acoustic set when the band left Paul alone on stage, Paul said, "Je suis seul..." (I'm alone) "... Avec vous !" (with you)

He played the 'massage' music on the piano before "The Fool On The Hill" but didn't tell his massage stories.

He did the fake beginning of "We Can Work It Out" singing "As I was walking down the road.." stopping abruptly as the crowd egged him on. Paul told the audience, "I know you like it, but I'm not playing this tonight." Then he launched into "We Can Work It Out."

His song introductions were similar to the 2002 tour. For "Here Today" the tribute to John Lennon he said, "Sometimes you don't say what you mean to say to people in life. Sometimes you miss the opportunity, sometimes it's too late and you regret it." Part way through his introduction a fan in the front row yelled out Paul's next sentence before Paul could say it. Paul not missing beat said, "You probably were here before, but I was going to say, 'Je vais chanter cette chanson pour mon ami John.' (I will sing this song for my friend John) When Paul finished the song the 15,000 + Paris audience starting singing "Give Peace A Chance." A very surprised Paul gave the peace sign and joined them in singing the song a capella.

He performed "Calico Skies" right after "Here There and Everywhere" on acoustic guitar with the band. "Freedom" was not performed.

For part of his "Michelle" introduction he spoke French. " maintenant une chanson dont vous allez facilement comprendre les paroles ..." (this song will be easy to understand the words)

For "My Love," Paul said, "I wrote this next song for Linda. C'est une chanson pour les amoureux. (it's a song for the loved ones) Now it's for the lovers in the audience, you know who you are."

Paul introduced "She's Leaving Home" in English. "Now it's a song from the sixties ...", and added "It's probably the first time this song is played in France."

Right after "Can't Buy Me Love" Paul said, "Bon anniversaire !" (Happy birthday) and launched into "Birthday." After "Birthday" Wix said in French "Un jour tres special pour moi." (one day very special for me).

Paul appeared to be having 'private jokes' with audience members in the front row throughout the show.

At the encore he came out wearing the "no more land mines" red T-shirt and waved the French flag which brought thunderous applause and a standing ovation from the French audience.

After "The End" when the band was waving their goodbyes, the crowd started singing "She Loves You." Paul went over to the microphone and sang the chorus of "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" at the appropriate time. Paul did not sign any autographs from the stage.

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March 28
- Palau San Jordi - Barcelona, Spain

Paul arrived at the venue around 5pm in a white limo. When he stopped at the venue gate he rolled down the window and said "Hola" waving to the 100 or so fans and closed the window as he said, "Adios!" Prior to Macca's arrival the band played "All My Loving," "Getting Better" (mostly instrumental with band singing vocals) and "Helter Skelter (full and well rehearsed). There were 10 fans at the soundcheck (who won a contest) where Paul performed "Honey Don't," "Bring it to Jerome," "Midnight Special," "You Never Give Me Your Money," "Band On the Run" (slower version), Lady Madonna," "India," "Two of Us" (done four times) and "The Fool On the Hill." The fans applauded after the songs and Paul said in Spanish, "Gracias, pequeña audiencia." (thank you, little audience)

Before the show Paul met informally with the Mayor of Barcelona, Joan Clos and then had a press conference. Paul greeted a small group of fans and waiting journalists with "Hello, good noooooches" (evening) and waved to each one and answered questions. He was videotaped meeting with the mayor who he wasn't formally introduced to. Paul didn't realize the mayor was there until an aid told him. "Oh, the Mayor of Barceloni, pretty city yours," Paul said. Then Paul asked the people gathered in the press room to chant "Long Live Spain." Nobody did because Barcelona wants to be independent from Spain and Paul wasn't aware of that.

In the hall near the press conference room stood a bewildered young male fan. He let out a little yell, and giggled. Then Paul crossed a crowded room of journalists with open mouths and directed his question at the boy. "You like the Beatles?" he asked. The boy nodded his head yes. "Give me your T-shirt!" Paul ordered. The poor kid was so scared he was ready to take it right off.

Text messages from audience cell phones were shown on the screens before and after the concert.

Macca was in great voice and peformed to a multi-generational audience of 18,000 at the sold out Palau San Jordi. Paul wore a sky blue, shiny Nehru jacket, red long-sleeved T-shirt and blue jeans. The concert started a half hour late. While the crowd was waiting in anticipation they began chanting
"Ole´-ole´-ole´-ole´, Pauly, Pauly... ehh-ooh, ehh-ohh," and collectively did 'the wave.' A group of fans held a signed that read: "all We need is love, STOP THE WAR."

The pre-show was the same as the Paris show.

Paul addressed the enthusiastic crowd after "Jet" saying "Hola españa! Hola bona nit Barcelona!" (Hello Spain! Hello good evening Barcelona!) "We have come here tonight to rockkk youu!!"

After "All My Loving" the crowd started to scream, "PAUL-PAUL-PAUL!" Macca said, "Oh, muchas gracias. (oh, thank you) Tonight I'm gonna speak sometimes in English and sometimes en Español." (in Spanish) Then the crowd cheered, "TORERO! TORERO!" (Bullfighter) Paul said, "So fantantics. Esta es la primera vez que he tocado esta cancion en españa." (You're fantastic! This is the first time I've performed this song in Spain). Then he launched into "Getting Better."

Before "Let Me Roll It" the crowd chanted "OLE´! OLE´! OLE´! OLE´!" The song featured an instrumental of "Foxy Lady" at the end.

After "Let Me Roll It" a hot and sweaty Macca said, "Hace mucho calor!" (it's very hot) and removed his jacket, neatly folding it before throwing it on the stage floor. As he took off the jacket the band played "The Stripper." He said, "Esta cancion es nueva." (this song is new) and then he sang "Lonely Road."

Before "Driving Rain" he said, "It's great for us to be here in Spain, in Barcelona, beautiful."

Paul introduced Abe in Spanish. "Ahora les presento nuestro fabuloso bateria, Abe Laboriel, Jr." (And now I introduce you to our wonderful drummer..) Then Abe said, "Hola Barcelona, cómo estan? Les tengo una pregunta, estan listos para el rock? Nosotros también." (Hello Barcelona, how are you? I have a question for you. Are you ready to rock? We are also.)

In his introduction to "Your Loving Flame" he said, "Esta me gustaria dedicarla a una persona muy espacial aqui esta noche... ma meve donna extraordinaria Heather." (I'd like to dedicate this one to a special person who is here extraordinary wife Heather) There was a "peace" sign on Paul's piano only visible on the big screen when the camera focused on it. The crowd clapped when they saw it.

Signs in the audience: "Vivan los Beatles de Cádiz" (Long live the Beatles in Cadiz), "Canta Yesterday con Beth"( Sing Yesterday for Beth), "Soy Álex y tengo cuatro meses" (I'm Álex and I am four months old)."

For the introduction of "Blackbird" Paul said, "Ahora estoy solo con vosotros totalmente solo." (now I am totally alone with you.) He explained in English about the inspiration for the song -- the 1960's civil unrest in America.

After "Every Night," Paul said, "Oh muchas gracias Barcelona! (Thank you very much) and the crowd began to chant, "OHHHOO ... OHHOOO," And then Paul joined them singing "OOHHHOOO... OOHHOO" as he strummed his guitar.

Paul said to the man (dressed like a strongman) who carried the piano out, "Come muchos est... (He eats lots of...) Wait a minute! Esteroides! (steroids) It's a joke in Spanish," he added.

A Spanish newspaper commented that "A loose McCartney unfolded his peculiar domestic humor that once again punished his fans by reciting (in Spanish) Paul's beloved but incomprehensible poem, 'Tres conejos' (Three rabbits) before a bemused crowd."

After "The Fool on the Hill" Paul took his acoustic guitar and began to mumble "Besame,...besame mucho..." (kiss me...kiss me more...) The audience caught on and started a singalong of the Spanish language classic (originally written in Mexico), singing the first verse, which surprised Paul. People egged Paul on to sing the whole song. Paul played the song to it's final chords and made silly faces ("no, no, ... not that one..) as he showed his objection to performing the song all in good fun. He ended the song like the Beatles version in "Let It Be."

Paul said in his intro to "Here Today," "He escrito esto despues de la muerte de mi amigo John" (I wrote this after my friend John died). Before Paul started "Here Today" the audience began singing "Give Peace A Chance, with the addition of "no ala guerra" (no war). Paul strummed the chords of the song and sang some verses off mic.

He introduced "Something" for "Mi amigo George le gustaba el ukulele.. el ukulele. (My friend George liked the ukulele) He was a very good player of the ukulele. Yesta noche me gustaría tocar esta cancion para el." (Tonight I'd like to play this song for you) At the end of the song, Paul did not play the 'fast' version of "Something" that he played in the US.

After "Eleanor Rigby" Paul said, "Oh, muchas gracias ESPAÑA y Barcelona...Barcelona." (Thank you Spain and Barcelona).

During the show Paul had a mock 'argument' with someone in the audience that he pretended to reprimand. He pointed to that person and spoke gibberish in a high-pitched voice and pretended to be very annoyed. That brought laughter from the audience.

When Paul introduced "Michelle" a woman yelled out to Paul and he answered her back with a "Hi." Then he said, "Ahora, venid con nostros a Francia." (Now come with us to France)

Right after "Back in the USSR" the audience began to chant "ehh-ohh" again, and Paul mimicked them. Paul introduced Rusty in Spanish, "Os presento nuestro fantastico guitarrista Rusty Anderson!" (I present our fantastic guitarist to you...) Then Rusty brought out his Spanish to English pocket translator and said, "Hola Barcelona, como esta.. (Hello Barcelona, how are you?) My Spanish is pretty awful so I have a message I'm gonna play for you." He spoke an English phrase into the translator and held it up to the microphone so the audience could hear the female robotic voice speaking in Spanish. "La banda quisiera agredercles por la calurosa bienvenida, y tambien a los que nos sorprendieron con sus cortos y sexys vestidos en la calle de la Ramblas." (The band would like to thank you for the warm welcome and also to the ones who surprised us with their short and sexy dresses in Ramblas Street) That got a good laugh from the audience.

For "My Love" he said, "He escrito esto para Linda...y a esta nite es para todos los enamorados. (I wrote this for Linda and tonight this if for all the lovers) This is for you, you know who you are..."

The onstage teleprompters had Spanish on them so the band could speak Spanish if they wanted. In Barcelona there is a language called Catalan which is a regional Spanish and the telepromters had both the Catalan and the broader Spanish language on them. Paul and the band did not know the difference between the two languages resulting in a hodge-podge of the Spanish language.

Paul introduced Wix and said, "Ahora os presento mi pianista unico, Paul Wix Wickens!" (Now I'll introduce my unique pianist...) Wix mentioned that the night before was his birthday and the audience started to sing "happy birthday" to him. Paul said, "We say to you.. FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!" (Happy Birthday!)

For Brian's introduction Paul said, "Y aqui esta el magnifico Brian Ray!"(And here is the magnificent...)

An audience favorite was "Live and Let Die" with the same exploding pyrotechnics as seen in America on the second leg. After the song Paul went through his usual pantomime of feigning fright, patting his heart with an expression of "too much for my heart" and leaning on the grand piano with his elbows with a big smile on his face to the audience's delight. The crowd chanted "OLE´! OLE´! OLE´! OLE´!" and Paul answered back with an "OLE´- OLE´! OLE´- OLE´!"

For the "Hey Jude" introduction Paul said, "Cantad con nosotros." (You sing with us) Paul exclaimed, "Solamente los hombres!" (just the men) and posed like a bodybuilder while the men sang the "nah-nah-nahs." For the women he said, "Solamente las mujeres!" (just the women) and put one hand at the back of his head and the other on his moving hip imitating a female exotic dancer as the women sang. "Y todos juntos!" (Now everybody)

After "I Saw Her Standing There" and before the band left the stage, someone in the audience threw a Catalonian flag (Barcelona flag) onstage. Paul picked it up and waved it. The crowd went wild. The band left the stage and came back with Paul carrying a large Catalan flag and other band members carried Spanish flags. Wix waved a tiny British flag and walked in an exaggerated manner hopping up and down.

Right after "Yesterday" Paul said, "Ahora los tenemos que dejar." (Now we have to leave). The crowd screamed "NooO!" Paul thanked the band in Spanish. "Y muchas gracias especialmente a mi fantastica banda..
pero sobre todo...VOSOTROS!" (And thank you very much especially to my fantastic band...and most of all ...YOU!). Then he began "Sgt. Peppers/The End."

When the concert finished, Paul walked across the stage and waved to the audience and said before he left, "Adiós, Barcelona" (Goodbye, Barcelona).

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March 29 - Palau San Jordi - Barcelona, Spain

Paul arrived at the venue around 5:30pm. The soundcheck followed. Songs heard at the soundcheck: "Coming Up," "Honey Hush," band jam, "Getting Better" (guitar test), "Honey Don't," piano improvisation," Waiting for Your Train to Get In" (long version), "Celebration," "Things We Said Today" (Beatles version), "All Things Must Pass," "I've Just Seen A Face," "Barcelona" (new song improvisation), "Two of Us," "Blackbird" (shortened version), "Calico Skies"(shortened version), acoustic improvisation, "You Never Give Me Your Money," "10 Minutes To Go," (jam), "Lady Madonna."

The show started more than 30 minutes late. Paul wore the purple Nehru jacket, red long-sleeved T-shirt and blue jeans. Heather, her sister Fiona and Wix's wife all sat together inside the photo pit in front of the stage. Fiona took photos and all of them sang along with the songs.

Prior to "Getting Better" people started to chant: "PAUUULL! PAAUULLL! OOHHHHO!, OHHHHOO!"
Paul repeated the, "OHHHOO!" and strummed his electric guitar. Then the audience repeated the "OHHHOO!" and Paul answered by strumming a guitar chord.

Someone on the front row threw a bag onstage that had something in it. Paul picked it up and said, "Oh, that's my laundry!"

After "Let Me Roll It/Foxy Lady" he took off his jacket and said, "Mucho calor..CALIENTE!" (much hot..heat!) The crowd cheered.

For his introduction to "Lonely Road" he said, "Esta cancion es nueva." (This song is new.)

Paul messed up the words for "Driving Rain" singing "Uuhu...I said," instead of "Let's go there and back again..."

After the song he said, "Thank you all you little Barcelonies!! Ahora Les presento a nuestro fabulosos batería, Abe Laboriel Jr." ( Now I present our fabulous drummer...) Abe said, "Hola Barcelona, como están? Están listos para el Rock? Nosotros también. Aquí está Paul McCartney." (Hello Barcelona, how are you? Are you ready to rock? So are we. Here is Paul...) And Paul said, "Gracias Abraham. (thanks ...)

On "Here Today" the audience cheered when Paul said "mi amigo John" and started to sing "Give Peace A Chance" (as they did on the first night) singing before Paul started "Here Today." This time Paul played the chords to the song, conducted the audience (with his arms) and joined in singing the song.

For "Your Loving Flame" Paul said, "Tonight I'm gonna speak in English and a little bit of Spanish as well. Cuando yo tenía 11 años en la escuela estudia español. Cuando era un pequeño niño." (When I was 11-years-old, I studied Spanish in school...when I was a child). He dedicated the song in Catalán and Spanish to Heather, "A la meva dona extraordinaria Heather." (to my extraordinary wife, Heather)

Before his introduction to"Blackbird" the audience started to chant, "NO A LA GUERRA! NO A LA GUERRA!"(NO WAR) And a member of the audience requested the song, "Besame Mucho." Paul said, "Besame Mucho? Later.. Later.." Then he began the introduction to "Blackbird."

When the strongman carried out his psychedelic piano Paul said, "Come muchos esteroides." (It eats many steroids) "It's a joke folks!"

After the song he said, "Muchas gracias, Barcelona. Bona nite." (Thank you very much, Barcelona. Goodnight) Then he sang the false intro to "We Can Work It Out," "when I was walking down the road.." and recited his "Three Rabbits" poem. "Tres conejos en un árbol, tocando el tambor. Que si. Que no. Que si. Lo he visto, yo." (Three rabbits, in a tree, playing a drum. Why yes? Why no? Why yes? I have seen it.) The audience roared with laughter. Then he began "We Can Work It Out."

He introduced "Here Today," as the night before saying, "He escrito esto despues de la muerte de mi amigo John." (I wrote this after my friend John died). People started to chant, "JOHN! JOHN!" and then sing "Give Peace a Chance." When Paul first heard it, he put his hand on his ear like he wanted people to sing louder and motioned to the audience to continue singing. Paul sang along off mic.

For the "Something" intro Paul said, "A mi amigo George. A mi amigo George." (to my friend George) People began to chant, "GEORGE! GEORGE! GEORGE!" And Paul chanted along with them. Then he told the story about George's passion for playing the ukulele and began, "Something" with the audience singing along. Paul did not do the fast version of "Something" at the end of the song.

After "Something" the audience began to chant, "RINGO! RINGO! RINGO!" And Paul said, "Oh yeah, Ringo as well...Yeah Ringo." Paul began to sing, "In the town, where I was born..." Then he stopped, but audience continued to sing. Paul started to play his acoustic guitar and Abe his drum. Paul again sang off mic with the audience until the chorus and stopped the song.

e sang a little bit of "Besame Mucho," after "Calico Skies," saying first "OLE´!" And then "Besame, besame mucho..." (kiss me, kiss me more) He stopped but the audience kept singing very loud and Paul finished with "Besame, besame mucho.. NO, NO, NO! NO BESAME!"

Right after he introduced "Michelle" he said "Venid con nosotros a Francia!" (Come with us to France).

After "Back in the USSR" Paul said, "You're a good rockin' crowd!" and Introduced Rusty in Spanish. "Os presento nuestro fantastico guitarrista Rusty Anderson!" (I present our fantastic guitarist to you...) Rusty again played his pocket translator, but this time he had a problem with it. He pushed the wrong button which changed the speed of the electronic voice. The result was a female voice that sounded like Alvin the chipmunk!

For "My Love" Paul said, "Muchas gracias Barcelona ... Y España.. thank you... He escrito esto para Linda.. y a esta nite es para todos los enamorados..." (Thank you very much Barcelona and Spain...I wrote this song for Linda and tonight it is for all the lovers...)

Then Wix did his introduction for "She's Leaving Home" and said, "A song that's never been played live..." Paul said teasingly into the microphone, "Is it 'Yellow Submarine'?"
Wix said, "No, this is another one!"

At the end of "Birthday" Paul said, "Feliz cumpleaños!" (Happy birthday!)

Paul introduced Brian Ray in Spanish, "Aqui esta el magnifico Brian Ray." (Here is the magnificent Brian Ray) "It's wonderful to be here in your city. We can feel your heart up here," Brian added.

At the end of "Let It Be" Paul said, "Gracias por la Luz." (Thanks for the light)

Paul did the fake intro of "Baby Face" before "Hey Jude" and laughed at the crowd's reaction "Oh, you're enjoing that one!! Haha!"

When Paul began the singalone he said, "Hey...VIVA España!" (Long live Spain) and "OK, solamente los hombres! (OK, just the men)...Solamente las mujeres! (just the women)...Oh, todos Juntos! (everyone all together)...Everybody, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon."

At the song's end, Paul pointed to people in the audience and said, "You were great! "And you were great!" Then he looked at Heather in the pit and made a funny face and did a hand movement to suggest she was only half great and then smiled. The audience screamed, "OLE´!OLE´!OLE´!" Then he and the band left the stage.

When Paul came back he wore the red "no more land mines" T-shirt and was waving the Catalan flag. Brian had the Spanish flag and Wix had his tiny British flag. Paul said, "Muchas Gracias!" and played "The Long And Winding Road" and "Lady Madonna." Then he said, "I know you want to keep on rockin'!" The audience screamed, "Yes!" Paul added, "I knew you did!"

Before "I Saw Her Standing There" Paul said, "Quereis todavia mas?" (Do you want more?) The audience said, "OK!"

He told the audience before "Yesterday" that they were fantastic in Spanish. "So FANTASTICS!! (You're fantastic)

"Ahora os tenemos que dejar. Si amigos, si...naturalmente (Now we must leave, yes friends yes... naturally) Then he thanked his band and the audience, "Y muchas gracias especialmente a mi fantastica banda....Pero sobre todo... VOSOTROS!" (And thank you very much especially to my fantastic band...and most of all ...YOU!). Then Paul launched into "Sgt. Peppers/The End."

People who registered their mobile phones and sent messages to number provided on the video screens received a message from Paul the next day saying: "Hope you had a wonderful time at the concert. It was great to play Barcelona! Check out the DVD & CD of the show - "Back In The World" Gracias! Paul McCartney."

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photo courtesy Bill Bernstein

April 1 - Sportpaleis Antwerpen - Antwerp, Belgium

Paul's plane landed at Brussels Airport because his plane was diverted there due to bad weather. He arrived at the venue with police escort around 5:20pm after his white stretch limo was stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway and had to ride on the shoulder. While he was on the motorway he did a phone interview with DJ Evert Vedema of radio Donna which went live on the air. At the venue he rolled down the window and waved to fans. Just before the concert he was presented backstage with a book titled "Art Nouveau in Belgium" given to him by EMI-chief Erwin Goegebuer.

Songs heard at the soundcheck: "Coming Up," "India," "Matchbox," "Honey Don't," "Hey Jude" (fast version), "C Moon," "Things We Said Today," "All Things Must Pass," "Two of Us," "Blackbird" (shortened version), "You never give me your money/The Fool On The Hill" (medley), (intro) "Lady Madonna."

Security was tight at the show with metal detectors and people being body searched. The sold out concert (13,500) started late at 8:50 pm with the pre-show. Paul came out in a black jacket, red long sleeved T-shirt and blue jeans. On either side of him were telepromoters. One with the song lyrics and one with his stage comments written out. The setlist was the same as the previous shows.

Throughout the show Paul and the band spoke some Dutch/Flemish in their intros. Paul told the audience he was speaking "Belgie!" and "Flem-mish." He referred to the audience as "Belgies" and "Antwerps."

After "Jet" he said, "Goedenavond Antwerpen! (Good evening Antwerp) We have come tonight to rock you!

Then he began "All My Loving" and messed up the words singing, "I'll pretend that I'm missing the lips I am kissing.."

After "All My Loving Paul said, "Thank you very much. Good evening everybody in Antwerp and Belgie. Ok, so I'm gonna try and speak some Belgium this evening. Watch out! A lot of it will be in English too."

For the intro to "Getting Better Paul said, "Ok so, sometimes, you know when you make a record and do a song, you ah, you record it, you mix it and maybe that's the last time you ever do the song if you're not going out on tour. This next song is from the '60s and this is a song that we've only just started doing on this tour. Het is de eerste keer dat ik dit nummer zing in Belgie."( this is the first time I sing this song in Belgium)

Before Paul started, "Coming Up" he said, "Everybody, booogy-woogy."

"I've got a feeling we are going to have a good time tonight," Paul said and launched into "Let Me Roll It" which had the extended "Foxy Lady" ending.

"Ok, It's getting hot in here. Yeah?" The band played the "Stripper" as Paul took off his jacket. "Ok gang all the songs we've played you so far have been old songs and this is a newer song. Een nieuw nummer." (a new number) Then he began "Lonely Road."

After the song he said, "All right thank you. Thank you very much. OK, this next song we did, uh, we recorded in California and this one is the title song of our latest studio album. This one is called 'Driving Rain'."

Paul said, "Are you digging the Belgium? 'Cause I do! It only took me three years to learn it."

For the introduction to "Your Loving Flame" Paul spoke in Flemish and said, "
Ik wil dit nummer opdragen aan mijn liefste vrouw Heather." (I want to dedicate this number to my dearest wife Heather)

When the band left the stage for the acoustic set Paul said, "This is the bit where I get left alone with you. K ben alleen met jullie, helemaal alleen." (I'm all alone with you, completely alone) "This song was written in the 60's and it was at the time of the civil right struggles in America and I wrote this song with a young black woman in mind." Then he sang "Blackbird." After "Blackbird" people started to stamp their feet on the ground, which shook the complete hall.

Paul introduced "Here Today" and said in Dutch, "Ik heb dit geschreven na de dood van mijn vriend John." (I wrote this after the passing of my friend John)
A few people in the audience started singing "Give Peace A Chance" after "Here Today" and Paul strummed the chords on the guitar and told them to keep singing. He pretended to direct them and said, "Oh, yeah."

Paul said for his intro to "Something," "George hield van de ukulele." (George loved the ukulele). After "Something," Paul said, "What about Ringo?" and sang lines from "Yellow Submarine" encouraging the crowd to singalong. This version was more complete with Paul playing acoustic guitar while Abe played drums. Someone in the audience began to sing "Octopus's Garden" and Paul made a remark, "Are we going to do all of Ringo's repertoire now?" Then Paul started to sing, "I'd like to be, under the sea.." and played some guitar chords to the song. After "Eleanor Rigby" they played a little of "Yellow Sub" again. " In the town.. No, no.!"

Before "Michelle," he pretended to argue with someone in the audience who was yelling at him. Paul answered him back with silly noises and gibberish.

After "Michelle" Paul said, "
Merci beaucoup" which was the only time Paul spoke French,

About half way through the concert security let people run up to the front of the stage. They had been forcing people to sit down during the show and stay in their seats. The crowd as a whole did not sing or dance during the songs. The audience was not as enthusiastic as at the Barcelona shows though security might have been a factor.

During the intro to
"She's Leaving Home" Wix said, "It was a real pleasure to be able to play all those beautiful songs and if I get the chords right on the next number they'll let me play the guitar afterwards."

He did the fake intro of "Baby Face" for "Hey Jude." At the end of the "Hey Jude" the crowd continued to sing the "nah-nah-nah's" while the band was leaving the stage.

For the encore Paul came out waving the flag of Belgium.

After "Lady Madonna" he shouted, "Wil je meer ?" (you want more?) The crowed yelled "Je wil meer !" (we want more!) ...well in that case.." he immediately launched into "I Saw Her Standing There."

When the concert was over an a capella version of "Band on the Run" (as played in his
BBC2 commercial but longer) with Paul singing vocals accompanied by "sounds" and harmonium, was played on the PA system.

On the video screens before and after the show there were mobile text messages in English, French and Flemish from fans.

After the show Paul and Heather left for Royal Windsor Hotel in Brussels.

Tour merchandise:
¤euro = $1.05

Programs were 20¤, a set of 4 badges 10¤, T-shirts were at different prices. A blue denim was at 105¤, a black one for women at 75¤, a Robles guitar case at 90¤, pins at 10¤, a black and beige baseball cap at 30¤, a long-sleeve shirt with "Property of" on it 45¤, "Bring it On" T-shirt 40¤, Butterfly T-shirt 35¤, White T-shirt with a heart 30¤. There was an Adopt-A-Minefield booth selling either a red of black T-shirt with "no more land mines" for 25¤, plus sleeveless shirts in the same color. Also a lithograph was sold for 35¤ at the table.

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April 2 - Sportpaleis Antwerpen - Antwerp, Belgium

Songs heard at the soundcheck: "Coming Up," "India," "Honey Don't," "What'd I Say," "Midnight Special," "Things We Said Today," "All Things Must Pass," and "Lady Madonna."

The pre-show started at 8: 45 pm. Paul wore the purple Nehru jacket, a red long-sleeved T-shirt and blue jeans. He spoke some words in Flemish and English calling the combination "Belglish."

He greeted the 13,500 sellout crowd with "Hallo Belgie!" (hello Belgium). At the start of the show some people ran to the front of the stage. More joined throughout the concert. Security seemed more tolerant of the fans and by the end of the show there were more than 200 fans in front of the stage.

After "All My Loving" the crowd started chanting "PAAAUL MC-CART-NEY!!!" with handclaps like on the live single "Coming Up" from Glasgow, Scotland in 1979. Paul said, "YEAH, THAT'S ME!!!" and did a little dance and clapped.

"Let Me Roll It" had the "Foxy Lady" ending.

During "Every Night" people began to clap along. After the song Paul said, "Thank you, lovely bunch of people, are you having a good time? Then he did the fake beginning to "We Can Work It Out" singing, "As I was walking down the road..." And then went into the song.

When the strongman came out with the piano Paul said "steroids" in Dutch. All the while the crowd was chanting "PAAAUL MC-CART-NEY!!!" as before. Paul did some noodling on the piano and said, "Paul Mac-Cart-Nee!" as a fake beginning to "You Never Give Me Your Money."

Paul sang the correct words to "You Never Give Me Your Money" He did not sing, "This is the part were I don't know the words..." Instead he sang, "Out of college, money spent, see no future, pay no rent, all the money's gone, nowhere to go." He sang the words with a big grin on his face noticing fans who were caught offguard expecting to hear the 'other words.'

Rusty called the Belgium crowd "sexy" and took a photo of the audience with his digital camera.

For "Something" he said in Dutch,
"George hield van de ukulele. For those ones who don't understand belgian, my friend George loved to play the ukulele." As at the other shows, "Something" was not finished with the 'George style' fast ending that was done on the previous legs. After "Something" Paul said, "Let's not forget Ringo!" and launched into a longer version of "Yellow Submarine" with the band improvising. The audience sang along. "Give Peace A Chance" was not sung.

Paul said to the audience, "I've been learning some Dutch to speak to you in your own language. I know that you speak English very well, but I speak excellent Dutch!" That made the audience laugh and then Paul introduced Abe in Dutch. Paul introduced Wix in Dutch and Wix spoke English for his introduction to "She's Leaving Home."

For his introduction to "My Love" he said in Dutch, "Dit is voor alle verliefden in de zaal." (This is for all the lovers in the audience) After the song he said, "Thank you very much all you lovers... verliefden." (lovers)

He did the fake intro to "We Can Work It Out" singing "... as I was walking down the road..."

Paul forgot to sing the beginning of the second verse of "Let 'Em In." Rusty's kept on singing his part which was the only voice heard for a moment. Paul jumped in to finish the verse.

People clapped at the end of "Let It Be" while Paul was heading for the psychedelic piano. He said in Dutch, "sing with us" and began "Hey Jude" with no fake intro as the night before. He sang just before the chorus "Judy, Judy don't let me down.. Everybody in Belgium!" The crowd sang. Then he said, "Let me hear you singing! Oh yeah....all night... OK, the mannen!" (the men) and "OK...alleen de vrouwen!" (just the women) The crowd continued to sing the "nah-nah-nah's" (like the night before) as the band left the stage.

When he was about to play "Yesterday" he said, "This is the same guitar I used on the 'Ed Sullivan Show.'" (acoustic Epiphone with the Detroit Red Wings Hockey team sticker on it).
NOTE: He got that sticker when he performed with Wings at the Detroit Olympia in Michigan, (home of the Detroit Red Wings) May 7 - 8, 1976.

He thanked his band in Dutch and also the audience.
"You were a great audience. Maar nu moeten wij gaan. (But now we have to go) See you next time! Vaarwel. (Farewell) Ik bedank mijn fantastische muzikanten, maar vooral jullie." (I thank my fantastic musicians but most of all you). Then he launched into the "Sgt. Pepper Reprise/The End."

At the end of the concert the audience started singing "WE LOVE YOU YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! WE LOVE YOU YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!" Paul was pleased and thanked the audience. He said, "Thank you very much to all the people in Antwerp and Belgium. We love ya! See you next time!" and gave the thumbs up to fans in the front rows.

Mobile text messages on the video screens: "Hi Paul, sitting right in front of you," "It's my birthday present to be here," "Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag Jan" (Congratulations on your birthday, Jan), "ROCK IT," "Love you Paul."

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photo courtesy Bill Bernstein

April 5 - Hallam Arena - Sheffield, England

Paul performed to a soldout audience at the Hallam Arena. The audience was a bit slow getting into the concert but Macca was able to unglue them from their seats. He wore a bright red Nehru jacket, a short-sleeved red T-shirt with white trim and blue jeans and hit some impressive high notes. However toward the end of the show his voice was showing signs of strain and his speaking voice was very hoarse with words missing as he talked.

Security was busy ejecting some people with still or video cameras or confiscating them.

Paul welcomed the crowd, "Hello Sheffield!
We've been all over, but it's great to be home."

Before "Blackbird," he said, "It's amazing to be speaking English again...we've been in France and Barcelona and Belgium, and it's..."blahblahblah" (speaks fake Dutch) ...of course that wasn't really Belgian..."

The dialogue was much the same as the US shows with Paul bring back the "massage" stories before "You Never Give Me Your Money." He did 'forget' the words (like US shows) when he sang "You Never Give Me Your Money" "This is the part were I don't know the words..."

He also played the "George Harrison style" fast ukulele encore of "Something," explaining that George H. told him "no you don't play it like that, you play it like THIS!" Paul played up Harrison's George Formby connection in a joking manner pointing out that George H. was in the George F. fanclub and went to George F. conventions. He delighted the crowd with his Formby impression of "hey, hey!" when he finished the song.

After "Calico Skies" he mentioned the song was donated to the War Child charity album ("Hope") to help the Iraqi children.

On screen text messages:

"Seems like an awful big crowd for All About Eve, oops I think I'm at the wrong gig!" "Good luck getting out of the car park!" "from Funclub member no. 4," "Watch out Paul my Mum is after you." "If you sing the Frog Song, I'll give you my last Jaffa cake" and a marriage proposal.

Text message from Paul the day after the show. "Hope you had a wonderful time at the show! It was great to be back in the UK. Check out the DVD and CD of the show 'Back in The World.' Thanks Paul McCartney."

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photo courtesy Bill Bernstein

April 6 - Hallam Arena - Sheffield, England

Sir Paul McCartney has canceled his latest UK tour performance after losing his voice. He lost his voice after performing in Sheffield last night, and is suffering with a cold.

Fans for tonight's gig (April 6) at the Hallam Arena have been urged to hold on to tickets as organizers bid to reschedule the show.

Sir Paul said, "I've caught a cold which made my voice start to go after last night's show. I woke up this morning with virtually no voice. I've been doing all that I can to try and get my voice back and I tried singing a couple of numbers at a sound check this afternoon. But nothing has worked, and so I am afraid I have to cancel this show in order to save the other gigs on the tour. I'm sorry to all the people who all bought tickets for the show, at least we got to do one gig in Sheffield. We'll be back to do the show here at some other time."

The show was canceled an hour and a half before showtime at 6:30 pm with people waiting to be let in. An announcement was made over the PA system saying the show was canceled and that Paul was sick.

It is Sir Paul's first UK tour in 10 years. He has already taken his Back in the World tour around the US, Canada, Mexico and Japan, playing 58 concerts in 37 cities.

His other UK dates include the MEN Arena, Manchester, on Wednesday. After his UK stint, he plans several shows in Europe.

Read more about what happened to Paul's voice from Bill Bernstein, Paul's tour photographer. Click here.

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photo courtesy Bill Bernstein

April 9 - Manchester Evening News Arena - Manchester, England


Auraveda Remix (Pre-show)
Hello Goodbye
All My Loving
Getting Better
Let Me Roll It/
Foxy Lady
Lonely Road
Your Loving Flame
Every Night
We Can Work It Out
              You Never Give Me Your Money/Carry That Weight
The Fool On the Hill
Here Today
    Eleanor Rigby
Here There and Everywhere
Things We Said Today
I've Just Seen A Face
Calico Skies
Two Of Us

Band On The Run
Back In The USSR
Let 'Em In
My Love
She's Leaving Home
Can't Buy Me Love
Live and Let Die
Let It Be
Hey Jude

Long And Winding Road
Lady Madonna
I Saw Her Standing There

Sgt. Pepper's Reprise/The End

Paul arrived at the Manchester Evening News Arena around 4:30pm. He didn't stop but rolled down the window and waved to fans. Paul spent an hour backstage with a doctor before he started the sound check which included: "Coming Up," "All My Loving," "Honey Don't," "C Moon," "Celebration," "Two of Us," "Things We Said Today," "I've Just Seen A Face," and a medley of "You Never Give Me Your Money," "The Fool On The Hill," "Lady Madonna." At the soundcheck there was a discussion by Paul and his band about what songs to drop from the set that would difficult for him to sing with his cold. "Birthday" was suggested as one of the songs to drop but Paul said he really enjoyed singing it and liked the sheer exhuberance of the song.

The show started on time and Paul wore a black Nehru jacket and charcoal striped trousers with a red long sleeve T-shirt. In the audience was Peter Reid, manager of Leeds united football club.

After "All My Loving" he said, " Yo Manchester! It is good to be talking again. We have come to rock you tonight." Paul said that he had been sick and totally lost his voice and mentioned the "sorry sign." He told the sellout crowd of 16,000 that he was delighted to be touring again and would be playing a number of songs that he wrote when he was with the Beatles, but never performed live. Then he launched into "Getting Better."

His voice was rough and he appeared to be still sick with his right eye looking red and swollen. He rubbed that eye a lot during the show.

"Let 'Em In" got quite a bit of applause.

For "Lonely Road" Paul took the lower vocals while Rusty sang the higher vocals which is usually Paul's part.

He screwed up the chords to "Blackbird" at least three times and his voice was strained but improved after the acoustic set. He also messed up the piano chords to "You Never Give Me Your Money."

By "Birthday" the audience, which had been glued to their seats, threw away their 'British reserve" and were dancing and enjoying themselves. Security allowed fans in the first 5 rows to move up to the front and several did so.

Some fans yelled out to him but he couldn't hear them and kept saying, "You what?"

Paul mentioned one text message that said, "One night in Sheffield was enough." There was another posted before the show that read "Goo-Goo Ka-Choo!" Paul pointed to one of the few audience signs that said, "St Paul Loves Sir Paul." He said, "Yes I remember."

Highlights included new songs. He dropped, "Maybe I'm Amazed," "Coming Up" and "Driving Rain" and added, "Things We Said Today," "I've Just Seen A Face," and "Two of Us."

Paul said for the intro to "My Love," "This ones for Linda" which got a lot of cheers. The reaction for his dedication to Heather for "Your Loving Flame" was lukewarm. Heather bopped all evening in the photo pit wearing a red outfit and did a lot of hand waving during "Hey Jude" which was shown on the video screens.

He did the "Foxy Lady" ending to "Let Me Roll It" and the "Baby Face" intro to "Hey Jude."

A fan threw a stuffed teddy bear on the stage after "Hey Jude." Paul looked surprised and asked the fan "Is that for me?" The fan nodded "yes" and Paul held the bear up for the audience to see and kissed it. The bear had "Paul" embroidered on it's chest. Paul clutched it to his chest and left the stage with it. Macca came out after the encore and put the bear on one of the amps.

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April 10 - Manchester Evening News Arena - Manchester, England

Paul arrive at the venue around 4:50pm in one of two silver Mercedes. Paul rolled down his window and waved to fans as the car passed.

Macca played up to a handful of fans that won a
contest to see his soundcheck. He wore a light check shirt and dark trousers. Songs heard at the soundcheck: "All My Loving," "Coming Up," "Matchbox," "Honey Don't," "Waiting For Your Train To Get In," "C Moon," "Celebration," "I've Just Seen A Face," "All Things Must Pass" (done twice), "Midnight Special," "You Never Give Me Your Money/The Fool On The Hill/Lady Madonna" (medley).

The setlist was the same as the previous night with "
Things We Said Today " and "I've Just Seen A Face," played in the acoustic set before "Calico Skies" and "Two of Us" followed. Paul wore the purple Nehru jacket, a red long-sleeved T-shirt and blue jeans.

Paul was in much better voice tonight and seemed to be feeling much better. The only sign that he had a cold is when he hit a rough spot at the begining of "My Love" which resolved itself. His talking voice sounded a bit congested.

The Manchester audience really rocked. Rusty pointed out how good an audience they were. This audience was much more enthusiastic than the first night, rushing the stage as soon as the concert began. Concertgoers were singing, dancing and cheering for Sir Paul. Women were wolf-whistling at Paul who told them, "Sorry girls, I'm taken!"

Paul started to say the wrong introduction for "Your Loving Flame," beginning with, "I'd like to introduce..." (then realizing he was wrong) .."I don't know what I'm talking about. I'd like to DEDICATE this song to a very special lovely wife Heather."

Paul's voice was a little unsteady on "My Love" cracking on the first "my love does it goo-ee-ood," that sounded more like a yodel!

Before "She's Leaving Home," Wix said, "We were at LIPA a couple of days ago talking to the students, and one of them asked me "do you ever get nervous?" And I told them, 'Yes, especially when there's family in the audience.' My big sister is here tonight..."

Mike McCartney was in the audience with and his wife and three sons. Paul mentioned, "our kid" at least three times and Mike had a tear in his eyes when Paul sang "brother Michael" during "Let 'Em In." Paul also added a new relative to the song, "Uncle Joseph" (Paul's father's brother). Macca thanked his brother for some of the George photos that were shown on the screens.
"I have to thank our kid for some of these photos behind us.."

There were quite a few people from Liverpool who made themselves known and Paul shouted at them, "'Hey 'ey 'ey! Calm down!"

During the introduction to "Michelle" he got a huge applause when he mentioned "a black polo neck sweater" (because of the night before) and in mock horror he said, "There it is AGAIN! It got a hand last night! What about a red T-shirt?" The audience cheered.

For the encores fans threw throat lozenges, teddy bears and flowers.

CONGRATS to Chris Swanton, his wife Pat and his daughter Emma who were upgraded to the front row by Paul's people because of their enthusiasm. The box of Lem-sips
(a cold and flu remedy in powder form that is supposed to relieve the symptons of flu etc.) were thrown by his daughter and the bouquet of Lillies from his wife (see photo). Paul picked up the flowers and showed the Lem-sips to audience. He had been suffering from a cold and the Swantons thought it would be humorous. Paul appreciated it!

Paul also picked up one of the small teddy bears and stuck it between his knees as he waved and bowed. Then he put it on one of the amps. He didn't sign any autographs.

Paul and Heather headed for Liverpool after the show.

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