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May 25 - Gijon, Spain - Estadio El Molinon
May 28 - Lisbon, Portugal - Parque Bela Vista, "Rock In Rio Festival"
May 30 - Madrid, Spain - Estadio De Madrid La Peineta
June 2 - Zurich, Switzerland - Letzigrund Stadium
June 4 - Leipzig, Germany - Leipzig Zentralstadion (Leipzig Stadium)
June 6 - Prague, Czech Republic - Park Kolbenova
June 8 & 9 - Horsens Forum, Denmark - Horsens Stadium
June 12 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Ullevi Stadium
June 14 - Oslo, Norway - Valle Hovin Stadion
June 17 - Helsinki, Finland - Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium)
June 20 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Palace Square
June 24 - Paris, France - Stade de France
June 26 - Glastonbury, England - Worthy Farm Pilton - Glastonbury Festival

June 6 - Prague, Czech Republic - Park Kolbenova

Paul arrived in Prague the day before the show. He got to Park Kolbenova the day of the show around 3pm and waved to fans saying he had no time to stop and sign autographs. The soundcheck started around 3:15 pm and could be heard outside the stadium which was like an open industrial park. Those outside could see the large video screens and watch the soundcheck. Hundreds of people who were waiting for the gates to open sang along with the songs, applauded and shouted getting into the concert groove early.

Songs played: a blues jam that consisted of the lyrics; "Rock me, rock you, rock everybody," "Coming Up," "C Moon," "Honey Don't," "Matchbox," "San Francisco Bay Blues," "Midnight Special," "My Love," "You Never Give Me Your Money/Carry That Weight," "Blackbird" and "Lady Madonna" (played twice).

While waiting for the concert to begin, some fans kept shouting "We want Paul! We want Paul!" while others shouted the lyrics of A "Hard Day's Night." The preshow started at 8:15 pm and lasted about 20 minutes. Songs not reported before in the DJ's remix were "Loup-1st Indian On the Moon" and "What's That You're Doing."

The preshow ended with a man walking on stilts shouting "ARE YOU READY? THREE, TWO, ONE!" On "ONE!" the curtains were pulled apart revealing Paul and his band who immediately launched into "Jet."

Macca played to an estimated crowd of 50,000 very enthusiastic Czech fans. The setlist was unchanged. Paul wore a red Nehru jacket, blue jeans and a long-sleeved V-neck T-shirt with white trim around the neck and on top of the sleeves.

After "Got to Get You Into My Life he said, "Dobr vecer, Praho! Neumím moc dobre cesky" (Good Evening, Prague! I am not able to speak Czech very well.) Paul tried to talked in Czech during the
show, but he wasn't always understandable though fans appreciated the effort and found his pronunciations to be humorous. They cheered everytime he spoke Czech.

When Paul spoke English, an immediate translation to Czech was typewritten on the screen behind him. Paul made fun of the spontaneous translations on the screens and tested the skill of the "two ladies in the back" translating what he said. Speaking slowly, he said, "I'll try to say everything very sloooooow..." Then he spoke very fast, "But you know, sometimes I just can't help speaking fast..." He laughed when the translators could not type fast enough to keep up with him. Then he said to test them, "....yellow fish under the bridge in nice Prague."

Wix and Abe fooled around at the beginning of "Maybe I'm Amazed," with Wix imitating Abe's cymbal playing. The band called the Czech Republic, "Czechoslovakia" several times.

Before acoustic set when the band left the stage Paul said, "Ted tu s vámi budu sám." (I'll be alone with you now.

Paul asked the crowd to sing the "Oh-oh-oh-oh"s of "In Spite of All The Danger," and they did. In the audience was a fan who brought his harmonica and played in sync with the song entertaining those around him. Paul unfortunately could not hear him.

Some people shouted song titles they wanted Paul to play. Paul did not pay attention to most
of them, but he replied two of them. Someone yelled, "Blue Jean Bop!" and Paul said, "No, we won't play 'Blue Jean Bop' tonight." Another guy shouted "Maybe I'm Amazed!" to which Paul replied in a surprised way, "Maybe I'm Amazed? But we played that one ten minutes ago!" The guy carried on shouting "Maybe I'm Amazed!" and Paul mocked the guy's way of shouting, waved his hand and said, "Ah, I'm not listening to you!" That made the audience laugh.

The concert went well with hardly any mistakes until the acoustic set when Paul started the story of a song saying that this is one song that he never played live before this tour. Then he realized his mistake and said, "Oh no, we've already done that one!" He said jokingly that the audience confused him, shouting requests for "Blue Jean Bop," and "Maybe I'm Amazed," and complained about having to read the fan's signs while trying to remember the chords and the words.

Signs in the audience: "BEATLES FOREVER" "Thank you for the magic!" "We love Wings and Solo Macca!" "Crying, Waiting, Hoping, Rocking," "Paul please come to Poland!" "Macca Schau," "Magical Mystery PAUL," "Hungarian Pilgrims," "Diagnosed with PAULITIS" (which made Paul laugh). People held red hearts drawn on papers (similar to the ones that can be seen on the "Back in the US" DVD during "The Long And Winding Road.")

Paul repeated the line "I love you," four times in the song "Here Today" which he dedicated to his "dear friend John." The audience sat in silent respect and held up lighters in John's memory. Paul's missed the last high note of the song because his voice cracked. It was an emotional moment.

There was no "Yellow Submarine" singalong because of the audience not knowing about the "traditional" singalong tribute to Ringo.

Paul reprised the last line of "I'll Follow The Sun" three times right after the song, and reprised it two more times later. First, when Wix introduced "For No One" and said, "At last, Prague is a city where it's not raining..." to which Paul sang, "...but tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun," which made the audience cheer. The final reprise came in it's normal place right after "For No One."

"Drive My Car" and "Penny Lane" went down particularly well, and the crowd went crazy for "Get Back" and "Helter Skelter."

Rusty had his auto-language translator which was supposed to say something funny in Czech, but it didn't work at first. Paul kidded Rusty, "Do you have the skill to turn it on?" It finally worked and said, "Nenechávejte zvkacky prilepené pod sedackami!" (Don't let your chewing gum stick on your seats!) The Czech audience laughed.

"Band On The Run" had the slow intro familiar from the Back in the World tour. During the song images of fire were projected behind the band, while on the large screens at the sides of the stage, Wings footage was shown.

Abe introduced "Live and Let Die" with the usual "Are you ready to rock? And, more importantly, are you ready for the fire?" to which the audience replied with a definite "YEEEEEAAAH!" There were eight flame throwers on stage constantly working and fireworks after the song, which could be seen from outside the stadium.

Paul messed up the "oh yeah" and "oh no" parts of "I've Got A Feeling." Rusty sang the "Everybody had a good year..." part.

The two-minute improv song before "Lady Madonna" had Paul singing about how happy he was to be in Prague and how glad he was that it didn't rain! The field was very muddy from rains the day before and fans were full of mud. He called the song "Night in Prague."

John Hammel (Paul's assistant) came out to do something, but when he got a big applause from the audience, he fled to the backstage area grinning.

At the encore Paul brought out the Czech Republic flag and wore the red 'no more land mines' T-shirt.

"Helter Skelter" was one of the show's highlights. The crowd went totally wild when the opening riffs of the song were played. Paul's vocals were unbelievebly strong and Abe did some fantastic drumming.

When "The End" finished, Paul gestured, pretending to write an autograph to encourage fans to throw albums to sign. The stage was too far from the audience, so record covers fell short into the security area. Security refused to give the albums to Paul and gave them back to the disappointed fans. Someone did throw a teddy bear on stage which Paul got (Congrats to Rada Popova)

At the end of the show when the band was taking their bows, the preshow performers and the DJ joined everyone onstage to take a bow. Paul and the band gave each other hugs. Brian and Rusty danced, kicking up their legs can-can style with their arms were around each other. Confetti shot out from the stage towards the audience as the band left.

Paul stayed in the presidential suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in Prague.


June 8 & 9 - Horsens Forum, Denmark - Horsens Stadium

Paul, Heather, Bea and her nanny stayed at the five star, Hotel Kongebrogården where Macca spent 275,000 kroners ($44,458) a night on hotel, food and drink for himself and the crew. His double suite, The Queen Suite, cost $2,000 a night, occupied the top floor, and interconnected to other suites with a view of the water. The room had been custom furnished for the McCartneys. The rest of his crew stayed at the Bygholm Hotel. Paul did get some time to relax and take a boat ride in Lillebælt Sound.

At the hotel, Paul signed a few autographs inside the hotel but didn't have time to sign for the group of waiting fans outside. Paul said on his way out for the soundcheck, "Sorry, I can't give everyone my autograph. There is not enough time for that."

Paul started his one-hour soundcheck at 4.25pm. Songs heard at the soundcheck: an opening improv jam with Paul singing about Horsens. "Coming Up," "Honey Hush," "Honey Don't," " another jam, unidentified song, "C Moon," "Let 'Em In," a new song called possibly, "Follow Me," "Midnight Special" (with the words "If you've ever been to Horsens"), another jam, "You Never Give Me Your Money," "Lady Madonna (twice - once normal, second one a jam).

People waiting outside could see one of the large video screens during the soundcheck. Paul was wearing a purple shirt and black/dark grey trousers. He was very relaxed, drinking something between most numbers as the sun was very hot. His comments between songs couldn't be heard because the microphones were turned off between numbers.

The show was attended by many politician, business and showbiz people in the VIP seats, but the most important visitors were Princess Alexandra and Prince Joachim (brother of the Crowne Prince).

The concert got underway at 8.30 pm with the preshow which the audience found quite amusing. It set the party tone for the rest of the evening and raised the excitement level from the start when the curtains parted and Paul blasted into "Jet." The 20,000 plus crowd rocked the night away with the band not missing a note. Paul wore a red long-sleeved t-shirt (also red on the back), the red Nehru jacket and jeans. He looked slim and fit.

The setlist was the same and the 'scripted' dialogue by Paul and the band members. Paul did speak in Danish thanking the audience with "Mange Tak" (thank you very much) and "Tusind Tak!" (Thousand cheers!) "God aften Horsens!" (Good Evening Horsens) He had problems pronouncing the Danish words. He read from a piece a paper. At one point he started talking German by mistake and laughed.

Before "You Won't See Me" he said, "Jeg har faktisk ikke spillet denne sang førindtil denne tourne."(I haven't actually played this song until this tour.)

For the acoustic set he said in Danish, "Og nu ervi helt alene sammen." (And now we are alone together). He told the story about recording "In Spite of All the Danger" for 5 pounds at a Kensington studio. When he mentioned "Kensington" someone yelled out. Paul joked, "there's always one person at each show who knows about Kensington." After the song there wasn't a great response. In the VIP section (left side) there were many people (2,000) who talked incessantly during the show which could be heard by other sections including Paul. They talked during the song. Paul mumbled afterwards, "Well what do you expect for 5 pounds?"

Paul did the "Yellow Submarine" singalong after "All Things Must Pass" and noticed yellow hats in the audience and commented that they were "...'Yellow Submarine' hats!"

For the intro to "Get Back" he asked the crowd, "Do you want to get back? I want to get back."

Paul was in great voice sounding like he did when he was with the Beatles and the most impressive numbers were, "She's a Woman," "Drive My Car," and "Penny Lane." But crowd went absolutely crazy for "Get Back", "I've Got A Feeling" and "Helter Skelter" the crowd went absolutely crazy. When Paul's intro to "Helter Skelter" was "Let's get dirty!"

Rusty's language translator said to the crowd in Danish. "Husk venligst at det ikke er tilladt at sætte tyggegummiet under sæderne i denne biograf." (Please remember that it's illegal to place your gum under the chairs in this cinema!)

For the improv piano song before "Lady Madonna,"Paul sang/canted over and over, in voice like a priest in church "Are you having a good time...?" And added singing like a prayer, "Please keep the rain away oh yeah. Let it go away here in Horsens..."

Abe did his usual intro before "Live and Let Die," notspeaking in Danish saying, "Heeellooo Horsens! ARE YOU READY TO ROCK...?"

Signs in the audience: "This is my 9th concert!" "Macca My Biggest Idol" (Paul rocked his guitar wildly to the fan with the sign) and a T-shirt that said "Concert no. 2995" (Paul pointed to the shirt and said, "All Right!")

Paul wore the 'no more land mines" T-shirt and carried a gigantic Danish flag when he came out for the encore. Wix chased him carrying a tiny British flag. A fan from Iceland threw a "Sgt. Pepper's" album to Paul which he signed and threw back and someone threw some flowers on the stage. Before he left the stage he said, "See you next time!"

June 9th Concert

Security was tighter for the second night because of demands from Paul. This caused huge lines of people trying to get into the stadium right up until showtime. Everybody was checked and items were taken away for storage, even sandwiches.

Songs heard at the soundcheck: "Sgt. Pepper," "Matchbox," "Celebration," C Moon," "Follow Me" (great new song) "Coming Up," "Don't Get Around Much Anymore," and "Lady Madonna."

For the second show he wore the purple/blue Nehru jacket, pinstriped dark pants and the t-shirt that is white on the back and red on the front. He talked a bit more at the second show and seemed overall a bit more relaxed. There was torrential rain an hour before the concert started, but it stopped 10 minutes before the show.

At this show when Paul did "In Spite of All the Danger," the crowd was more enthusiastic. No annoying VIP section. Paul said, "Thanks a lot! You're a great audience. You should have been on the demo recording!"

Paul's humorous intro to "Drive My Car" was "...asked the girl what she wanted to be, and she said baby, I don't have a clue."

PHOTOS from both shows by Morten Fischer


The road from downtown Horsens to the soccer stadium was renamed "Abbey Road" for the two days Paul was in town.

The local promoters took out a 4 million krone ($600,000) insurance policy on Paul McCartney in case he became ill and couldn't play the concerts in Horsen. The main concern was McCartney getting a sore throat and canceling the show. Costs to insure both shows were higher than any other concert performed by world class acts in Horsens.


In London, two stages were constructed - 65 (195 ft) meters wide, 28 (84 ft) meters deep and 21 (63 ft) meters high. It takes two days to construct a stage so one stage has to be in transit to the next show while the other stage is being used. The stage used in Horsens came from the Leipzig, Germany show. The other stage was in Prague which was sent to Gothenbug, Sweden where Paul performs Saturday June 12. The stage used in Horsens will travel to Oslo, Norway for the concert there Monday, June 14.

The Leipzig (Friday, June 4) stage was taken down right after the show and transported to Horsens by truck and arrived on Sunday, June 6. The crews constructed the stage June 6th and 7th. On Monday June 7th the lighting and sound equipment arrived from the Prague (Sunday, June 6) concert.

There is only one set of lighting and sound equipment, which has to be transported to each show. After the second show in Horsens, the light and sound equipment had to be dismantled in no more than four hours so it could be transported by truck to the next show in Gothenburg, Sweden (Saturday, June 12).

There are 40 trucks and trailers that transport all the equipment on the tour provided by
You Rock-We Roll.


Paul said in an interview with NRK, that he saw a distinguished gentleman with his arm around his wife standing in the audience. The expressions on their faces and the way they stood together moved Paul so much so he had to look away or break his concentration and ruin the song. He focused elsewhere on fans having fun to maintain his composure.


June 12 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Ullevi Stadium

On Friday June 11, there was a Beatles festival at a place called "Trägårn" in Gothenburg, where a Beatles cover band called Lenny Pane performed. Rusty Anderson was there and played an acoustic set, signing his album "Undressing Underwater" afterwards. (For more on Rusty's show click here!)

Paul flew in the day of the show (Saturday) from London after spending Friday celebrating his second anniversary with Heather and daughter Bea. The soundcheck started before Paul arrived around 4pm and at 5pm Paul joined the band. The soundcheck continued until 5:40pm. Songs heard: "Coming Up," "Lady Madonna."

Macca took the stage dressed in a turquoise Nehru jacket, a red T-shirt with a white trim V-neck and stripe on the sleeves, and pin-striped trousers. He played to a non-capacity crowd of 36,227 at Ullevi Stadium. Swedish celebrities in the audience: Robert Wells ( from Rhapsody in Rock) and Per Gessle (singer with Swedish band Roxette).

The beginning of "Jet" seemed to have a microphone problem that was quickly corrected."God afton Göteborg" (Good evening Gothenburg)" Paul said in perfect Swedish after the song.

It took a Beatles song to get the lukewarm Swedish audience warmed up. By the last half of the concert Paul had Sweden rocking.

"Jag pratar inte så mycket svenska (I don't speak very much Swedish), but tonight we've come here to rock YOU!" said Paul launching into "All My Loving." The crowd came alive, dancing and singing.

Paul talked in Swedish throughout the show and the audience appreciated it. He asked them how he was doing and the audience cheered. He commented, "Not bad for an Englishman talking Swedish, eh? Even though I know you can speak English better than me."

In the beginning of the show, a women in the front held up a bag with a Paul silhouette sewn on it and Paul smiled at her as he continued to sing.

In Swedish he said, "Och nu er jag ensam med er," (And now I'm alone with you) when the band left and he started the acoustic set.

For "In Spite of All the Danger" he mentioned the story about recording the song with John, George and two other guys who all chipped in money to pay for the record. Then he said once the record was made, there was only one copy and they all took turns borrowing the record. He asked the audience to repeat his "oh-oh-oh-oh's" and they did. He said,"Excellent!" and started the song. When it came to the part where the audience was to participate singing the "oh-oh-oh-oh's," only a small majority responded. It might have been their unfamiliarity with the song. It was during the rest of the acoustic set that the audience reponded with better enthusiasm to more familiar Beatles songs like "Blackbird" and "We Can Work It Out."

Wix introduced "For No One" and joked, "Are you all here to see the football game?" Paul is leading 12- 0!" When Wix talked some fans in the front waived to Paul who waived back and blew small kisses to them in an exaggerated silly way. He also made lots of eye contact with people, giving them the thumbs up.

Someone in the audience screamed, "WE LOVE YOU!!!" during a quiet moment catching Paul's attention. Paul screamed back "I LOVE YOU TOO!!!"

When he talked about how you don't always say what you want, for the intro to "Here Today," someone screamed out "YOU'RE BRAVE!!!" At first Paul didn't hear it but then the person repeated it and Paul said, "Oh, well thank you." and made a funny pose. When he finished "Here Today" Paul said "Let's hear it for John!" and the audience continued to applaud for a long time.

Just as Paul dedicates "All Things Must Pass" to George, the band rejoins him onstage. After the song someone screamed "RINGO!" and Paul said, "There's always someone here up front screaming 'what about Ringo'? So do you want to sing for him?" Then he conducted the audience in singing the first verse and then the chorus for "Yellow Submarine." When they sang the chorus a few times, Paul decided the song should end. He stopped the audience, laughed and put his face in his hands while shaking his head.

Rusty took out his voice translator, put it up to the microphone and played a message in Swedish spoken by an elderly female saying, "Valkommen till rock n' roll konserten. Hoppas ni ska trivas. Var vanlig satt ej era tuggummin under stolarna!" (Welcome to the rock n' roll concert. I hope you will enjoy it. Please do not place your gum under the seats!") That brought laughter from the audience. He also threw a guitar pick to the audience but it boomeranged back to the stage catching Paul's attention. Macca couldn't figure out where it came from and realized it was from Rusty.

Paul dedicated "Lady Madonna" to "all the ladies," and then said, "...but first this!" He played a funny song which ended with "Sweeeden, Sweden, Sweden"... !

Paul introduced "Eleanor Rigby" and dedicated it to the late Ray Charles, who died on June 11th. He said Ray Charles would have done that song in a cool way. Paul started out singing the beginning of the song in a bluesy style as a tribute to Charles. (Note: The Beatles toured with Ray Charles in the early '60s)

Brian told the audience that when he was a child, he had an au-pair (nanny) from Sweden and thought Swedish girls were very beautiful. He got a lot of cheers from the male audience. Then he asked the right side of the audience (seated) if they thought so and they screamed, then asked the other side and then the middle.

Before "I'll Follow the Sun" Paul made a comment that it didn't rain. Wix told him that it had been raining earlier since Paul had only arrived the day of the show. The band had flew to Gothenburg without Paul right after the Denmark show.

"Band On the Run" showed some nice photographs of Wings on the screens. The Swedish audience exploded singing along and Rusty's guitar rocked.

A fan brought a red sweater that read "CCCP" and held it up when Paul did "Back in the USSR." Paul looked at him, smiled and raised his eyebrows.

Near the end of the show Paul said, "We all have to go home now!" and everybody screamed "NO!" Then he said, "Well, we have to go home sometime!" And again the audience yelled "NO!" Then he said that the audience had to go home, which made everyone "boo." He said, "YES!" and the audience screamed "NO!" He kept on doing that a few more times, which brought laughter from the audience.

"Sgt. Pepper" had the whole stadium jumping up and down, singing and cheering. On the last note of "The End" fireworks exploded above the stage and red, white and blue confetti rained down on the crowd from the stage.

Signs in the audience: "Hey Rusty! Beer?" "Happy anniversary Paul [heart] Heather," "Happy birthday, Love," and "Paul, keep on rocking!"

Paul and Heather stayed in a hotel. The rest of the band stayed at the SAS Radisson hotel and chatted with fans who showed up there after the show.


June 14 - Oslo, Norway - Valle Hovin Stadion

Tonight's concert is the 5th concert by McCartney in Norway since 1972 when he and his band Wings filled the Njårdhallen venue in Oslo to full capacity. The concert also marks his 100th show since he started his world tour back in April 2002.

Paul arrived in Oslo on Sunday, June 13 and checked into the Grand Hotel, but for some reason he had to fly back to London that day and checked out of the hotel. The band took a train from Gothenburg to Oslo and checked into the Grand Hotel. Paul flew back to Oslo from London the day of the show and was an hour late arriving at Valle Hovin. When he got to the stadium at 4:30pm, there were two cars: the one he came in, and the Lexus that was to be given away. He arrived at a VIP entrance at the back of the stadium, near the stage, observed only by a few fans.

At the soundcheck Paul was dressed in the clothes he travelled in; a dark pinstriped suit and an aubergine-colored shirt. Paul refused to do any signing inside the arena. "Sorry mate, have to do my bit..." he said, as he was pointing at the stage and the waiting band.

The soundcheck was played to an audience of 6 lucky winners of exclusive soundcheck tickets from TV and radio competitions. However, the sound carried through to the people waiting in line outside the stadium.

Songs heard at the soundcheck with Paul's commentary:

Fragments/riffs from "Helter Skelter" (the band without Paul)
10 minute jam (just the band ­ then Paul arrived.)
"Welcome To The Soundcheck" (sung as "Welcome To The Wild Stuff.")
Paul: "Good evening Oslo ­ land of the shining sun!"
"Coming Up: (partly Pete Gunn-theme bass from Paul)
"Honey Don't"
Paul: "Thank you very much! Small ­ but loud audience!"
Paul: "Thank you soundcheckers!"
"C Moon"
"Midnight Special" (with "Calico Skies"ending)
"Don't Get Around Much Anymore"
Paul: "Thank you very much, standard lovers ­ or lovers of standards!"
"Follow Me" (new song)
Paul: "Thank you very much, people making noise!"
"You Never Give Me Your Money"
"Massage" music/talk improv
"Lady Madonna"

Backstage Paul gave away a Lexus RX300 four-wheel drive, 230 horsepower, 3-liter, six cylinder automatic worth
$36,000 to the 8th millionth ticket buyer, Siri Sørflaten (28). The lucky winner was picked by McCartney's people before the concert. She was taken backstage, where Paul personally handed her the car keys and gave her hug during a photo opportunity.

The preshow started at 8:15pm and Paul got onstage around 8:35pm. Macca was in a great mood beaming at the Oslo audience throughout the show. He wore a purple/blue Nehru jacket, pinstriped dark pants and a t-shirt that is white on the back and red on the front.

"God aften Oslo!" (Good evening Oslo) said Paul to the crowd of23,000 after "Got To Get You Into My Life." He spoke Norwegian very well looking at the telepromoter from time to time to rehearse his Norwegian sentences. He talked Norwegian throughout the show because the audience reacted well to his pronounciations. When he spoke it was almost in a shy manner. The audience was charmed.

"Tuuu-sen takk, Oslo!" (Thousand cheers, Oslo!) "Mange takk!" (Many thanks) His lines were much the same as spoken in different countries on the tour.

He invited the audience to sing the "oh-oh-oh-ohs" during "In Spite of All the Danger" which they did and they also harmonized with Paul who was surprised and very pleased. After the song he thanked the audience for the backing vocals and said something about making a demo together and then said sarcastically, "When will the demo be out? Tomorrow ­ on the Internet!"

Macca fumbled a little bit at the start of "Blackbird," but recovered nicely. When he began the intro to "Here Today" fans near the front began singing, "Give Peace a Chance." Paul said, "Let's hear it for John!" And there was a long applause.

After "All Things Must Pass" the leader of the Norwegian Wood fanclub shouted, "What about RINGO!" Rusty accompanied the audience singalong of "Yellow Submarine" on acoustic guitar while Paul led the audicence without strumming. When the singalong ended the audience cheered and Paul put his face in his hands and laughed. Fans shouted, "What about STUART?" "What about PETE?" They were ignored.

Rusty pulled out his trusty language translator again and it did the chewing gum joke. Some fans yelled, "We already know about the chewing gum!"

During the show, Paul pretended to throw the Hofner into the audience. When fans reached for the prized instrument, Paul shook his head and waved his index finger in a scolding gesture of "No! No! NO!"
Brian spoke some Norwegian: "Hvordan har dere det? Dere er best! (How are you doing? You are the best!) The audience found it very amusing.

Macca shouted to the audience, "Are you having a good time?" To which the audience replied, "YES!" "I thought you would," said Paul.

Wix said during his intro that he will be the one to take all of England's penalties in the future, referring to Beckhams miss in the European Soccer Championship the previous day.

Paul mentioned the winner of the car and pointed to her in the audience before "Drive My Car" making a gesture like he was holding an imaginary steering wheel.

He introduced Abe in Norwegian, "Og her er vår kule trommis!" (And here's our cool drummer.) Abe did his usual introduction for "Live and Let Die." The fireworks for the song were hardly visible because of daylight in the Norwegian night.

Someone yelled out something unintelligible as Paul was doing his intro to "Lady Madonna" and Paul forgot to do his 'tribute to women" dedication. He did do the improv song before "Lady Madonna," saying "Oslo" many times in the song and pronounced the city's name Norwegian style "Ooo-slo."

When Paul finished "Hey Jude" the audience continued to sing the "Hey Jude "coda until Paul reappeared on stage for the first encore carrying the Norwegian flag.

After "Yesterday" fans in front waved their banner above their heads. It took five fans to hold it stretched between them. The banner read: "Norwegian Wood" (which is the name of the Beatles fan club in Norway).
Paul read the banner, but didn't do the song. He just acknowledged it by saying, "Isn't it good?"

Before "I Saw Her Standing There" Paul said, "What do you think about myNorwegian?" The audience cheered, to which Paul replied, "Tack så mycket!" (which is Swedish for "Thank you very much!") Then Paul said in Norwegian, "Vil dere har mer?" (Do you want more?) and launched into the song.

People had signs in the audience that read: "Happy Birthday Paul!" WhenPaul left the stage for the second encore, fans began singing "Happy Birthday" to him.

When he came back, Paul said to the crowd, "I've got a feeling you wanna rock some more!" They cheered and the band started the opening chords to "Helter Skelter."

At the end of the show, Paul said, "Jeg vil takke mitt superband, men mest av alt dere!" (I want to thank my superband, but most of all you!)

When he tried to leave after taking his bows, the audience kept on cheering. He said, "Nå må vi gå hjem, og det må dere også." (Now we must go home, and so must you too). "You've been a fantastic audience! Hope you didn't get cold... but you've been rockin' all night!"

As he left he said to the crowd, "How do you pronounce Oslo?" And they replied "Ooo-slo!" And he said, "Vi sees!" (See you!) "See you next time!"

After the show, Paul flew straight home and the band returned to the hotel. Some lucky Dutch fans got the band's autographs the next day.


June 17 - Helsinki, Finland - Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium)

The band arrived in Finland a few days before the concert on June 15 and Paul flew in the day of the show. There was a soundcheck that started late and fans were not let in until 6pm instead of 5:30pm. Songs heard at the soundcheck: "Coming Up," "Honey Hush," "Midnight Special," "C Moon," "Follow Me " (new song) "Lady Madonna."

It had been a cold, rainy day. In spite of the weather, 35,000 (not sold out) concertgoers were rocked at Olympiastadion for the first Paul McCartney concert in 32 years! Paul has not performed in Finland since Wings played there in 1972. It was cold and rained heavily before the concert with some rain during the show. The crowd came prepared dressed in disposable raincoats and were in high spirits.

As at other concerts Paul tried to speak the local language and the Finnish audience was astonished and pleased by his attemps to pronounce the difficult language.
"Hyvää iltaa, Helsinki!" ("Good evening, Helsinki!") "In English, we have come to rock YOU!" said Paul.

He told the audience, "En puhu paljon suomea." (I don't speak a lot of Finnish.) Paul read from a paper at his feet with Finnish phonetic spellings, and on one occasion he had difficulties reading what he was going to say next. He couldn't quite figure it out and stared at the paper not saying anything for an awkward moment. By then the audience realized that he was actually reading from a script. Paul just grinned and said, "I'm not reading these, you know!"

Paul talked about the evening sun in Finland. "The sun doesn't seem to go down hardly at all. How do you know when to go to bed? You must party all night long!" which brought cheers from the audience.

"Tämä on kappale jonka esitämme ensimmäistä kertaa tällä kiertueella Helsingissä," (This is a song we're going to play live for the first time on this tour in Helsinki) said Paul when he introduced, "You Won't See Me."

For "In Spite of All the Danger," Paul encouraged the audience to sing the "oh-oh-oh-ohs" during the song. They did, though it sounded bad because the audience didn't know the song. When the song finished, Paul praised the audience's effort and said, "PERFECT!"

During the tributes to John and George, a double rainbow appeared in the sky.

There was no "Yellow Submarine" audience singalong. No fans screamed out "What about Ringo?"

Paul noticed seagulls in the stadium area. "Hello you there. Why are you here?" he asked jokingly.

Rusty's language translator told the audience in Finnish not to put chewing gum under the seats and that "a clean seat was a happy seat!"

Brian talked about climbing on top of hill near the stadium where he could see a picturesque view of Töölönlahti Bay.

Paul thanked the audience several times during the show, "Kiitos! Kiitos paljon!" (Thank you! Thank you very much!) And asked them, "Are you having a good time? Do you want more?" They screamed for more.

During "Lady Madonna," there were images on the video screens of various female figures. One of them was the President of Finland, Tarja Halonen, which drew a loud cheer from the audience.

He directed the crowd in Finnish during the "Hey Jude" singalong with "vain miehet," (men only) and "vain naiset" (ladies only).

Signs in the audience: "Happy birthday, Paul! "We will still need you, we will still feed you, when you're sixty-two" and "I came from Australia to see you."

Just before "Sgt. Pepper," Paul said, "This is the last one, we've got to go home." The audience protested and Paul bated them with "Yes!" and they said "NO!"

One of the funniest moments came at the end of the show when the band and Paul were saying their goodbyes. Paul pretended to throw his Hofner bass to the audience. He and the band goofed around wiggling their butts and at one point Paul and Abe grabbed each other and started waltzing! They did some dance steps and and twirled around a few times before they left.

Paul was staying at Hotel Kämppi and signed autographs for about 30 waiting fans after the show. At 12 noon the next day, Paul, Heather and the band left for the airport. Paul and Heather went back to London and the band flew to St. Petersburg and checked into the Baltic Hotel.


June 20 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Palace Square

When Paul arrived in St. Petersburg on June 18, he had a short conversation with his fans at the airport. A fan managed to pass McCartney an old "bones" Beatles bootleg record, which Soviet fans used to make from X-ray film to record banned music.

Paul, Heather and Bea spent most the time at the Konstantin Palace in Strelna, where they stayed in an elite secluded cottage. They dined at three restaurants in St. Petersburg during their stay where they had vegetarian food. At one restaurant Paul celebrated his birthday with Heather, the band and close associates on the tour. Despite rumors that no one traveling with McCartney is allowed to eat meat, Sir Paul's team ordered fish and meat.

On Saturday, McCartney went to see the famed fountains of Peterhof and also met with St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matviyenko.

Paul did a soundcheck in the afternoon. Songs heard at the soundcheck: Jam #1, "Coming Up," "Honey Don't," "Matchbox," "India," "C Moon," "Midnight Special," "San Francisco Bay Blues," "Follow Me," (new song), "St. Petersburg Jam" (improv), "Lady Madonna," Jam #2.

It took longer than expected for concertgoers to pass through tight security armed with metal detectors which caused delays. And that along with rain, delayed the concert an hour and a half.

Paul performed his 3,000th concert to a rainsoaked crowd of over 70,000 in St. Petersburg. Fans were prepared for the weather, decked out in raincoats and umbrellas. The preshow started around 7:15 and Paul came onstage at 7:30. Torrential rain fell just before the show started and then the skies began to clear up due to organizers arranging for three jets to spray the clouds with dry ice. The technique helps to stop rain by holding water in the clouds and cost $36,000.

There was a thunderous roar when Paul stepped onstage. Fans shouted to Paul during the show in Russian and in English "S dnyom rozhdeniya!" (Happy Birthday), "Happy birthday!" and "WE LOVE YOU!"which pleased Paul. Macca joked about the weather, "We thought we were going to get wet but we're getting a suntan instead!"

Throughout the show Paul praised the crowd in Russian.
"Spasibo!" (Thank you) and "Horosho!" (Good!) After "Got To Get You Into My Life" Paul said, "Privet, Piter! Privet, rebyata!" (Hi, St. Petersburg! Hi, guys!) "St. Petersburg is so beautiful. And we will rock it tonight!"

When Paul introduced, "Here Today," he said in English with the Russian translation posted on the video screen behind him, "Sometimes we don't say what we want to, to people when they are with us, and then it gets too late when they pass away. That's why I wrote this song for my friend John Lennon."

"Eta pesnya ispolyayetsya vpervye v Rossii." (I am performing this song in Russia for the first time.), Paul said when he introduced "For No One." His Russian accent was understandable.

Before "Lady Madonna" Paul played a song he made up about St. Petersburg which he sang like a prayer, which brought a roar from the crowd each time the city was mentioned.

For "Hey Jude" Paul spoke in Russian for the singalong in Russian. "A teper' tolko muzhchiny!" (And now just men!) "A Teper' tolko devchonki!" (Now just girls!) "Hey Jude" along with "Let It Be" and "Yesterday," drew the most excitement from diehard Russian fans. Beatles songs received the biggest reaction and enthusiasm from the crowd. The crowd went wild when images of the Beatles were projected on the video screens.

When Paul left for London Monday afternoon, fans gathered at Pulkovo airport to say goodbye and chanted, "Malo!
Malo!" (It's not enough!) McCartney waved to them.

Read Richard and Irina Porter's story about the St. Petersburg gig!


June 24 - Paris, France - Stade de France

Paul flew to Paris the evening of June 23. Macca chatted with fans the next day when he left the Paris Ritz Hotel around 4pm. He arrived at Stade de France before 4:30pm and started the soundcheck which lasted one hour. Songs heard at the soundcheck:

A jam which sounded something like "Why don't you get rising..." (jam) "Coming up," "Matchbox," "Honey Don't," Improvisation, "C Moon" "Celebration," "San Francisco Bay Blues," "Midnight Special," "Follow Me" (new song), improvisation, "Lady Madonna," "Baby Face," jam.

Paris Concert Setlist

Jet (bass)
Got To Get You Into My Life (bass)
Flaming Pie (bass)
All My Loving (bass)
Let Me Roll It /with Foxy Lady ending (guitar)
You Won't See Me (guitar)
She's A Woman (bass)

Maybe I'm Amazed (piano)
The Long and Winding Road (piano)

(acoustic set )
In Spite of All the Danger (solo - acoustic)
Blackbird (solo - acoustic)
We Can Work It Out (acoustic)
We Can Work It Out (solo - acoustic)
Here Today (dedicated to John - Paul solo - acoustic)
All Things Must Pass (dedicated to George with band)
Yellow Submarine (singalong)
I'll Follow the Sun (acoustic - with reprise)
For No One ( on piano)
I'll Follow the Sun (reprise only - on piano)
Calico Skies (acoustic)
I've Just Seen a Face (acoustic)
Michelle (acoustic
Eleanor Rigby (acoustic)

Drive My Car (bass)
Penny Lane (bass)
Get Back (bass)
Band On the Run (bass)
Back in the USSR (bass)

Live and Let Die (piano)
I've Got a Feeling (guitar)
improvisational on piano intro
Lady Madonna (piano)
Hey Jude (piano)

Yesterday (acoustic)
Let It Be (piano)
I Saw Her Standing There (bass)

Helter Skelter (bass)
Sgt. Pepper's/The End (guitar)

Paul performed to 50,000 people at Stade de France. He wore a red button down shirt with yellow flowers on it,
black jeans and the purple Nehru jacket. The concert started late at 9:15pm. As soon as Paul got onstage the crowd sitting in the back of the lawn rushed the stage and stood in front of people with seats in front of the stage. This upset the people in the front who paid a lot of money for their seats. In the audience was the French Minister of culture Renaud Donnedieu.

He addressed the French audience with,
"Bonsoir Paris! Salut les copains!" (Good evening Paris! Hello buddies!) We have come to rock you!"

Paul spoke French a lot during the show and said that he speaks French "Je parle Français un petit pois." (I speak French, a small pea) instead of "un petit peu" (a little bit). But the audience understood.

There was a setlist change, "Michelle" was added to the acoustic set just before "Eleanor Rigby." When he introduced the song he said, "This song hasn't been played on this tour but, I couldn't come to Paris and not play it. Une chanson dont vous allez comprendre le paroles." (A song of which you will understand the words). During the song photos of French landmarks like the Eiffel Tower were shown on the video screens.

For the most part Paul was in good voice but it cracked a few times. This was more evident on "We Can Work It Out" when he was straining to reach the higher notes.

"C'est la première fois que j'ai joué cette chanson de phase à Paris." (
This is the first time I have played this song live in Paris.) He said for songs "In Spite of All the Danger," "For No One" and "I've Got A Feeling."

Paul spoke some French when he told the story about recording, "In Spite of All the Danger" and explained that the song was done in the pre-Beatles days. He said, "...avant même de nous appeler les Beatles." (... before we were called the Beatles.) He had the audience chanting the "oh, oh, oh, ohs" in the song which they did very enthusiastically. At then end of the song he said, "I wish you were on the record!"

When introducing "Here Today" Paul talked about not always getting a chance to tell people that you loved them. A fan shouted out "I LOVE YOU PAUL!" Paul laughed and said "I LOVE YOU TOO!" At the end of the song he sang, "I love you..." four times.

Before "All Things Must Pass" Paul said, "Cette chanson est à memoire de George." (This song is for the memory of George.)

Before, "I'll Follow the Sun"
he said, "Paris est la plus belle ville du monde, après Liverpool!" (Paris is the most beautiful city in the world, after Liverpool!) "J'aime Paris!" (I love Paris!) After "I'll Follow The Sun," Paul repeated the phrase, "for tomorrow may rain, I'll follow the sun," twice. And joked, "We wrote short songs in those days."

Wix said Paris was so close to home, that some of his friends were in the audience as well. Some of these friends were even there with him back in those days when he was still in a band which didn't had so many hit songs. He ended his story with the words: "Well, that was until we changed our leadsinger." Wix's wife was sitting with Heather.

Paul introduced Rusty in French, "...Rusty un extraordinaire guitariste." (Rusty an extraordinary guitarist) Rusty used his translator with the joke about chewing gum under their seats. Both Abe and Brian spoke French well. Abe said his usual, "Êtes-vous prêt pour le feu?" (Are you ready for the fire?) Brian said, "Vous allez bien les lulus?" (You are well, guys?) The audience was amused. (Congrats to "harleyblues" for receiving a "Hi Harley!" greeting and two picks from Brian Ray during the show.)

Paul conducted the "Yellow Submarine" singalong after "All Things Must Pass" because fans yelled, "What about Ringo?"

There was no 'slow' intro to "Band On the Run."

Before "Lady Madonna" he sang a 'special' song for Paris with the words
"We're gonna have fun in Paris." He pronounced Paris as "Paree."

For "Hey Jude" he invited everyone to singalong and said,
"You will all know the words at the end of the song."
The crowd was such in a singing mood that they started to singalong with Paul from the very beginning of the song untill the end. Paul lead the singalong in French asking first "les garcons" (the boys) to sing, then, "les filles" (the girls) and finally "ensemble" (everyone).

Before "I Saw Her Standing There," he said in French,
"Vous en voulez encore?" (Do you want more?) The crowd demanded more. Heather was seen in the photo pit dancing up a storm with Paul winking at her.

Sign in the audience: "Fans On The Run Mexico 2002."

At the beginning of the last encore Paul said, "Il est temps de partir." (It's time to go.) Crowd: "No! No! Nooooooo!" Paul: "Oui! oui, OUI !" Crowd : "No! No! Nooooooo!" Paul : "Yes, yes, YES!"

Someone threw a soft toy cow on stage and Macca caught it. He placed it on the stage and carried off later.

Macca threw his "no more land mines" T-shirt (the one he was wearing over his shirt) into the crowd and Brian threw his tambourine at the end of the show to his personal assistant. Paul
thanked the crew and thanked "mon groupe extraordinaire" (my extraordinary band). He kissed the female dancers goodbye. Red, white and blue confetti shot out from the stage and covered the stadium.


June 26 - Glastonbury, England - Glastonbury Festival

Got To Get You Into My Life
Flaming Pie
All My Loving
Let Me Roll It
She's A Woman

Maybe I'm Amazed
The Long And Winding Road

In Spite Of All The Danger
We Can Work It Out
Here Today
All Things Must Pass
Yellow Submarine singalong
I'll Follow The Sun
Calico Skies
Eleanor Rigby

Drive My Car
Penny Lane
Get Back
Band On The Run
Back In The USSR
Live And Let Die
I've Got A Feeling
Lady Madonna
Hey Jude

Follow Me
Let It Be

I Saw Her Standing There
Helter Skelter
Sgt. Pepper's/ The End

Mike McCartney told a BBC commentator that Paul's helicopter couldn't land at Glastonbury because of the weather and had to be diverted 20 miles away to Bristol Airport, which caused his concert to be delayed. Paul was driven by chauffeured limo to Worthy Farm Pilton.

Backstage Paul had his own catering team flown in from France to provide vegetarian cuisine for him and his crew inside a specially built tent. He also had private toilet facilities brought in for him and Heather with a compound built around it, guarded by security. Macca built offices for his staff, dressing rooms and kitchens.

Paul performed on the Pyramid Stage to 100,000 + mud covered, rainsoaked concertgoers. Because the stage was prebuilt for the festival, only the video screens behind Paul were used from his stage. Paul was last act to perform around 11:30 pm and his set lasted two and a half hours. BBC 2 and BBC 3 aired the last part of the concert on television in the UK switching annoyingly from one station to another in the middle of Paul's concert.
"It's great to be here in Glastonbury finally," Paul said starting his set. "We are digging it. I'm feeling the atmospheeeere. I'm feeling the vibraaaatiooooons!"

There were a few hecklers in the audience who yelled "BORING!" They were ignored. The audience happily participated in the singalongs and prompts by Paul to sing designated parts of songs. Both "Penny Lane" and "Lady Madonna" inspired the crowd to singalong. The rain held off during the set and concertgoers enjoyed dancing in the mud to Paul's biggest hits.

During the Wings songs fans chanted "LINDA! LINDA! LINDA!"

After "Get Back" Paul said, "Get Back Glastonbury...and the weather turned out good!" Paul welcomed the live coverage from the BBC and the crowd cheered.

For his tributes to John and to George he encouraged audience cheers with, "Let's hear it for Johnny! Let's hear it for Georgie!"

"Live and Let Die" had the usual stage flame throwers and pyrothechniques onstage, but at the end of the song the sky was lit up in a spectacular fireworks display.

Paul led a lively singalong of "Hey Jude" with the audience of 100,000 joining in on the "nah-nah-nahs," prompting even those who thought Paul was "old and uncool" to sing their lungs out. Paul shouted, "I can't stop this thing!" and continue with a few more codas before he finished the song. Then the band took their bows for the encore left the stage and Paul came back wearing the 'no more land mines' T-shirt.

After "Yesterday" Paul said, "OK, here's a new song. A brand new song for Glastonbury," and performed for the first time in concert "Follow Me" which has only been performed at soundchecks during this tour.

"Now here's an old song for Glastonbury," he said for the intro to "Let It Be." Everyone sang along.

He kidded with the crowd and said, "Is it possible to rock in wellies?" (rubber boots) Paul showed off his own pair of wellies. "Yes it is!" Then launched into, "I Saw Her Standing There."

Paul thanked Glastonbury organizer Michael Eavis, "Hey, we thank Mr. Eavis tonight for lending us his field! Oh-Kaaaaaaaay!" and began "Helter Skelter, " The audience sang along, "Helter skelter...helter skelter..."

When the song finished Paul told the audience, "It's time to go home!" The audience protested. He continued, "Time for us to go home and time for you to go home... Oh, no! This IS your home!" The crowd who wasn't going anywhere with another day left of the festival, cheered. Paul thanked his crew and band since it was the last night of the tour and thanked the crowd. He began "Sgt. Pepper" and finished with "The End."

Paul and the bands took their bows and before Paul left the stage he said, "See you next time!"

Backstage after the concert, Paul gave Michael Eavis a big hug and a kiss. He also had a banquet for his band and crew, vegetarian of course.

Follow Me

You lift up my spirits,
you shine on my soul
Whenever I'm empty,
you make me feel whole.
I can rely on you,
to guide me through, any situation.
You hold up a sign that reads: "follow me."

You give me directions,
you show me the way,
You give me a reason
to face every day.
I can depend on you,
to send me to, any destination.
You hold up a sign that reads: "follow me, follow me."

Down the track of loneliness,
down the path of love,
through the words of heartache to the end.
On the shores of sorrow
where the waves of hope crash in.
The perfect place for me to find a friend.

ahh, yeah-yeah-yeah, waah-whoa-oh...

You lead to me to places,
that I've never been
uncovering secrets,
that i've never seen.
I can rely on you,
to guide me through, any situation.
You hold up a sign that reads: "follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me-ee, follow me, follow me-ee."


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