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May 25 - Gijon, Spain - Estadio El Molinon
May 28 - Lisbon, Portugal - Parque Bela Vista, "Rock In Rio Festival"
May 30 - Madrid, Spain - Estadio De Madrid La Peineta
June 2 - Zurich, Switzerland - Letzigrund Stadium
June 4 - Leipzig, Germany - Leipzig Zentralstadion (Leipzig Stadium)
June 6 - Prague, Czech Republic - Park Kolbenova
June 8 & 9 - Horsens Forum, Denmark - Horsens Stadium
June 12 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Ullevi Stadium
June 14 - Oslo, Norway - Valle Hovin Stadion
June 17 - Helsinki, Finland - Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium)
June 20 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Palace Square
June 24 - Paris, France - Stade de France
June 26 - Glastonbury, England - Worthy Farm Pilton - Glastonbury Festival



Gigantic stage with multiple screens behind the band at center stage (nine screens) with two large screens (with four screens)
on either side of the stage like the 1993 tour.

New laser lights, interactive displays and more powerful pyrotechnics.


Before the preshow- Band on the Run" (slow 2003 version), "Family Way," "Junk," classical music (unidentified) some from the 1989-2003 tours

Before the preshow there is a 15 second 'Landmines' public service ad: it's an animation of a landmine exploding and the animated characters of Paul and Heather are featured saying "We need your help!" Then they voice-over the London phone number and contact info, etc.


There was a
DJ in a big bright orange top hat with sparkets that tilted vicariously on his head playing music while people carried colorful large balloons decorated with moons, suns and stars in front of the stage behind a large backdrop. The backdrop covered the instruments behind it. Paul's paintings were shown on the video screens.

The performers carried medieval banners (coat of arms) and pennants. The cast of walkers and dancers wore very brightly colored costumes (magenta, teal, bright blues) of medieval garb and '60s clothes. The women in mini-skirts danced to the music and there was a woman sitting on a suspended ring who also did routines on a silk rope. A man danced on stills. Fifteen
minutes of looped remixed dance music played from new and old Fireman tracks, samplers of; "Venus and Mars," "Band On the Run," "Oh Woman Oh Why," "Darkroom," "Live and Let Die," "Temporary Secretary," "Loup 1st Indian On the Moon," Mumbo," "Silly Love Songs," "What's That You're Doing"and new dance music. It ends with someone saying "THREE...TWO... ONE...

Paul's bass appears large on the side screens but now in a horizontal form and the large backdrop curtain splits open and is pulled from each side to reveal Paul and the band.

For the dress rehearsal Paul wore a red Nehru jacket, a red crew-neck, long-sleeved T-shirt with wide white stripes on the sides, and blue jeans and red shoes!!!


Freelance Hellraiser, 'aka' Roy Kerr, has made dance remixes of Paul's tunes he plays in the preshow.


There are two major tour shirts: black shirt, Paul's face on back, his hands on front spelling out '04' and a blue shirt with a sun, Paul on front with a colorful shirt on, hands outreached. Two new tour posters and an assortment of women's tanks, tops, keychains, etc.

There is a "new" coat of arms style logo on one black hat and a denim shirt. The logo is a shield with a P and M, and a Hofner. There are bright colored ballcaps with a sun logo with the logoed Paul signature.

The program is well worth the price with an extensive interview with Paul talking about his spiritual beliefs. This ties into the mystical themes of Sun/Moon/ Medieval Mythology/ Tarot, etc. There is a logoed baby garment available. Bring cash to buy merchandise, credit cards are not accepted.

33 songs total with 24 Beatles songs

Jet (bass)
Got To Get You Into My Life (bass)
Flaming Pie (bass)
All My Loving (bass)
Let Me Roll It/Foxy Lady (guitar)
You Won't See Me (guitar)
She's A Woman (bass)

(grand piano)
Maybe I'm Amazed (piano)
The Long and Winding Road (piano)

(acoustic set )
In Spite of All The Danger (solo - acoustic)
Blackbird (solo - acoustic)
We Can Work It Out (solo - acoustic)
Here Today (dedicated to John - Paul solo - acoustic)
All Things Must Pass (dedicated to George with band - Paul on acoustic)
Yellow Submarine (singalong- not at all shows)
I'll Follow the Sun (with reprise - acoustic)
For No One ( psychedelic piano)
I'll Follow the Sun (reprise only played on psychedelic piano)
Calico Skies (acoustic)
I've Just Seen a Face (acoustic)
Michelle (acoustic)
Eleanor Rigby (acoustic)

Drive My Car (bass)
Penny Lane (bass)
Get Back (bass)
Band On the Run - with slow intro (bass)
Back in the USSR (bass)

Live and Let Die (grand piano)
I've Got a Feeling (guitar)
Massage Improvisation (psychedelic piano) intro
Lady Madonna (psychedelic piano)
Hey Jude with audience singalong (psychedelic piano)

Yesterday (acoustic)
Let It Be (grand piano)
I Saw Her Standing There (bass)

Helter Skelter (bass)
Sgt. Pepper's/The End (guitar)


May 25 - Gijon, Spain - Estadio El Molinon


Paul and the band did a full dress rehearsal at Estadio El Molinon on Monday May 24. Macca arrived at Estadio El Molinon at 7:45pm, waved to fans from the limo but did not stop. There was a 40-minute soundcheck at 8:15 pm where Paul performed several songs including:


Later that evening at 10pm there was a full dress rehearsal. Fans who had the fanasylum ticket packages were allowed in after the first three songs for the first 30 minutes only and escorted out.

SETLIST (Dress Rehearsal)

Got To Get You Into My Life
Flaming Pie
All My Loving
Let Me Roll It
You Won't See Me (Paul said this song was never performed before)
Paul practiced his Spanish saying: "Hola Asturias, muchas gracias...!")

She's A Woman

Maybe I'm Amazed
The Long and Winding Road
In Spite of All The Danger (long version - Paul said that he and George wrote this song together)

We Can Work It Out
We Can Work It Out
Here Today (solo)
All Things Must Pass (with band)
I'll Follow the Sun
(with reprise - Paul said the song was too short so he did the reprise)
For No One
I'll Follow the Sun
(repeated song with reprise)
Calico Skies
I've Just Seen a Face

Eleanor Rigby
Drive My Car
Penny Lane
Get Back
Band On the Run
Back in the USSR

Live and Let Die
(More powerful pyrotechnics and fireworks that could be seen outside of the stadium. At the end of the song 13 fireworks with explosions were launched)

I've Got a Feeling
Gimme That Thing
(improvised song on piano)
Lady Madonna
Baby Face
Hey Jude

Let It Be
I Saw Her Standing There

Helter Skelter
Sgt. Pepper's/The End



Jet (bass)
Got To Get You Into My Life (bass)
Flaming Pie (bass)
All My Loving (bass)
Let Me Roll It /with Foxy Lady ending (guitar)
You Won't See Me (guitar)
She's A Woman (bass)

Maybe I'm Amazed (piano)
The Long and Winding Road (piano)

(acoustic set )
In Spite of All The Danger (solo)
Blackbird (solo)
We Can Work It Out
We Can Work It Out (solo)
Here Today (dedicated to John - Paul solo)
All Things Must Pass (dedicated to George with band)
Yellow Submarine (singalong)
I'll Follow the Sun (with reprise)
For No One (piano)
I'll Follow the Sun (reprise only - piano)
Calico Skies (acoustic)
I've Just Seen a Face (acoustic)
Eleanor Rigby (acoustic)

Drive My Car (bass)
Penny Lane (bass)
Get Back (bass)
Band On the Run- with slow intro (bass)
Back in the USSR (bass)

Live and Let Die (piano)
I've Got a Feeling (guitar)
improvisational on piano intro
Lady Madonna (piano)
Hey Jude (piano)

Yesterday (acoustic)
Let It Be (piano)
I Saw Her Standing There (bass)

Helter Skelter (bass)
Sgt. Pepper's/The End (guitar)


There was a soundcheck in the afternoon that lasted 45-minutes. Songs heard: Jam "Oh Yeah," "Coming Up," "Honey Don't," "Matchbox," "C Moon," "Hot As Sun," "San Francisco Bay Blues," acoustic improvisation, "Midnight Special," "Time For My Massage" Jam, "Lady Madonna."

There were thousands of concertgoers outside who were having problems getting free tickets because there was only one ticket window open. Telefo'nica-Movistar (mobile phone company) ran a text messaging contest to give away tickets. Fights broke out and objects were thrown in protest. Besides text messenging on their cell phones to win tickets, excited fans at the concert rang friends so they could hear the concert. It was too much for the area's mobile network which shut down.

Paul played to an enthusiastic audience of over 25,000 at the Estadio El Molinon. The concert started 30 minutes late at 10:37pm with the preshow.
He wore a red Nehru jacket, a red crew-neck, long-sleeved T-shirt with wide white stripes on the sides, and blue jeans and red shoes!!!

The spectacular preshow features a DJ that has a booth on the left side of the stage. Music played includes samples from the Fireman and early albums (see setlist). There are dancers in colorful costumes ala Cirque du Soleil and a woman that sits on a suspended 'ring' and one dangling from a rope.

Thirteen local actors from the Dramatic Art School of Asturias and dancers from the previous tour entertained the crowd in front of a yellow curtain that had projections of drawings on it. Large ballons were passed in front of the stage to the right side of the stadium. Dancers on stage performed well choreographed routines that included sequences of breakdancing and Go-Go dancing with women in mini-skirts.

The Hofner bass appeared in a horizontal shape with psychedelic colors on the large side screens just before Paul emerged. The yellow curtain moved from left to right revealing Paul and the band onstage. There was an instrumental intro before the familar chords of "Jet" rang out.

Macca shouted, "Are YOU ready to rock and roll?" and began "Jet."

During the show the 17 screens showed, photographs, drawings, works of art, videos and cartoons all related to the song being played. "Drive My Car" featured photographs of cars. "Back in the USSR" featured memories of the Soviet Union and reminders of the cold war.

Paul practiced his Spanish on the crowd and took care to speak in the local dialect of Castillian. He said many times during the show "Viva Sporting!" referring to Gijon's soccer team (Sporting).

After "Got to Get You Into My Life" McCartney welcomed the audience in Spanish with "Hola Gijón, hola Asturias, viva España!" (Hello Gijón, hello Asturias, long live Spain.) Then he launched into "Flaming Pie."

Muchas gracias!...amigos y amigas! (Thank you very much... friends). OK, tonight I'm gonna try and speak some Spanish...a little bit. pocas palabras en español. (I only know a few words in Spanish) But...I'm gonna try. OK? Alright!"

As he began, "All My Loving," fans on the field rushed the stage.

Macca introduced "In Spite of All the Danger" in Spanish saying it was an early pre-Beatles song. For "You Won't See Me" he said, "Esta la primera vez que he tocado esta cancion en España!" (This is the first time I have done this song in Spain). He said in his intro to "She's A Woman," "Tambien esta es la primera vez que toco esta cancion desde hace mucho tiempo." (This is the first time I've performed this song in a long time).

"She's A Woman" was very much like the Beatles version with a heavier electric guitar sound that gave the song a harder and rockier edge.

Paul, solo onstage, pointed a forefinger upwards and dedicated "Here Today" to John Lennon during the acoustic set. He said, "I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU." The song had a new arrangement. Paul's voice cracked from emotion during the song and he was almost moved to tears.

The band returned for "All Things Must Pass" which was dedicated to George Harrison.

Not to leave out Ringo, Paul asked the audience if they wanted a song dedicated to Ringo. Before the audience could answer, though some shouted "What about Ringo?" Paul began to sing the words to "Yellow Submarine" leading the massive crowd a capella in a brief singalong of the song.

After "I'll Follow the Sun" Paul recited his "Three Rabbits" poem. "Tres conejos en un árbol, tocando el tambor. Que si. Que no. Que si. Lo he visto, yo." (Three rabbits, in a tree, playing a drum. Why yes? Why no? Why yes? I have seen it.) The audience was very amused.

Abe introduced "Live and Let Die" in Spanish. "Es usted listo para el fuego?" (Are you ready for the fire?) During song, everytime the band sang "Live and Let Die..." four rows of flame throwers in front and behind the band shot up. There were spectacular fireworks at the end of song. "Live and Let Die" did not disappoint, lighting up the Spanish sky with a fireworks display longer and more powerful than on previous tours, delighting the crowed.

"Hey Jude" had the traditional singalong.

Paul came out waving the flags of Spain and Asturias before the final encore and was wearing a blue "no more land mines" T-shirt.

Macca performed "Yesterday" to a sea of lighters held by thousands of fans. At the end of the concert confetti shot out from the sides of the stage covering the entire stadium.

Paul signed several autographs for fans after the show at his hotel.


May 28 - Lisbon, Portugal - Parque Bela Vista
"Rock In Rio Festival"

Paul arrived in Lisbon on the 26th and stayed at Hotel da Lapa. On the 27th went sailing from Lisbon to Sesimbra and also went for a bike ride, on the river side, in Lisbon's Parque das Nações.

The day of the show
there was a soundcheck at 2:30 pm performed by Paul and the band. The setlist was: "Coming Up," "Honey Hush," "Honey Don't," "C Moon," "Midnight Special," "I've Just Seen A Face," the intro to "Back in the USSR" (as a plane flew over the stadium), and an improv jam with Paul making up the lyrics as he went along, "Lisboa man, I wanna be there." Paul left after the soundcheck.

Paul arrived for the show at 7pm and there were only two fans waiting! One had a Wings logo and Paul jumped out of his seat to point to him as he went by.

The setlist was the same as the Gijon concert and the show started around 9:30pm. Paul wore the same stage outfit that he wore in Gijon including the 'red' shoes! His was in perfect voice for the most part with just his voice cracking slightly during "Blackbird."

The fans were very enthusiastic, clapping, dancing and singing along to most of the songs. Signs in the audience:
"Would you be free to take some tea with me?" and "Don't say goodnight tonight."

McCartney demanded that the Rock in Rio organization's logo and logos of festival sponsors be covered during his performance because he only wanted to be associated with the show and not it's advertisers. For the show, the logos were covered over in a black cloth.

When the preshow finished Paul emerged with his fist held high in the air to the thunderous applause of 46,000 fans at the festival.
He spoke in Portuguese many times during the concert and introduced all the band members in Portuguese. The band referred to him as "Paulo" which is Portuguese for Paul.

There were two women backstage who translated anything said in English to Portugese. There were translations on the big screens. Paul tested them out and said in English "THE BLUE FISH SWAM UNDER THE VERY BIG BRIDGE." The audience cheered when the translation was posted. Later he tested them again and said, "THE YELLOW BIRD FLEW OVER THE FOOTBALL STADIUM IN EURO 2004!" The crowd started cheering "POR-TU-GAL! POR-TU-GAL!"

After "Got to Get You Into My Life" Paul welcomed the crowd in Portuguese, "Olá Lisboa, viva Portugal, estão todos fixes?" (Hello Lisbon, long live Portugal, are you feeling good?)

There were some problems with audio during "Let Me Roll It/Foxy Lady" with Rusty's guitar and Wix's keyboard.

He introduced "You Won't See Me" in Portuguese saying, "Esta e a primeira vez que toco esta cancao em Portugal." (This is the first time we're playing this song in Portugual.) The song was a crowd favorite with people singing the "ooo-la-la's" during the chorus.

After the song he said, "Thank you Rock in Rio! "Essa e outra cancao que toco pela primeira vez."(This is another song I'm playing for the first time.) And he started "She's a Woman."

Before "The Long and Winding Road" Paul said, "Thank you Lisboa... great crowd!" The audience started chanting "PAUL-MAC-CART-NEY!" and Paul tipped his guitar in a salute to the crowd and said, "That's ME!"

At the beginning of the acoustic set the band left the stage and Paul played "In Spite of All the Danger." Paul introduced "In Spite Of All the Danger" as a song composed in the times of the Quarrymen, before the Beatles and one of the first songs he, John and George recorded together. He said they all paid £1 each for the record and said in Portuguese, "Nosso primeiro disco antes dos Beatles."
(Our first record before The Beatles.)

For "Blackbird," he told the audience afterwards that his guitar (Epiphone Texan) was the one he played on the Ed Sullivan show (1965).

He dedicated "Here Today" to John and in Portuguese. "Escrevi esta canção depois que meu amigo John faleceu" (I wrote this song after my friend John passed away.) For "All Things Must Pass" he said, "a meu amigo George." (for my friend George) When Paul finished "All Things Must Pass,"
fans screamed "What about Ringo?" and Paul did the "Yellow Submarine" a capella singalong version he did in Spain.

After the "Yellow Submarine" Paul said, "Estão a divertir-se? Eu também!" (Are you having fun? Me too!). The crowd roared.

Paul did "I'll Follow the Sun" first with a reprise ending saying that the song was too short. After "For No One," Paul did the song again, but only the reprise.

Abe introduced "Live and Let Die" in Portuguese ."Estao prontos para o rock?...Querem pegar fogo? Aqui esta
Paulo!" (Are you ready to rock? Are you ready for the fire? Here is Paul.)

Before "Lady Madonna" Paul did his "Lisboa massage story" musical interlude. He chanted, "LIS-BO-A POR-TU-GAL... LIS-BO-A POR-TU-GAL!"

"Paul made a mention after "Lady Madonna"in reference to the upcoming Soccer Cup. He said,
"É optimo estar em Portugal o país do Euro 2004!" (I am happy to be in Portugal, the Euro 2004 country.) That brought enthusiastic cheers from the audience because Portugal is the host of the Soccer European Cup that begins in June.

"Hey Jude" had the "Baby Face" fake-out intro and the usual singalong and before Paul left the stage for the encore he said,
"Têm sido um público maravilhoso." (You have been a marvelous audience.)

When he returned for the encore he had on a red "no more land mines" T-shirt and said, "Beautiful audience."
Paul told the crowd that "Yesterday" was actually written in Portugal during a 1965 trip from Lisbon to Algarve. He said for that he will always be grateful to Portugal (the story is also in the tour program).

Paul said,
"Got some energy? Portuguese energy? Lis-BOA energy! OK, One, two, three, FOUR!!" and launched into "I Saw Her Standing There."

When he came back for the last encore he carried the flag of Portugal. The crowd went wild. He teased the cheering the crowd and said, "Bem agora vamos ter de vos deixar." (Good, now we have to leave.) They said, NO!" Paul said, " Let's get heavy," and he started "Helter Skelter."

Next he said, "Do you want to rock 'n' roll?" and "Sgt. Pepper" started. The band traded off solos guitar riffs which went on longer than usual even after Rusty broke a string. Rusty never missed a note!

There was an explosion of fireworks when Paul hit the last chord of "The End." Confetti shot of out of the sides of the stage covering the crowd and Paul said, "Até à próxima Lisboa!" (See you next time Lisbon!)

After Paul left the stage, the fireworks continued for a total of ten minutes!

The day after the show Paul said he found the Portugal audience to be "warm and enthusiastic."

A note on the disappointing "Rock in Rio" radio broadcast that people expected to hear live on RFM Radio-on the net (RFM by the way never said they would broadcast Paul's concert).

The station was not allowed to broadcast Paul's concert even though they could broadcast other performers at the "Rock in Rio Festival" as the 'official radio station.' Paul's concert fell into a 'special' category and though part of the "Rock in Rio Festival" it was a separate concert held on an 'extra' day with no other bands performing besides Paul, thus the festival broadcasting conditions for radio and TV did not apply.


May 30 - Madrid, Spain - Estadio De Madrid La Peineta

At 6.00 pm Paul and band started off with soundcheck, which could be heard outside the stadium. Songs heard: a jam, "Coming Up," Matchbox," "Honey Don't," "C Moon," "Celebration," "In Spite of All the Danger," "Midnight Special" (fast version with a cappella section), "San Francisco Bay Blues," "The Fool On The Hill," an improvisation and "Lady Madonna."

The audienced did an "OLA" (a wave across the two sides of the stadium) before the show started. Paul appeared onstage at 10:20pm right after the horizontal Hofner bass appeared. This time he wore a blue Nehru jacket and the a different red T- shirt, with jeans and played before a crowd of over 30,000. The setlist was the same. The first big applause came after "All My Loving."

After "Got to Get You Into My Life," Paul greeted the crowd with "Hola Madrid, viva
España!" (Hello Madrid, long live Spain)
That brought a large cheer from the audience.

When he finished "Flaming Pie" he talked in Spanish. "Muchas gracias, amigos y amigas!." (thanks so much friends- male and female) " I'm gonna try to speak some Spanish. Pero sé pocas palabras en Español..." (I know a few words in Spanish) ..."But we have come to rock you tonight!"

Several times during the show he raised his Hofner up in a Macca salute bringing cheers from the amigos and amigas.

Paul introduced "You Won't See Me" in Spanish. "Esta es la primera gira que toco esta canción en España." (This is the first tour I'm playing this song live in Spain). Paul pointed his finger to the audience and then pointed to himself when he sang the line "you won't see me..." with a "no-no" expression on his face. After the song he said, "OK, muchas gracias señores, señoras y señoritas!" (Thanks so much gentlemen, ladies and misses.)

The videos on the screens during "She's A Woman" were black and white images of The Beatles with live video of Paul and the band also in black and white. Afterwards Paul said to crowd, "Oh-oh!" The crowd answered back "OH-OH!" Then he said, "Muchas gracias!" (Thanks so much.) "Me gustaría presentaros a nuestro fantástico guitarrista Rusty Anderson!" (I'd like to introduce to all of you our fantastic guitarist Rusty Anderson!) Rusty said, "Solamente se estas palabras de Español. Y ya se me
han acabado todas." (I only know these words in Spanish words. And I already finished them.) The audience laughed.

Paul took off his jacket before he went to the piano to play "Maybe I'm Amazed." Paul sang his heart out on the song and it was much appreciated by the audience. Next was "The Long and Winding Road" which showed videos of a road trip behind Paul.

The highlight of the show was "In Spite of All the Danger." Paul switched to acoustic guitar and said "Así que hablo un poco de Inglés... yeah!" (So I'll speak a little English...) "Esta fue nuestro primero disco antes de los Beatles." (This song was our first record, before The Beatles.) Then he told the rest of the story in English of how he went to a little studio in Kensington with John, George and two other guys to make the record which cost five pounds. They all paid one pound a piece. Then he asked the audience repeat his ""Oh-oh-oh-oh's", and they did with a giant chorus of "OH-OH-OH-OH!" before the song began and during. Paul liked their singing and said, "OK, Let's make a record together!" (note: there is to be a DVD of this tour!)

"Blackbird" had the same intro about girls being called 'birds' in England and the racial struggle in America. Paul hit a wrong on the guitar during the song but it was barely noticeable.

For "We Can Work It Out" Paul played the tempo change waltz, leading the waltz rhythm with the movement of his hand while he strummed.

He introduced, "Here Today" in English and Spanish.
"Escribí esto después d e la muerte de mi amigo John." (I wrote this after the death of my friend John.) "Let's hear it for John!" People in the audience lifted their arms and gestured in a touching salute to Paul and John. Macca went on to explain that when something happens sometimes it's too difficult to find words to express one's self and sometimes words don't always come out the right way. Then he did an emotional tribute to John. The song included a variation, with a climax on the words "I love you..."

Next was Paul's tribute to George, "All Things Must Pass." He said, "Esto es en memoria de mi amigo George." (This is in the memory of my friend George.) The guitars were a bit out of tune at the beginning of the song. Brian played slide guitar.

When the song was finished Paul yelled "RINGO! RINGO?" and did the a capella singalong of "Yellow Submarine." "We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine..." Then Paul crossed his arms above in his head in a 'stop' gesture but the audience continued.

So he introduced the next song saying in perfect Spanish, "Esta es la primera gira en que toco esta canción en directo." (This is the first tour I'm playing this song live) and started "I'll Follow the Sun." He finished the song and started to play what sounded like a new song but it was the 'teaser' to the reprise of "I'll Follow the Sun." This amused the crowd.

Paul introduced the band members in Spanish. "Gracias Madrid! Me gustaria presentaros a nuestro gran pianista Wix Wickens!" (Thanks Madrid! I'd like to introduce to you our great pianist Wix Wickens!) Paul sat at the piano while Wix introduced "For No One." Paul sang it at the piano while Wix plays the clavichord part of the song on keyboards. After the song finished Paul yelled "Oh-oh!" and the audience replied. Paul praised them with "Perfecto!" (Perfect!) and picked up the acoustic guitar and started playing the "I'll Follow the Sun" reprise. People were laughing because Paul played it in an amusing way.

"Penny Lane" had a British flag background zig-zagging on two screens.

Paul introduced Brian calling him, "...un músico extraoordinario...Brian Ray!" (an extraordinary musician) Brian said, "Felicidades al novio y a la novia." (Happiness to the suitor and the fiancee) alluding to the recent marriage of Prince Borbon of Spain and his bride, Leticia and then he introduced "Band on the Run."

Next Paul made a gesture with his arms extended, tilting from side to side like he was flying, as the roar of the jet began for "Back in the USSR."

Paul introduced Abe saying, "Y aquí está nuestro fabuloso batería Abe Laboriel, Jr!" (And here is our fabulous drummer,...). Abe said, "Hola Madrid! Cómo están? Están listos para el rock? Y lo más importante, es usted listo para el fuego?" (Hello Madrid! How are you? Are you ready to rock? And what's more important, are you ready for the fires?) "Live and Let Die" had spectacular fireworks and flame throwers.

After "I've Got A Feeling" Paul really got into his Spanish reciting his three rabbits poem. "Muchas gracias! Me enseñaron que el Español por un año hace 50 años, cuando era 11 en la escuela en Liverpool!" (Thanks so much! I was taught Spanish for a year 50 years ago, when I was 11 at school in Liverpool!) Then he began the poem (see Gijon). The crowd loved when he spoke Spanish and laughed at the poem. "

Paul's new improvisational interlude to "Lady Madonna" (on the magic piano) is called "Gimme That Thing" replacing the massage story on the last tour. At each show he customizes the lyric to the city he's in. It's a catchy melody and he says while he plays, "time for my massage... My massage in Madrid..."

"Hey Jude" had the usual singalong with Paul pointing to the men and women, "Ahora los hombres!" (Now the men!) "Y ahora las mujeres!" (And now the women!) For the 'mujeres' Paul did his imitation of a woman by the rotating his hips while holding one hand behind his head in an effeminate manner. The he said, "Ahora todos!" (Now everybody!) Some lighters were held up during the song. The crowd continued to sing at the end of "Hey Jude" and Paul had to make up more lines to song to finish.

Paul and the band took their bows and left the stage while the audience shouted, "OTRA! OTRA!" (ANOTHER ONE! ANOTHER ONE!) Macca returned with an acoustic guitar (no black acoustic guitar on this tour) and played "Yesterday." From there he went to the piano and played "Let It Be," again with lighters being raised in the audience.

"I Saw Her Standing There" had people dancing with Paul doing a very energetic version of the rocker. Then the band left the stage and Paul came back wearing a red "no more land mines" T-shirt and carried the flag of Spain. He walked from one side of the stage to the other carrying the flag as the crowd roared it's approval.

Next was a blistering heavy rock version of "Helter Skelter" with Paul on bass. And "Sgt. Pepper" featuring an impressive three-way guitar duel between Rusty, Paul (on Gibson Les Paul) and Brian culminating in "The End."

As Paul was saying his goodbyes he pointed to someone in the audience at the right side of the stage. An 'object' was handed to Paul who held the 'gift' high in the air as he paraded around the stage. It was three fluffy rabbits dolls in a row playing a drum!

Paul signed autographs for fans after the show when he got to his hotel. Congrats to Juan Agueras (shown second from right) who got this photo (taken backstage in 2003) autographed by Paul and Bill Bernstein (who took the photo).


June 2 - Zurich, Switzerland - Letzigrund Stadium

There was a soundcheck just before 3:30pm. Besides the crew there was a group of 36 people who had the fanasylum ticket package. They were seated to the side of the stage. There were no seats on the field in front of the stage.

Paul said to the fanasylum group, "People on Zurich holiday packages hello! And I acknowledge the Brian Ray Fan Club." There were two fans (congrats to Fiona and Caroline from the "Brian's Cherries Fan Club") who had a sign that said "Brian Ray" with cherries on it.

Macca wore all black--black long-sleeved T-shirt and black trousers. During the soundcheck Paul went from one instrument to another never going back to the same instrument twice.

Soundcheck setlist: "Coming Up," "Matchbox," "Honey Don't," "Summertime," "C Moon," then he sang "Happy Birthday" to somebody in the crew and then sang "She's a jolly good fellow" to the same person, "Celebration," "Blue Moon of Kentucky," "San Francisco Bay Blues" (Rusty, Brian and Paul danced around kicking their legs square dance style), "I'll Follow the Sun," "Blackbird," a unreleased Lennon/McCartney composition called "Just Fun," a new song with the words "hold onto your precious love," a massage improv jam that went on for along time with Paul saying, "time for my massage baby!"),"Lady Madonna," was the last song.

Paul said goodbye to the fanasylum crowd and then said, "Will the TWO members of the BRIAN RAY FAN CLUB please stand up? OK Brian, throw them a kiss!" And Brian did. Then the band bowed and waved goodbye.

Ten minutes before the show started it began to rain and lasted throughout the concert soaking 30,000 people including the preshow performers.However the show started on time at 8pm. Due to tight security many fans could not get inside the concert until it was well underway. The international crowd included fans from as far as Columbia, Argentina, Japan, the US (Chicago, Dallas) and Europe.

Signs in the audience: "Fans Across The Water From Texas," "Brian's Cherries." Paul was paying particular attention to the fans with the Brian Ray signs as was Brian.

Paul wore the red nehru jacket, jeans and a red and white T-shirt. The front of the shirt was red and the back was white.

The setlist was the same as previous shows except there was no "Yellow Submarine" singalong. Because of the cold rain, the crowd was not as enthusiastic though there were some who enjoyed the experience in spite of the weather. Even Paul's acoustic guitar got wet during the show.

At the second song, "Got To Get You Into My Life" security jumped into the third row and busted someone recording the concert.

Paul spoke more English than German and apologized for not knowing Swiss-German. "I know a little German, but I don't know Swiss- German." He read from some cards he had with the pronunciations on them and thanked his Swiss teacher and asked the crowd if he speaking Swiss OK. When he spoke he over emphasized the Swiss 'accent' to show how hard it was to pronounce the words, which the audience found humorous.

He said before "She's A Woman" that the Zurich audience was amongst the first to hear the song because it's the first time he's done it in a long time.

Note on the 'reprises of "I'll Follow the Sun;" Paul repeats the last line of the song three times and explains he does it because the song is so short. He mad a special emphasis on this lyric because of the rain in Zurich, "
for tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun..." He started to repeat the end of the song a fourth time, but did it as a 'fake-out' without really playing it and laughed.

There was a group of very enthusiastic Italian fans yelling to Paul to come to Italy. Paul acknowledged
them and said, "Hello to Italy" then said "Ciao, ciao bambina!" which is a lyric from an Italian song called "Piove" which means "It Rains."

During "I've Just Seen A Face" Brian kept crouching lower and lower on the "falling, yes I am falling" lyrics which was very amusing.

Paul addressed the audience as, "People in the rain!" And made several references to the rain and sun. "I'll Follow the Sun" "Pouring Rain" (Penny Lane), etc. Everytime he said the word "rain" in a song he looked up at the sky. He teased the audience and said the rain will make them big and strong.

Rusty took out his camera and told the crowd to get closer together so he could take a photo. Brian spoke in German and said "Is everyone on the right having a good time?...the left....the back... the front." Wix said he felt almost like he was back home because it rains all the time in London, but the only difference here is they speak differently.

Abe asked the crowd if they were ready to rock and, more inportantly, were they ready for the fire just before "Live and Let Die." Paul then commented on how well Abe spoke Swiss-German because he'd said it all in English!!! Abe said he'd been practicing. Rusty did his famous fall during the song. Fireworks were shot off during the song.

He messed up on "I"ve Got A Feeling" singing "Oh, no" when he should have sang, "Oh yeah." When he did it, he looked at Rusty and laughed.

Paul's massage improv before "Lady Madonna" has now evolved into a song where he changes the lyrics to fit the city he's in.

On the last verse of "Hey Jude" he sang the first verse by mistake.

For the encore Paul came out with the Swiss flag and the red no more land mines T-shirt. Wix had his tiny British flag. Someone threw flowers to Paul which missed the stage and hit the substage where the speaker monitors were. Paul tried to fetch them, getting real close to the audience but couldn't retrieve them and gave up. Before Paul left the stage he jumped on Rusty's back and almost knocked Rusty over!

He asked told the audience at the encore, "We have to go home, and you have to go home..." and thanked everyone. The crowd went wild during Paul's redention of "Helter Skelter" which musically surpassed the Beatles version. Macca's voice easily survived the throaty vocals and the band's expert backup harmonies did not disappoint. On the video screens a roller coaster was shown in sync with the ups and downs in the music and the lyrics.

Paul thank the crew, his band and the audience at the end. He said, "Thanks for staying here in the rain." Confetti shot out of the stage and because of the rain it stuck to people!


June 4 - Leipzig, Germany - Leipzig Zentralstadion
'Updated report'

Paul arrived in Leipzig on the day of the show with Heather and the baby and stayed at the Fürstenhof Hotel. Bea could not sleep because of noise coming from bridge construction in front of the hotel. Paul asked the hotel manager Herr Müller, to give some beer to the working men. The noise stopped, Bea slept, and Paul went off to the soundcheck around 4pm. Songs heard at the soundcheck: band jam, "Coming Up," MatchBox," "Honey Don't," "C Moon," "Celebration," "Midnight Special," I'll Follow the Sun," "For No One," "San Francisco Bay Blues," and "Lady Madonna."

played to crowd of 45,000 in the pouring rain at Leipzig Stadium, his first concert in East Germany. McCartney's concert was the first concert staged in the 90 million euro stadium finished in March. In spite of the weather, the concert started around 8:15pm with the preshow. Fans were able to bring in umbrellas but closed them after the concert began. While the rain remained constant, it didn't damper the fan's enthusiasm. The setlist was the same.

Paul spoke a lot of German. After "Got To Get You Into My Life" Paul addressed the cheering crowd with "Guten Abend Leipzig. Endlich bin ich hier! Wir sind gekommen, um euch zu rocken!" (Good evening Leipzig. I'm finally be here! We have come to rock you!)

For the intro to "You Won't See Me," he said,
"Ich spreche nur ein wenig Deutsch. Das ist das erste mal, dass ich das lied in Deutschland singe." (I speak only a little German. This is first time I'm singing this song in Germany.)

He said in German for "She's A Woman," "Das ist ein anderes Lied, das ich zum ersten Mal spiele." (This is another song which I'm playing for the first time.)

At the beginning of the acoustic set the band left and Paul said for his intro to "In Spite of All the Danger," "Jetzt bin ich allein mit Euch. Das war die erste Schallplatte vor den Beatles." (Now I am alone with you. This was the first record before the Beatles.)

For the intro to "Here Today" Paul said in German, "...
Für meinen lieben Freundes John. Das Lied hab ich nach Johns Tod geschrieben. (for my best friend John. I wrote this song after John's death). He dedicated "All Things Must Pass" to George. "Und dieses Lied ist mein Gedenken an George." (And this song is my memory of George.)

Paul led the "Yellow Submarine" singalong as a hommage to Ringo.

He switched guitars and played something from Johnann Sebastian Bach. Only a few bars and said, "That's from Bach." Leipzig is the home of Bach.

"I'll Follow the Sun," "Dieses Lied spiele ich zum ersten Mal in Deutschand." (I'm playing this song for the first time in Germany.)

Paul introduced Wix in German, before "For No One," "Nun will ich euch unseren super keyboarder vorstellen, Wix Wickens." (Now I want to present to you our super keyboard player Wix Wickens.) Then Paul joked in a Hitler voice, "Alle Jugendlichen unter 18 Jahren verlassen den Saal. Ausweiskontrolle!" (All young people under 18 years leave the hall. Document of identification check!)
NOTE: Paul is referring to the curfew that was in effect for people under the age of 18 in Germany when the Beatles played there in the early '60s. Then they had to show their "Ausweis"(passport). That is the reason why George
Harrison, who was underage at the time (17), was deported.

Just before "Band On the Run," Brian got this introduction from Paul, "Jetzt präsentieren wir euch einen wunderbaren Musiker, Brian Ray!" (I now present to you a marvelous muscian, Brian Ray!)

Paul talked about a German poem he learned in school when he took German called the "Jacob the Crow." He said, "Unsagbar gut ! In Liverpool habe ich Deutsch gelernt: Jakob der Rabe war der frechste Vogel, den ich je gesehen habe." (Inexpressibly well! In Liverpool I learned German: Jakob the rabe was the rudest bird, which I have ever seen.)

He introduced Rusty in German, "
Ich möchte Euch unseren fantastischen Gitarristen vorstellen: Rusty Anderson!" (I would like to introduce our fantastic guitarist to you: the one and only Rusty Anderson!)

The fireworks went off as usual during "Live and Let Die" working miraculously well in the rain.

For "Hey Jude" Paul led the singalong,
"Zuerst die Maenner!" (first the Men )"Und jetzt die Frauen!" (and just the Women) "Alle zusammen!" (everyone together)

He came back at the second encore with the Germany flag and wore the "no more land mines" T-shirt.

After "The End," he said his goodbyes, and in German, "Aber nun müssen wir Leipzig verlassen. Schade. Ich danke meiner außergewöhnlichen Band und am meisten euch." (Now we must leave Leipzig. I thank my band but most of all you.) Before he left the stage he said, "Bis zum nächsten Mal!"(See you next time!) Confetti shot out and stuck to everything and everybody because of the rain.

Back at the hotel Paul arrived in a tour bus from his concert and stopped to sign many autographs for waiting fans.

Saturday he appeared at one of the hotel doors after 3pm and thanked waiting fans but told them he wasn't coming out to sign autographs. He left at 3:30pm from a secret hotel exit and waved to fans (who discovered the exit) from the car. Paul left Leipzig for Prague in a Boeing 737.


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