March 28 - Palau San Jordi - Barcelona, Spain

March 29 - Palau San Jordi - Barcelona, Spain

April 1 - Sportpaleis Antwerpen - Antwerp, Belgium

April 2 - Sportpaleis Antwerpen - Antwerp, Belgium

April 5 - Hallam Arena - Sheffield, England

April 6 - Hallam Arena - Sheffield, England RESCHEDULED

April 9 - Manchester Evening News Arena - Manchester, England

April 10 - Manchester Evening News Arena - Manchester, England

April 13 - NIA (National Indoor Arena) - Birmingham, England

April 14 - NIA (National Indoor Arena) - Birmingham, England

April 18 - Earls Court - London, England

April 19 - Earls Court - London, England

April 21 - Earls Court - London, England

April 22 - Earls Court - London, England

April 25 - Gelredome - Arnhem, The Netherlands

April 27 - Köln Arena - Cologne, Germany

April 28 - Köln Arena - Cologne, Germany

April 30 - Preussag Arena - Hannover, Germany

May 2 - Parken Stadium - Copenhagen, Denmark

May 4 - Stockholm Globe Arena - Stockholm, Sweden

May 5 - Stockholm Globe Arena - Stockholm, Sweden

May 8 - Koenig Pilsener Arena - Oberhausen, Germany

May 10 - Colosseum - Rome, Italy (inside)

May 11 - Via dei Fori Imperiali (in front of the Colosseum) - Rome, Italy

May 14 - Stadthalle - Vienna, Austria

May 15 - Budapest Sportarena - Budapest, Hungary

May 17 - Konigsplatz - Munich, Germany

May 18 - Konigsplatz - Munich, Germany

May 21 - AOL Arena - Hamburg, Germany

May 24 - Red Square - Moscow, Russia

May 27 - RDS (Royal Dublin Society) Stadium - Dublin, Ireland

May 29 - HallamFM Arena - Sheffield, England

June 1 - Kings Dock - Liverpool, England

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April 13 - NIA (National Indoor Arena) - Birmingham, England

Five of Birmingham's policemen were reunited backstage with Paul before his show. In 1963 they had given the Beatles their helmets (Bobbies helmets) as a disguise to smuggle them past 1,000 screaming girls at the Birminghan Hippodrome. When Paul came into his dressing room he said, "Where are the coppers then? Where are the scuffers? Long time no see, this is fabulous!"

After the show former policeman,Tom Jones, 63 said, "Paul was such a gentleman, it was wonderful to meet him again. We only got to see the Beatles from the wings at the Hippodrome so to see Paul's fantastic show was great."

Songs heard at the soundcheck, "Coming Up," "All Things Must Pass," "San Francisco Bay Blues."

Paul and Heather
waved to fans as they drove into the venue in a jaguar (Paul driving). The show started at 8:10pm with the pre-show which doesn't seem to be entralling the UK audience like it did in the US. Paul wore the red Nehru jacket, long-sleeved red T-shirt and charcoal pin-striped trouser. Same setlist as Manchester. The 13,000 sellout crowd stood up when Paul arrived onstage and the main floor stood for the whole concert. Security was making people sit down in the block (mezzanine) sections.

In the audience was UK DJ Tony Blackburn, host of the TV show, "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here."

Paul was in great singing voice but his talking voice was hoarse at times.

Paul talked about driving north through the Midlands to Liverpool and seeing the National Trust signs - "Historic Durham, Historic Warwick...the only one that rhymes," he joked.

When Paul took off his jacket the band played "The Stripper." Wolf-whistles from the female fans was heard.

For the intro to "Michelle" Paul talked about wearing a black polo neck jumper (sweater) to look 'sophisticated' which got screams and wolf-whistles from female fans. Paul remarked, "Now people scream for inanimate objects." Then he yelled, "There's a black kettle in the corner!" (fans screamed) "Polka-dot knickers!" (fans screamed).

Rusty pulled out his digital camera during the show and took a photo of the audience. He also did his 'fall' at the end of "Live and Let Die."

For his introduction to "Something" Paul explained how George Harrison was was a "seriously good ukulele player " and a life-long fan of George Formby and belonged to the George Formby fanclub. People cheered. Paul said that when he told this story in America only a few people knew who George Formby was.

He dedicated, "Your Loving Flame" to his "lovely wife, Heather" and dedicated "My Love" to Linda.

At the end of "Calico Skies" Paul mentioned that if you liked this track it would be available (new version) on a charity album from the Mirror Group ("Hope" - War Child Charity) to help the children of Iraq.

Paul had a few minor slips up vocally but his voice was superb throughout the show though there were some noticeable cold affer-effects. During "Let It Be" Paul sneezed and made faces trying to stop himself from sneezing again and altered his voice which showed some signs of strain, while trying not to laugh. There was so much smoke after "Live and Let Die" when he performed "Let It Be" he also coughed. O
nly a few people in the audience held up lighters during the song.

Abe sang the main harmonies on "Two of Us" while Paul sang the lower vocals (John's part) and Abe did Paul's vocal part. Abe did the whistling at the end of the song.

Heather came out before "Hey Jude" (right side of photo pit) and stayed until the end of the show. She was seen dancing and waving her arms.

Paul commented on signs in the audience and said that when he reads the signs while he's performing he sometimes forgets what he's doing! He pointed to the "St. Paul Loves Sir Paul" sign and pointed to another sign with pink hearts and said "I like the hearts."

Congrats to Brenda Spencer for getting her "Back in the US" CD booklet (her photo is in the booklet on the lower right of the page) signed right after "Yesterday." That was the only item Paul signed from the stage. Fans threw flowers and stuffed animals to the stage and Paul picked some up.

Text message to Paul: "Lennon/McCartney." "Tony Blackburn and Capitol Gold wish Paul the very best for the show." CAPITOL GOLD

Vendors did a brisk business selling merchandise with big lines. The "Freedom" shirt sold for £50 ($78.50). The program was £15 ($23.50)
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photo courtesy Bill Bernstein

April 14 - NIA (National Indoor Arena) - Birmingham, England

Paul was in great voice and seemed fully recovered from his cold, except his talking voice was still a bit hoarse. He kept the same setlist that started in Manchester.

He wore the purple Nehru jacket, red long-sleeved T-shirt and very baggy Diesel jeans. Paul addressed the crowd, "People of Birmingham,
we have come to rock you tonight!" The audience was enthusiastic and the main floor stood up most of night, but it was only at the end of the show where a few people rushed the stage.

Security was particulary nasty about cameras and was threatening to toss people out for taking 'one' photo.

Paul goofed up the chords to "Blackbird" and said "WHOOPS" and brought the song to a halt which the audience loved. After the song he joked, "Now you know this is LIVE!"

After talking about the National Trust signs and "Shakespeare country," he concluded that Shakespeare, who was from the West Midlands, must have had a "Brummie" accent so he recited some of the Bard's work ("Hamlet") with a very passable Birmingham accent.

Paul said, "It's getting HOT in here" and removed his jacket to female wolf-whistles as the band played "The Stripper."

Paul mentioned Liverpool landmarks (Liverpool Institute) during his introduction to "Michelle" which got screams from the Liverpool crowd making Paul laugh.
He did the same thing as the night before and yelled out, "black tea kettle!" "polka-dot knickers!" Paul seemed amused by the audience's reponse. He said that the person who wrote the arrangement for the song was in the audience and thanked George Martin.

For the intro to "Something" Paul said that the person who shot the rare early photos of George shown on the screen was in the audience tonight and said, "Mike McCartney!" and pointed to him in the audience. The audience cheered.

Paul was a bit choked up at the end of "Here Today" and at the beginning of "My Love'." "Band on The Run" and "I've Just Seen A Face" were best received numbers also "Let 'Em In" went down well.

Paul dedicated "Birthday" to everyone in the audience who had a birthday and to "Emma" whose birthday is next week.

Rusty took more photos of the audience and Heather was seen on the right side of photo pit wearing an all black outfit. She danced during "I Saw Her Standing There."

In the audience were Mike McCartney, George Martin and Wix's mom and dad.
Wix told the crowd that his Mum was a Brummie (Birmingham born) and that his brother lived in the city. Wix mentioned that he was brought up in Birmingham and his brother and family were in the audience. He said that when the band played Manchester they stayed in Liverpool and visited LIPA and talked to a class. One of the questions asked was, "Do you still feel nervous when you play live?" to which Wix answered, "YES!"

Fans threw items for Paul to autograph at the end of the show but Paul only signed a program. A lot of people were leaving at the encores to beat the parking lot crowds.

Text messages:

"And they thought that student loans were for buying books." "Wear the black Polo neck tonight Paul." "Lost my glasses can't see too well need a front row seat." "Everton beat WBA (West Bromwich Albion) so any chance of some front row tickets?" "Paul's still got a sore throat so I'll be singing tonight - Mick."
"I can remember listening to you when I was in me Mum's tummy 38 years ago." "You were always my second favourite Beatle!"

At the end of the concert his new version of "Band on the Run" that was recorded for the BBC Radio 2 commercial was aired in full over the PA.

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April 18 - Earls Court - London, England

All the Earls Court shows had earlier start times because of a neighborhood noise curfew that requested the show be over by 10:45pm. The pre-show started at 7:40pm but the room lights were left on ruining the effect. The setlist was the same as the previous show. Backstage the VIP room had about 50 to 75 people including Wix and Brian. Very elegant hors d'eouvers were served; stuffed grape leaves, veggie burgers, spiced olives, canapes, pastries, etc. Waiters poured all the the liquor you could drink.

Paul wore the purple Nehru jacket, red long-sleeved T-shirt and Diesel blue loose fitting jeans. Paul's singing voice sounded a bit hoarse at the beginning of the show but got better after the first few songs.

David Frost was spotted in the audience.

The London audience kept their British reserve until two-thirds of the way into the show where they finally let loose. "Back in the USSR" got the audience rocking.

There was a lot of interaction going on between Paul and the audience in the first couple of rows. A group of fans did the "Let Me Roll It" arm roll during the song and Paul participated by making circles with his right index finger.

There was a sign in the audience that read "Foxy Paul" and Paul acknowledged that with a wide-eyed smile right after the "Foxy Lady" ending (which was extended) to "Let Me Roll It."

After the changing acoustic guitars, Paul's guitar strap accidently hooked onto the microphone stand knocking it over with the microphone. Paul caught it and placed it back and muttered, "It attacked ME!"

After "Calico Skies" Paul mentioned the charity album ("Hope"- War Child Charity) that the song was recorded for. He said, "If you like that, ("Calico Skies") it's on a new album brought to you by the Mirror Group, and all the money raised goes to relief for the children in Iraq."

Paul did the usual 'mass-sage' stories, and donned a southern American accent when he imitated the New Orleans masseuse who told him to "
Please sit upright on the table...."

During the intro to "Michelle," after the Paul mentioned the black polo neck shirt, everybody screaming. Paul said "Now you guys are screaming for items of clothing," and added, that he was wearing a black polo neck shirt AND pink polka-dot boxer shorts!

When he told the George Formby story for the "Something" intro he said that in America only one person at the back of the arena would know who Formby was. The audience laughed.

He flubbed the second verse to "Hey Jude" and mumbled the words.

At the encore Paul carried a large Union Jack flag which he waved around walking from one side of the stage to another nearly tripping and falling over it as it dragged on the floor causing him to misstep. Then he mimed falling off the stage.

A fan (Lady Brent) tossed a bouquet of tulips to Sir Paul which he picked up and shoved down the neck of his "no more landmines" T-shirt. He pulled them out and then he and his bandmates did their "gorilla dance" dragging their knuckles on the floor and jumping around like apes.

After "The End" he signed one vinyl "Driving Rain" album (
congrats to Masahiro Sendai) before he left the stage.

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April 19 - Earls Court - London, England


Auraveda Remix (Pre-show)

Hello Goodbye
All My Loving
Getting Better
Let Me Roll It/Foxy Lady- ending
Lonely Road
Your Loving Flame
Every Night
We Can Work It Out
              You Never Give Me Your Money/Carry That Weight
The Fool On the Hill
Here Today
    Eleanor Rigby
Here There and Everywhere
I've Just Seen A Face
Calico Skies

Two Of Us
Slow version of Band On The Run intro then Band On The Run
Back In The USSR
Maybe I'm Amazed
Let 'Em In
My Love
She's Leaving Home
Can't Buy Me Love
Live and Let Die
Let It Be
Hey Jude

Long And Winding Road
Lady Madonna
I Saw Her Standing There

Sgt. Pepper's Reprise/The End

For the second Earls Court show Paul dropped "Things We Said" today which was replaced by "Maybe I'm Amazed." "Calico Skies," "Two of Us," and "I've Just Seen A Face" remained in the setlist.

Paul was seen coming in around 4:30 in a silver Mercedes. He waved to fans but did not stop.

There was very tight security with body searches and bag checks. People were warned that if they were caught with cameras they would be tossed out. Security with walkie talkies were searching out camera flashes and people were being searched at their seats and if a camera was found they were escorted out. Paul's security physically pushed people back in their seats if they moved out of their area in the front row.

Heather walked in to take her spot in the photo pit and shook hands with thrilled fans sitting in the mezzanine near the stage.

The show started at 7:40pm with Paul coming on at 8pm. Paul wore a sky-blue Nehru jacket with a bright yellow lining, a red long-sleeved T-shirt and charcoal pin-striped trousers.

The crowd sat for most of the concert, getting up when Paul first arrived onstage and then sitting down. Toward the end of the concert people were on their feet.

Paul said,"Welcome to the court of the Earls. (a reference to Lord of the Rings) We have come to rock you."

For the acoustic set just before "Blackbird" the band (as usua) left Paul all alone on stage. He told the audience, "This is the time they leave me alone with you. I'm not afraid, are you?" The audience laughed.

When he introduced "Michelle" and mentioned landmarks in Liverpool there was no reaction. But when he mention "polo neck sweater" women screamed as at previous shows. Paul mentioned that now people were screaming for items of clothing and the polo neck sweater was getting screams all around the world.

Paul's voice showed c
lear signs of strain throughout the show missing a crucial high note on "My Love" to which he grimaced. He nailed "Maybe I'm Amazed" with no problem.

There was a lot going on in the front rows with fans trying to have conversations with Paul.
Paul feigning annoyance said, "The people in the front row, we seem to have a bit of a conversation going on here. 'How are you Paul ? How you doing.' I can't spend all my time talking to you. What about those at the back?" he said pointing to the balcony with brought loud cheers from the balcony.

When the strongman brought out the psychedelic piano Paul said, "They've brought out the strange box that just appears... What is it?" A smartass audience member yelled out "THAT'S A PIANO!" Paul not missing beat said, "Good guess!Yeah, I know it's a piano."

He talked about signs in the audience and losing his concentration while performing because he was reading them. He mentioned one sign and said, "My Mother Saw You At Shea Stadium! Big deal." (He did something similar in the States pointing out a sign that wasn't there -"My Mother Saw You in Chicago in 1965!") There was a line of signs in the audience that read "We Have Come To Rock You."

The offstage crew played a joke on Brian. During "Birthday" Brian plays a tambourine which he discards at the end of the song by tossing it offstage. Evidently he must have hit a few crew members at previous gigs because, just before tambourine toss the crew was seen putting on 'hard hats' with little flags on top to protect themselves from the toss. Brian couldn't stop laughing.

Paul joked about Easter talking about "me and my bunny rabbit." When the end of the show was coming he told the crowd, "Y
ou HAVE to go home....because the Easter bunny is coming!!!"

There was a new beginning to "Band On the Run." Paul performed the slow Radio 2 version (being played after the concert on the PA system) with Wix playing sitar on the keyboard. Paul sang a few lines and then began the normal version.

Heather was shown on the screens quite a bit dancing during "Hey Jude." Members of the crew were dancing at the sides of the stage.

Paul picked up all the Easter bunnies and eggs thrown on the stage including a Humpty Dumpty doll and either placed them on the stage or gave them to band members who put them on their heads.

Just before "Sgt. Pepper Reprise /The End" Paul said, "Can you believe it? Someone in the front row has just asked me to play 'Something!' He knows there is no pleasing some people!"

After the song he posed with a stuffed bunny waving the bunny's paw saying, "Me and my bunny would like to wish you a very happy Easter."

Paul signed a DVD before he left the stage.

Text messages:

"Play something from Ram Paul." "I know you said get back Paul but surely you did not mean this far!" "Paul we need front row seats as my old man is getting on a bit. Give him something to talk about down at the pub." "Two gigs over 500 miles how about a front row seat?" "My mum thinks you're great." "I saw you at the Finsbury Park Astroia in 1963. I've been in love with you ever since."

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photo courtesy Bill Bernstein

April 21 - Earls Court - London, England

Paul arrived around 5pm in the silver Mercedes, rolled down the window and took items from waiting fans to sign. Sometime later a roadie came out with the autographed items and distributed them to the fans.

There were VIP tickets that fans could purchase for tonight's show (and the last night at Earls Court) that included, hotel, seats in the first five rows, and the soundcheck. The package cost a minimum of $1,700 per person. Songs heard at the soundcheck: "Coming Up," "Matchbox," "Blue Suede Shoes," "Honey Don't," "Waiting for Your Train To Get In."

Paul wore the red Nehru jacket, a long-sleeved red T-shirt and blue jeans. The audience was very
enthusiastic but as a whole they preferred to sit during the concert. Fans who stood got hassled by the fans behind them who wanted them to sit down.

Fans from Mexico (Carlos A. Garcia and Mitzi Solano) were in the audience waving the Mexican flag and flicking their lighters on and off during "Every Night" prompting Paul to explain what they were doing. He mentioned after the song how the Mexican fans would turn their lighters on and off non-stop during that song at the Mexico City show. And that he would stop playing the song and the audience would continue in rhythm turning the lighters on an off and he would start to play again. Paul said, "Tonight there are two Mexican guys there (points to them) and, well, sorry guys because tonight you are only two, and I couldn't stop, but anyway thanks!"

Paul called his psychedelic piano a "box" again and more people yelled out "It's a PIANO!" That seemed to amuse Paul. He also was getting a kick out of the screams for his "black polo neck sweater" during the intro to "Michelle." Some female fans hooted when he mentioned the sweater and he mock scolded them saying, "Now stop it now!"

At the end of the show, Paul said the crowd were a lucky lot, because he thought his voice might not have held out. He joked and said, "We nearly had Dawn French (comedian) as a reserve vocalist but she couldn't make it."

Text message: "That guitar is OK Paul, but you won't make a living out of it!" "QUESTION How many Beatles does it take to change a lightbulb? ANSWER: None, Mal Evans would have done it!"

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photo courtesy Bill Bernstein

April 22 - Earls Court - London, England

Paul arrived around 4:30 pm in the second of two silver Mercedes. Paul sat with John Hammel in the back seat, rolled down the window, smiled, waved and said, "hi" to the group of 25 fans who had been waiting. The car did not stop. Brian Riddle, Paul's main security man and a genuinely nice guy to fans, offered to take items backstage for Paul to autograph. As promised Brian emerged two hours later, with five autographs, that included a "Help!" vinyl album (Congrats to Betty Wraya), a "Ram" vinyl album (congrats to Peter White), a "Yesterday and Today" vinyl album (congrats to Jamie Legner) and a program (congrats to Dino Vescera).

Behind the scenes at the soundcheck. Paul arrived onstage at 4:50pm and hugged all the band members. He was wearing a charcoal suit and a pink-orange T-shirt. The Fanasylum tour group were allowed into the soundcheck and were seated some thirty rows back. Paul stepped up to the microphone and said, "Good Evening. Welcome to Earls Court."

Paul began "Coming Up." After the song the tour group cheered. Paul jokes, "I want this group kept under control. SECURITY!" [pointing to group]

Next is "Honey Don't," then "Matchbox." Fans applaud the end of the song. Paul says in his best Elvis accent, "Thank you very much...Carl Perkin lovers." Macca then goes over to Abe's drum kit and starts playing with the stuffed bears in front of it.

The band played a instrumental jam - switching between two chords every eight bars. Paul, Rusty and Wix exchanged leads. Then Paul switched to the piano and played "Celebration," and "C Moon."

Paul grabs his acoustic guitar and and plays parts of "Blackbird" and "Things We Said Today."

"Midnight Special," the band does a square dance during the middle-eight, all together and in step.

Next Paul performed "All Things Must Pass." There was a short jam after the song and then a reprise of "All Things Must Pass." When done, Paul said "Was that better for you Pab? The fans cheered thinking Paul was speaking to them. Paul says, "I'm not asking you lot!" [laughs] "Pab is our sound engineer." (Pab is the sound engineer. His name is Paul Boothroyd)

Paul's cell phone rang and he took the call. Meanwhile, the band played a soft bosanova beat. Paul switched to the psychedelic piano and played a shortened version of "You Never Give Me Your Money." Then "The Fool On The Hill" (shortened version) and "Lady Madonna" (shortened version). Paul played a "Lady Madonna" reprise at a faster tempo and finished the soundcheck. He said to the fans, "Thanks everyone...that's enough...soundcheck is now ended."

There were quite a few VIP's in the audience, especially from Liverpool including Paul's aunt Jean who he honored in the song "Let 'Em In," substituting "Auntie Gin" for "Auntie Jean" and adding "Uncle Edward."

Besides thanking family members for coming from Liverpool and Yorkshire, he also thanked everyone who traveled far and wide for coming to the London shows. Also spotted in the audience were Formula One British race car driver, David Coulthard and Julian Lennon.

Paul changed the word "Jet" to "Geoff" during "Jet" in honor of UK DJ Geoff Lloyd (Pete and Geoff) of Virgin Radio who interviewed him before the show (it will be aired on Virgin Radio, May 18). It was Geoff's birthday's present from Paul.

Paul wore the purple Nehru jacket, red long-sleeved T-shirt and blue jeans.

Abe who was suffering from a bad case of tennis elbow had a few problems drumming because of the pain.

The crowd was more subdued than the previous night. More audience members were sitting down. However there was a rush to the stage at the end of the pre-show by fans in first couple of rows.

The Mexican fans from the previous night were in the audience again waving their flag and holding a sign that read "We Were Here Yesterday, THANK YOU for your words." Paul smiled and winked at them. He finished "Every Night" and mentioned again about the lighters and the Mexico City concert. A Mexican woman shouted, " I was here yesterday!" and Paul said "I did not see you," turning his head to the flag waving Mexicans from the night before and smiling.

Paul's voice hit a few sour notes at the beginning of "Blackbird" surprising the man himself, judged by his expression.

Once again after "Here, There and Everywhere," Paul mentioned the allusive sign (that is not really there) "My Mum Saw You at Shea Stadium in 1965."

After his tributes to John and George some fans yelled out "What about a Ringo Song?" Paul ignored them.

After "Calico Skies" Paul said, "If you like this song it's from the album called 'Hope' to help the children of Iraq."

Macca played the slow alternate "Band On the Run 2" intro to "Band On the Run" which is becoming an audience favorite.

At the beginning of "Two Of Us" during the first opening notes Paul shouted "Good beginning!" Abe took the higher register of the song and Paul took the lower register. Abe whistled at the end of the song.

Paul said after "Back In The USSR" that the band is going to Moscow and he can't wait to perform the song there. Appropriately fans in near the stage held a banner up that read, "See you in Moscow Paul."

Paul signed two vinyl albums at the end of the show and picked up a Mexican flag that was thrown to him and left the stage with it.

Sign in the audience: "GO VEGGIE FOR A KISS!" Paul acknowledged the sign by blowing a kiss to the sign holder.

Text message: "Wake up sleepy London, McCartney's in town!"

Fans helped themselves to the "Back in the World" posters decorating Earl's Court by ripping them off the walls.

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photo courtesy Bill Bernstein

April 25 - Gelredome - Arnhem, The Netherlands

Paul arrived at the venue around 6:15pm with police escort after his white stretch limo was stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway and had to ride on the shoulder. His plane landed at Rotterdam airport and he had to go by car to Arnhem. Macca waved to fans also stuck in the jam as the limo passed them. There was more traffic than usual because of a school holiday. While he was on the motorway he did a phone interview with the DJ of Radio 2 which went live on the air. The fans were let in at 7pm right after Paul finished his soundcheck. Some fans had been waiting since 8:30am to get a good position on the general admission floor.

Songs heard at the souncheck: "C Moon," "Purple Haze," "Coming Up," "Celebration," "Things We Said Today."

The concert started late at 8:15pm because of the traffic jam. Security was not as tight as at other shows and people were able to sneak cameras and videocameras in.

Paul wore the sky-blue Nehru jacket, a red long-sleeved T-shirt and loose fitting blue jeans. On either side of him were teleprompters. One with the words to the songs and the other with his scripted dialog. Fans threw stuffed animals on the stage and Paul placed them behind him on the amplifiers.

Paul greeted the 30,000 strong at the Gelredome after "All My Loving" and said in Dutch, "Goedenavond Nederland. We've come to rock you tonight. Alles goed?" (Good evening, the Netherlands....Everything OK?) Tickets were available the day of the show but soon sold out by showtime. The floor was general admission and the retractable roof of the Dome was closed to keep the noise level down for neighboring areas. Fans on the main floor had to endure a lot pushing and shoving, but were very enthusiastic. Fans in the bleachers for the most part remained seated. The bleachers had a severe downward angle and not a lot of elbow room which made it difficult to stand or dance.

Paul's Dutch accent was not bad according to concertgoers though Paul had problems pronouncing the letter "G" in Dutch.

For the intro to "Your Loving Flame" Paul said, "Ik wil dit nummer opdragen aan mijn liefste vrouw Heather." (I want to dedicate this song to my dearest wife Heather)

When the band left the stage for the solo acoustic set Paul said, "En nu ben ik alleen met jullie." (and now i'm alone with you)

When the strongman brought out the psychedelic piano, Paul commented, "Hij gebruikt sterioïden." (he uses steriods) which got a laugh from the audience. Paul did not tell his massage stories and "forgot the words" to "You Never Give Me Your Money," as scripted.

Paul introduced all the band members in Dutch. Wix told the audience that after the concert in London (his hometown) a few of his cousins came over with him to Arnhem. Brian said he was glad to be in Holland because he's part Dutch from his father's side of the family.

Rusty brought out a English to Dutch pocket translator and said, "My Dutch is pretty awful so I have a message I'm gonna play for you." He held it up to the microphone so the audience could hear the female voice speaking in Dutch. "De band bedankt u voor het warme welkom." (The band would like to thank you for the warm welcome) "Wilt u alstublieft geen kauwgum onder de stoelen plakken!" (please don't stick your gum under the seats!) That got a good laugh from the audience.

When Paul introduced "Here Today" he said in Dutch, "Ik heb dit geschreven na de dood van mijn vriend John." (I wrote this after the passing of my friend John). Big applause from the audience. After the song, the entire audience started singing "Give Peace A Chance." Paul did not join in.

Paul said for his intro to "Something," "George hield van de ukulele." (George loved the ukulele). After "Something," fans yelled, "What about Ringo?" Paul said, "Yes, Ringo too," and started to sing, " WE ALL LIVE IN A YELLOW SUBMARINE... " and the audience joined in with some singing the Dutch words to the song.

Before "Michelle," he said, "Laten we naar Frankrijk gaan" (let's go to France)

For the intro to "My Love" Paul said he wrote the song for Linda and, "Dit is voor alle verliefden." (this is for all the lovers) Both Linda and Heather got the same amount of applause for their dedications.

After "Live and Let Die" there was a huge applause and Paul did his pantomine of putting his hand on his chest and feigning a heart-attack. Then he leaned over the piano resting on his elbows looking very amused by the crowd's reaction to the fireworks.

"Band On The Run" had the slow intro from the BBC-2 commercial before getting into the regular version.

Paul congratulated all the people who had a birthday by saying "Dit lied is voor de jarigen hier." (this song is for the people who have their birthday) When Paul performed "Birthday" the house rocked.

For "Hey Jude" Paul conducting the audience, "Nu alle mannen!" (Now all the men), "Nu alle vrouwen!" (Now all the women). Then the left side, right side, middle and then all. At the end of the "Hey Jude" the crowd continued to sing the "nah-nah-nah's" while the band was leaving the stage.

For the first encore Paul came out waving what was supposed to be the flag of the Netherlands, but instead of the Red/White/Blue, it was Red/Blue/White which is the Russian flag! The audience didn't know what to make of this so there wasn't much of a reaction to the flag waving.

"I Saw Her Standing There" got people on their feet singing and dancing.

At the beginning of the second encore, before "Yesterday" he said, "Wij moeten naar huis........jullie moeten naar huis! "(We've got to go home... you have to go home!) and added in English, "We have to go home sometime." The audience didn't agree.

Paul and the band waved goodbye as the confetti (in red, white and blue came) down from the ceiling and the crowd gave them a standing ovation. Paul picked up a huge bouquet of flowers thrown to stage but didn't sign any autographs.

Sign in the audience: "We praise YOU Paul" "

Text messages: "I say hello, don't say goodbye Paul, Alex" "Marja I love you more than Paul, sorry Paul"

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April 27 - Köln Arena - Cologne, Germany

Paul arrived at the airport around 4:55pm and went straight to the venue with an entourage of several cars. He was in the second car (Mercedes). There were about 20 fans waiting who moved toward the car as it drove in. Paul rolled down the window with a big grin and waved. He was on a cell phone doing an interview. The car did not stop.

The show started at 8:15pm. Paul hit the stage at 8:33 wearing the sky blue Nehru jacket, a red long-sleeved T-shirt and blue jeans. Fans immediately rushed the stage but security blocked the aisles with access to the stage. The 14,000 strong (sold out) Cologne audience rocked.

For his introduction to "Getting Better" he said, "Das ist das erste Mal, dass ich dieses Lied in Deutschland gesungen habe." (This is the first time that I'm singing this song in Germany)

"Guten Abend Cologne." (Good evening Cologne) "We've come here tonight, to rrrrock you!" said Paul.

A fan in the front row who had obviously been to his concert before was saying what Paul was supposed to say before he said it. He said, "You're stealing all my lines! I was supposed to say, are you having a good time and YOU, 'yes.' Not the other way around!" A fan yelled out "Paul I love you!" Paul said pretending to whisper, "Yeah I love you too."

Paul said, "Wie geht es Euch?"Gut? Wie gut?" (How are you? Good? How good?) The crowd responded with "JA!" (YES)

Introducing "Lonely Road," he said, "Das ist ein neues Lied. (this is a new song.) Well not that new... newish, newish...ish,"

He said, "I learned a little German in school in Liverpool." He said his favorite piece of German literature was a poem called, "Jacob war der frechste rabe von allen." (Jacob was the rudest crow of all).

Paul spoke in German quite a bit. He dedicated "Your Loving Flame to "Meine liebe Frau Heather." (my dear wife Heather). When he ended the song he said, "It's for you, Heather." (Heather was in England)

For "Here Today" he dedicated it to his "freund John." (friend John)

Rusty used his pocket translator which said, "Die Band moechte sich sehr fur den freundlichen Empfang bedanken. Bitte kleben Sie Ihre Kaugummis nicht unter die Sitze." (The band wants to thank you very much for the warm welcome. Please don´t put your chewing gums under your seats).

The strongman brought out the psychedelic piano and Paul said, "Er nimmt Anabolika!" (He's taken steriods!) There were no massage stories and Paul sang, "This is the bit where I don't know the words..." to "You Never Give Me Your Money."

When the psychedelic piano was brought onstage he said, "Oh a colorful box - what's this?" Someone yelled out something and Paul grinned and said, "Normally when I say that in the show, someone from the front row says, 'It's a piano!'"

Abe was seen breaking a lot of drumsticks from drumming during the show.

After "Calico Skies" Paul said, "if you liked that song, it's on the charity album 'Peace' to help the children of Iraq."

For the first encore Paul came out waving the German flag and wearing his usual "no more land mines" red T-shirt.

He signed some CD booklets before he left the stage.

Text message:
"Can you play at my birthday party Macca?" "Paul ist geldgeil" (Paul is money happy)

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photo courtesy Bill Bernstein

April 28 - Köln Arena - Cologne, Germany

Paul was staying with the band at the Hotel Excelsior Ernst. Heather was not in Cologne. She had work committments in England. About 500 fans hung out at the hotel in hopes of seeing Paul. They got to see the band members instead walking to a nearby McDonalds. The band stopped and signed autographs for fans that asked.

The second show was not sold out and tickets were selling until showtime. The audience was definitely in awe of McCartney. Fans in the first couple of rows were allowed to rush the stage. When the rockers numbers were played most of the audience was on their feet. They sat for the slower numbers. Concertgoers who were at both shows said the audience at this show was better.

Paul wore the blue Nehru jacket with a yellow lining, a long-sleeved red T-shirt and charcoal pin-striped trousers.

After "All My Loving" he greeted the crowd with, "Schönen guten Abend Köln! Wie geht es euch?" (Good Evening Cologne. How are you?)

He mentioned the "Jacob the Crow" poem again and said, "Jakob der Rabe war der frechste von allen Vögeln, die ich je gesehen habe."(Jakob the crow was the rudest of all birds, that I ever saw.)

When the band left the stage for his solo set he said, "Und nun bin ich allein mit euch." (And now I am alone with you). Then he introduced in English "Blackbird."

Rusty used his pocket translator which said, "Die Band moechte sich sehr fur den freundlichen Empfang bedanken. Bitte kleben Sie Ihre Kaugummis nicht unter die Sitze." (The band wants to thank you very much for the warm welcome. Please don´t put your chewing gums under your seats) But he pressed (by mistake?) the fast forward button so that the end of the text sounded like Mickey Mouse.

For "Here Today" he said, "Ich habe dieses Lied nach dem Tode meines Freundes John geschrieben." (I wrote this song after the death of my friend John.

To help Paul remember what to say in German there were pieces of paper stuck to the floor everywhere. For the intro to "Something" he said, "Mein Freund George liebte die Ukulele zu spielen." (My friend George loved to play the ukulele) And then said that he will sing the song now for George. Someone in the front rows yelled out that he was George! Paul had a private conversation with him from the stage and said scarcastically, "Oh, another one who is called George ... how unusual. But I am not playing this song for you, believe me!" Then he laughed and said, "There's a GEORGE in every crowd!"

After the song someone yelled, "And what about Ringo?" Paul repeated, "What about Ringo?" and then began to sing, "We all live in a Yellow Submarine..." The crowd joined in. At the end of the refrain then Paul ended the song with a "cutting" gesture of his arms. Then someone shouted "Octopus's Garden" and Paul repeated "No, we can't do all the Ringo songs."

The usual introductions were translated into German. For "Michelle" he said, "Komm mit uns nach Frankreich." (Come with us to France)

For "My Love" he said, "Ich schrieb diesen Song für Linda und das Lied ist für alle Liebenden." (I wrote this song for Linda and the song for all lovers)

The singalong for "Hey Jude" was conducted in German by Paul who said, "Zuerst die Maenner!" (first the Men )"Und jetzt die Frauen!" (and just the women) "..Frauen zusammen." (women together) "Alle zusammen!" (everyone together). When the song was over and the band had left the stage, the audience began singing "Hey Jude." Paul came out, sat at the piano and played the last part of "Hey Jude" with the audience singing along before beginning "The Long And Winding Road."

After "Hey Jude" Paul came out wearing the 'no more land mines' red T-shirt and waved the German flag. Just before he started "I Saw Her Standing There" he said, "Wollt ihr mehr?" (Do you want more?) The audience yelled, "Ja!" (yes). As he and the band left the stage, they did their 'monkey dance.'

Before the last song, "Sgt. Peppers/The End" Paul said, "Jetzt aber müssen wir euch hier verlassen. Ich danke meiner fantastischen Band aber am meisten EUCH." (Now however we must leave you here. I thank my fantastic band but most of all YOU.)

He signed a vintage "Beatles Monthly" (issue No. 32 March, 1966) before he left. It was thrown to the stage but when it landed it lost it's cover, which flew in one direction, the pen in another and the inside of the magazine in another. Paul picked up the cover, then the inside of the magazine and found the pen. Instead of signing the cover Paul signed his first name on page 30 (upside-down across the covered mouth) and returned the magazine intact to it's owner, minus the pen.
Congrats to Ralf Roeger!

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