September 30 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

Paul's Lexus entourage arrived early around 3:30pm. He rolled down the window and did his usual wave and the "thumbs up".

Some lucky fans from Germany, who were with a travel group, were let into the soundcheck. Reports are that people at the soundcheck are from Fidelity Investments, Lexus and winners from radio station contests.

The show started late with DJ Freelance Hellraiser not getting onstage until 8:30pm. He was applauded as he began his set.

Paul was in good voice throughout the show with his voice cracking occasionally. The band was tighter than ever. Much tighter than at the opening show. However, depending on where you sat in Madison Square Garden, there were fans who were on their feet (main floor) and fans who sat for most of the show. The consensus was that the audience was less responsive than at other shows and did not have the enthusiasm of the Miami, Phillly or Boston shows.

There was definitely a good 'buzz' in the crowd throughout the show. Paul even took a second break to "drink all of this in." He said, "New York City, you rock me!" as well as "Madison Square Garden, you rock me!"

Macca did a lot more dancing around the stage and in place, moving in a sexy manner for the benefit of the female fans.

Paul's stage banter was the same though he's more animated when he talks about falling into the piano pit and embellishes the story. Macca gestures with his fists pumping air and does a little dance as he describes falling into the pit. His techs come out before trap door opens to signal the crew below the stage by tapping louding with their feet. Paul stays in his 'safe space' near the mike. The red flashing fiber optics come on when the pit is open and stop when the piano is in it's place. Paul says, "Now I have to 'mind the pit' in reference to the audience signs that read "Mind the Gap."

The "Foxy Lady" ending was omitted from "Let Me Roll It."

In the house:

Howard Stern was in the audience with his girlfriend and daughter.

When Rusty was introduced he said that he wasn't only a guitar player but was also a 'life coach.' He added that people who are having problems should come and see him.

Paul did the "Baby Face" teaser intro to "Hey Jude."

A fan (Congrats to Linda Aiello) threw a tiny red toy bear holding a heart with USA printed on it. Paul caught the bear in mid-air with one hand. He read the note to himself that was attached, then held the bear up for the crowd to see. He placed it safely on the floor to begin the first encore with "Yesterday."

At the end of the encore Linda yelled to him not to forget the bear. Paul couldn't hear her and assumed she was asking for the Hofner. He took off the bass and teasingly reached out to hand it to her. She said she'd take the guitar in exchange for the bear. He laughed and grabbed the bear holding it up while taking bows with the band. Then he took the bear's arm and waved "bye-bye" to the audience as he left the stage.

Towards the end of a very soulful rendition of "Let It Be," Paul lost his place in the song, forgetting a few of the words.

For the final encore Paul came out in the red 'no more land mines' T-shirt waving the American flag.

At the show's end, a fan threw an album which made it onstage. Paul went to pick it up, but there was no pen, so he walked off.

Signs in the audience:

"Follow Me," "John, Linda, George," and "Mind the Gap," "When you're 63 + 1" acknowledged by Paul and "Medicine Jar" to which Paul shook his head with an "Oh, no." (Congrats to Gerry Hyde for both signs)


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October 1 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

Paul arrived at 3:30pm in a Lexus entourage that included the band. The first Lexus had Brian and Wix in the back. The car was stopped waiting for the gate to open as it pulled into the driveway. There was a barricade which allowed fans to be within feet of the cars and they surged forward. Paul was in the second Lexus and as he passed, he high fived a fan. In the next Lexus was Rusty who had his window open. Behind the Lexus was a van carrying Abe and Heather.

Paul's voice started out a little rough but got better as the show progressed. He was very 'up' for the New York audience. There were several VIP's in the crowd and family. Heather, her brother Shane, and Mike McCartney were spotted sitting in the first two rows of loge on stage left. Paul said, "There are a lot of special people here tonight. Visitors from England. You never know who is going to show up." He did mention that Oasis and Lenny Kravitz were in the audience.

Macca nailed the "Bach piece" on the first try and made the "ck" sound from the back of his throat when he pronounced "Bach" drawing it out for effect.

The band did an extended "Foxy Lady" after "Let me Roll It" and an extended version of "Baby Face" that was very uptempo and very funny.

When the piano came up Paul would say, "It's BACK!" or "BEHIND YOU!" After pointing out the "piano hole," he said he was warned about it, so of course, "during one of the first gigs, I just had to fall into it, me and the Hofner" he explained. The whole thing happening in slow motion. I'm wondering 'how deep IS this hole?'" Then he mentioned the "Mind the Gap" signs in the audience.

The band left the stage for the acoustic set and Paul said, "Welcome to my living room."

He added to the story before "I Will" about the man approaching him in a Mexican restaurant and offering to buy him a drink. When he finished the story he said, "THEN I told him I'd take the drink."

"I'll Follow the Sun" had five reprises! As he did each one, the audience kept yelling "ONE MORE!" By the fourth one Paul was shaking his head "No" and waving his hands gesturing "no more." Then he sang a long drawn out "Ooooooooooh" which led into "tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun."

The "Peradventure" lesson was taken out of the dialog tonight after "English Tea."

When Brian was introduced he paid homage to Paul. "How about a little hand for the guy over here playing bass, guitar, piano. Our fearless leader PAUL McCARTNEY!!!"

When he went into the "time to go home" bit before Sgt. Pepper, the audience yelled out "NO!," to which he responded "YES!," and this back-and-forth got repeated a couple more times before Paul laughed and kind of shrugged in surrender. He went on and on about it being Saturday and recited lyrics to "Rip It Up."

"It's Saturday night and I just got paid...I'm a fool about my money, don't try to heart says 'go, go have a time'...Saturday night and I'm feeling fine. ... It's from a song called "Rip It Up."

Paul told a new story about "Yesterday" after saying the guitar he used for the song was the same one he used on the Ed Sullivan show. He said "Yesterday" was a song that came to him in a dream, "a magic song." It was covered over 3,000 times. Elvis and Ray Charles recorded it and he said listening to the covers he noticed a number of singers changed the lyrics. "I sing, 'I said something wrong.' And THEY sing, 'I must have said something wrong.'" Paul described this as some kind of male pride thing, and in a affected American voice joked, "yeah, I MUST have said something wrong, baby."

The piano had a few sour notes and Paul said that the piano needed some tuning.

He talked about reading the signs and in a childlike voice he said, "My mum saw you at Shea Stadium!"

Paul dedicated "Follow Me" to Heather. He also took a moment to remember John, George and Linda who the audience gave a long and enthusiastic ovation. Paul was emotionally moved.

Abe and Rusty did their little dance routine during "Eleanor Rigby" but started laughing and had to stop.

During "Hey Jude" Paul relished the audience's response and thoroughly enjoyed the audience's participation.

The biggest surprise of the night came at the end of the show, when someone threw a Ram album on stage with no pen. Paul asked for a pen and several came flying on stage as well as about 20 albums, photos and various other things.

Congrats to Bob Gannon for getting his photo with Paul signed by Paul.

Spotted in the audience:

Penny Marshall, John O'Hurley and Keith Urban

Signs in the Audience:

"Liverpool," "Follow Me" (several signs), "Elvis Is Dead, Long Live the Beatles!" "Paul, Thank You For All The Years." "LIPA" Paul acknowledged a LIPA graduate (Congrats to Rori Shapiro) who took his master classes. He asked her to come up to the stage with her sign so he could sign it, but the oblivious venue security blocked her pathway. Heather's brother, Shane, volunteered to give it to Paul. Stay tuned....

The crew began dismantling the stage after the show because there was another act scheduled between Paul's four dates. The stage will be reassembled for the Tuesday show.


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October 4 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

Paul arrived in the black Lexus around 4:20 pm.

The show started late at 8:20pm with DJ Freelance Hellraiser who received a mixed reaction. Paul got onstage at 8:45 wearing the usual stage clothes. The audience was very enthusiastic and Paul was in top form.

After "Let Me Roll It" sans the "Foxy Lady" ending, Rusty played a bit of "The Stripper," which got an admonishing look and a "you're bad" finger-wag from Paul.

Rusty read a fortune cookie during his intro which said, "You will succeed because of your charm and character."

As the piano was rising, Paul brought up his Tampa accident. "Behind me the piano is rising from the bowels of the earth... There is a hole--a big hole--and about the third show I fell back into it." He mimed falling backwards several times demonstrating how he held the Hofner and explained how things were "moving in slow motion." "I thought, 'How deep IS this hole?'" That got a lot of laughs and was hysterical to watch.

"Maybe I'm Amazed" got a huge reception, with Paul acknowledging the cheers by waving his arms and punching the air to encourage the crowd even more.

He told the standard "signs" story pointing out a sign that wasn't there. "My mother saw you at Shea Stadium" which got a huge crowd reaction. Then he pointed down and said, "See, there's a sign. I'm trying not to look. It's too complex." The sign said, "I've seen you in ...Philly, Spain, Miami, London, DC, Anaheim, LA, San Jose, London, NY, Phoenix, Oakland...and MORE." (Congrats to Dave McLean)

After Jenny Wren," Paul pointed over to Dave and said, "Where's your sign now?" Dave wasn't holding it up so Paul cupped the mike in his hands and said in a low voice, "My FATHER saw you at Shea Stadium, too," which got quite a laugh.

Paul asked everyone to remember John, George and Linda and touched his fist to his heart a couple of times while the audience cheered.

After singing the first three lines of "For No One" Paul seriously messed up the lyrics. He stopped the song, put his arms on top of the piano and announced, "Okay, that was a mistake." The audience went insane and he stood up to egg them on. Then he sat down and said "Everyone makes mistakes. I don't care... I'll just try that verse again. It proves it's live." He had a minor flub but played the song until it's end. Afterwards he leaned on the piano scratching his chin like he was trying to figure out what he did wrong.

For "I'll Follow the Sun," which is quickly becoming a comedy act, he did the reprise three times, then shook his head as if to say "no more," and held up three fingers. He did go back to the mike for a fake-out and one more reprise much to the amusement of the audience.

When Wix was introduced, he caused a minor riot by saying that he was finding that each city had its own special expression, and in New York it seemed to be "Go Yankees!" This led to the crowd chanting "LET'S GO YANKEES!" for about a minute. Paul turned and shook his finger at Wix as if to say "WHY did you have to say THAT?" It appeared that Wix didn't know what sport the Yankees played because Paul mouthed "baseball" to him while the chanting was going on.

Paul dedicated 'Follow Me' "to my beautiful wife, Heather" who moved from her Loge seat to the photo pit.

He introduced the Bach piece (which he nailed on the first try) and made the "ck" sound by drawing out the pronunciation from the back of his throat. He repeated the "ck" sound again as if he was clearing his throat and then pretended to spit on the stage. He said that it was a semi-classical piece and joked, "Actually it was a classical piece but we (him and George) made it semi-classical."

Brian brought up the Mets, saying he didn't want the Met fans to feel left out. (there was considerable booing).

On the closing note of "Band on the Run" Paul made a big show of sliding his finger all the way up the fretboard of the Hofner, acting frustrated that he couldn't go any further.

Paul stuck out his arms and mimed "airplane wings" during the jet audio intro of "Back in the USSR."

After the final explosion on "Live and Let Die," he feigned a heart-attack pounding his chest and stuck his fingers in his ears several times mocking the audience.

When Paul told the "Yesterday" story he mentioned that Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Marvin Gaye and Ray Charles recorded cover versions of the song.

The candle Paul lights before "Let It Be" now has a glass container around it.

At the encore Paul thanked the band, the audience and his crew which he called a "mini army of 140 people backstage. The best crew in the world!"

Spotted in the audience:

Lenny Kravitz, Marshall Crenshaw and Tony Bennett (sitting right behind Heather in the Loge).

Signs in the audience:

" Thank You Forever," "Follow Paul," "Thanks for the high 5s," "Follow Me to Texas," "Follow Me" with the "W" drawn as the Wings logo. "Home Is Where the Heart Is" (distributed at the 2003 Liverpool concert) displayed during "Penny Lane."

"Paul, I was No. 140 in line, please sign my book. Love Pam" (Congrats to Pam Walker for getting her book signed!)

"We Survived Glastonbury - Mike & Carol, Lancs, England." Paul mimed falling rain and putting on wellies (rain boots) when he saw the sign. Macca signed this banner at the end of the show.

Paul signed a Beatles "Second Album" and "London Town." (Congrats to Bob Gannon)


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October 5 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

Paul arrived in his Lexus at 4:15 pm and gave a high five to a man and his son as he passed. (Congrats to Tom Liverani) Five minutes later Abe, Rusty and Brian arrived in another Lexus.

Ambient music before the DJ took the stage included an instrumental of "Smile."

The show started around 8:25 pm and Paul came onstage around 8:50 pm wearing the black jacket with black satin lapels.

Before "Jet" Paul rushed to both sides of the stage and waved to the crowd. Then he stepped up to the mike still waving, made a face and said, " Greetings New York! We have come a long way to rock you tonight. [pauses for applause] ...and we will."

The audience was very loud and raucous for this show. Apparently people who wanted to stand couldn't because they were told to sit down the 'sitters'. By the time "Band On The Run" rolled around the 'sitters' finally got off their butts.

"Let Me Roll It" had the "Foxy Lady" ending which was longer than at previous shows.

Rusty Abe and Wix said special hellos to people in the audience. Wix had friends from England. Brian said hello to "Zsa Zsa." Paul said off mike to Brian, "Zsa Zsa Gabor? She's here?"

When Paul told the "I Will" story someone in the front row shouted, "PASADENA!" before Paul mentioned where the restaurant was. Then Paul exchanged a few words with the fan (who was in the front row). "Shhhhhh! You've been here before? This is for the people who haven't been." The fan said he had been to the restaurant.

Paul then recalled a story told to him by comedian Jerry Seinfeld. "You know I was talking to Jerry Seinfeld... who once told me he was in a club telling his jokes and one guy in the crowd said, "Heard it! Not funny," after each joke. So sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not so good. [Paul looked at the person who shouted PASADENA as if to say "shhhhhh!"] ... before I was interrupted... [pauses] I was in a Mexican restaurant in PASADENA..." Macca finished the "I Will" story.

Paul had vocal problems on "Jenny Wren" with his voice cracking a few times on the higher notes and on " For No One" where he was straining. Most of the show his voice sounded fine.

The next time the piano came up he smiled and said, "Here is that hole again!"

Peradventure story was back with Paul saying that today in New York coffee shops, he heard people were using the word 'peradventure'.

The fanasylum group sitting in the front row egged Paul on to do more reprises at the end of "I'll Follow The Sun." After the 'fifth' one he said, "no, no, no" and waved his hand to say "that's enough!"

Paul dedicated "Follow Me" to his "lovely wife and baby."

Macca didn't say "This is for the Wings fans" before "Too Many People."

Paul sang the whole first verse of "Baby Face" before he stopped the band with one member groaning, "I thought this was the night." "No, no, no... that's the wrong song," said Paul.

During "Hey Jude" Heather came out of Brian's side and stood at the railing singing along with the song. She waved and greeted fans on the side with "Hello!" After "Live and Let Die" she moved to the inside of the barricade in front of Paul and sat on a pillow sipping Poland Spring bottled water. She left with her security guard after "Please, Please Me."

After "Get Back" Paul said, "Are you having a good time? ["YEAH!" screams the audience] I'm having a good time. The house is rocking tonight! Let's rock some more!" and he launched into "Helter Skelter."

Before they left the stage for the first time, fans threw four stuffed monkeys with long arms and legs on the stage. Paul caught them one at a time and played with them. Macca and the band took their traditional bows with a "side-step shuffle" and did a full out "monkey dance" to the delight of those who threw them. Items were thrown onstage to be autographed, but were brushed to the side by roadies. Paul walked off with a gaggle of monkeys.

After the first encore a fan threw a white teddy bear which he immediately picked up. (Congrats again to Linda Aiello) He looked at Linda and said, "For me?" He then read the note to himself and said, "Ahhh." The note said to give it to baby Beatrice. Paul played around with it and put it up to his ear like it was talking to him. Then he nodded his head like he was 'agreeing' with it. Someone threw another bear and Paul held them both moving them like they were talking to each other.

Wix returned with a monkey hanging off his arm for the last encore. Paul came out with the U.S. flag and waved it over the fans in the front row, touching them. He thanked New York and the audience for coming out and giving him and the band such a warm welcome. He also thanked Madison Square Garden for an incredible four night stand.

When Paul was lighting the candle for "Let It Be," a fan in the front row said, "and then there was light." Paul heard that and repeated it out loud to the audience as he lit the candle. (Congrats to Elsa Buckingham)

Fans threw dozens of items to be autographed. Paul picked up a Sgt Pepper doll of himself and held it up and another stuffed monkey. Someone threw an album cover that almost hit Paul in the head. Paul didn' t notice but the audience did and yelled, "UUUAAAAAAAHHHHGGGGGG!"

What was signed:

Congrats to Bob Gannon who got his "Tug of War" album signed.

Paul autographed a sign that read, "I just got laid" and signed a "Beatles '65" album cover.

Spotted in the audience:

Max Weinberg (Springsteen's E-Street Band drummr, Conan O'Brien Show) Christopher Walken, Clint Black, Lucy Liu, Steve Buscemi and Lenny Kravitz who was sitting at the sound board in front of Section 10.

Signs in the audience:

"MAK SHOW," "You shine on my soul," "The Glastonbury Three - See You in DC, " "This is My 41st Paul McCartney Concert," acknowledged by Heather who smiled and waved from photo pit, acknowledged by Paul who waggled a finger as if to say 'naughty boy' (Congrats to Dave McLean), "Follow Paul" (with big red heart), "Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah."

"REMEMBER LONG GUM WRAPPER CHAIN?" acknowledged by Paul. (Congrats to Roe Rosen) Story behind the sign: Back in 1965 at Shea Stadium, Roe gave Paul a 75-foot chain made of gum wrappers. Just before The Beatles last song, "I'm Down," Macca said, "I want to thank the girl for the long chain."



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October 8 - Washington, D.C. - MCI Center

Paul arrived at the MCI Center around 5:05pm with a police escort and two black Lexus SUV's. Paul was in the first car and waved to the fans as he went by. The car did not stop. There were dozens of fans waiting even though it was raining.

Songs heard at the soundcheck: "Matchbox," "Midnight Special," "India," "Lady Madonna."

The show started a 8:15pm with Freelance Hellraiser. Paul arrived onstage around 8:45pm wearing, blue jeans, a black jacket with maroon satin lapels and a turquoise shirt. Macca's voice sounded strong throughout the show with some weakness on the high notes of "Jenny Wren". There was a generous amount of stage banter with the audience who rocked on the Beatles numbers. The audience politely sat down for the new songs and for the most part were a little more conservative than at other shows. Macca brought the house down on "Helter Skelter."

The audience got a good chuckle when Paul removed his jacket, and Rusty played a few notes from "The Stripper." A man in the audience let out a very loud wolf whistle.

After "I'll Get You," Paul said that Washington D.C. was a special place for him and referred to the Beatles first American concert back in 1964. Paul said, "It is appropriate to play one of the first songs we did, since D.C. was our very first gig here."

Paul told the story about recording "In Spite of All the Danger" and when he got to the part about John Duff Lowe keeping the record he said, "Duff kept it for "twenty-three years ... allegedly." And added, "His lawyers might be in the crowd."

Rusty tore open another fortune cookie commenting that he got it from one of D.C.'s "finest Chinese restaurants." The fortune said, "You should undertake and accomplish anything."

When Paul started "Jenny Wren" you could hear a pin drop. After "Jenny Wren" Paul commented with a smirk, "Peradventure this message might get back to some important leaders."

Abe said a "hello" to the Wilcox family.

Paul did not do the pantomine intro for "English Tea." After the song he explained his new favorite word, "peradventure." He said, "I think I'm the only person who used it in a song and the only person who wanted to! So I've been telling this story as we travel 'round and it's sweeping country. Guys are going into coffee bars, and when they're asked, 'would you like some more coffee, buddy,' they say, 'peradventure I might."

Before "Too Many People," Paul read a sign that said "Happy Birthday John" (Congrats to Toni Kracker who got several nods for her sign from Paul) and acknowledged that tomorrow (October 9th) was John's birthday.
He said, "There is a sign there, I think we are going to do something a bit different tonight. I'd like you all to join me, seeing as it's coming up on John's birthday. Sing him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" He began the first verse of "Happy Birthday," with the whole audience joining in. He then asked the crowd to remember "our departed love ones, John, George and Linda." The crowd cheered for over a minute. You could see tears welling up in Paul's eyes as he blew a kiss towards the sky.

He did not dedicate "Follow Me" to Heather and the baby. Instead he mentioned it was from the new CD.

When Paul was talking about the J.S. Bach piece someone yelled out "YEAH!" to which Paul responded "Yeah man!" pointing to the fan. Someone in the front row yelled out "Blackbird" when Paul alluded to "the next song." Macca feigned annoyance, "Now don't you be giving it away...just because you've been before!" He repeated the Jerry Seinfeld story and said, "Sooo as I was saying... For those of you who haven't been before, I used those three notes for the beginning of this next song." Paul pointed to the fan who interrupted and gave him a thumbs up.

Brian threw some guitar picks to the crowd and commented, "You're a lot louder than when we were here last time."

"I'll Follow the Sun" got two reprises, then Paul held up one finger to emphasize that he was only going to do it one more time. After the third reprise he said that "it's short, so we keep going on." Macca did four reprises to and really got a kick out of the crowd begging for a fifth which he didn't do.

When Wix was introduced, he reminded everyone that they had just been in New York and confessed that he had caused a near riot at Madison Square Garden by bringing up a certain sports team (Yankees). He said that since it was D.C., he had considered saying something political, but decided instead to be "like a politician and say nothing at all." He added, "Now I'll do the political thing and turn it over to our leader."

Paul did the "Baby Face" fake-out before "Hey Jude."

When John Hammel handed Paul his guitar he seemed a bit perturbed over something. Paul paused cocked his head, giggled and said "Ah, yeah, well..."

Before Paul began "Sgt. Pepper" he said, " good to see so many happy faces in the hall."

Abe lost a drumstick when he was pounding his way through "The End," but never missed a beat.

Paul signed a "Band on the Run" album cover, a booklet and a copy of "High in The Clouds," (Congrats to Chuck, Pam, Kelly and Patrick Gallagher)

THE STORY BEHIND THE BOOK: Paul saw Patrick (9-year-old son of Pam and Chuck) in the front row holding a "High in the Clouds" book and gestured by pointing and making a writing motion that he would sign the book. After the first encore he pointed to Chuck and mouthed "I'll get it from you." At the end of the show Paul crouched down in front of the family and motioned for Chuck to throw the book which he caught. An assistant handed Paul a pen and he signed the book and tossed it back to Chuck.

Signs in the audience:

"NEED A BABYSITTER?" which caught Paul's eye after the first encore. Macca pointed to it, laughed and gave the thumbs up.

"We Got Married on 6/18/04," "Macca Rocks," "Who Knows How Long I've Loved You-- 42 Years/You Know I Love You Still," "Here, DC-There, San Fran-Everywhere Paul!" "Paul for President," "Ram On," "Too Cool." "My Heart Went Boom," "This is My 42nd Macca Show," "LIPA Forever," "The Glastonbury Three - See You Next Time - In Houston," "Rusty Rocks" (which Rusty acknowledged), "Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah" (acknowledged by Paul during "I'll Get You." Congrats to Podgie!)


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October 10 - Toronto, Canada - Air Canada Center


1) Magical Mystery Tour (Hofner)
2) Flaming Pie (Hofner)
3) Jet (Hofner)
4) I'll Get You (Hofner)
5) Drive My Car (Hofner)
6) Till There Was You (Hofner)
7) Let Me Roll It /Foxey Lady (Les Paul)
8) Got To Get You Into My Life (Hofner)
9) Fine Line (Grand Piano)
10) Maybe I'm Amazed (Grand Piano)
11) The Long And Winding Road (Grand Piano)

Acoustic Set
12) In Spite Of All The Danger (acoustic solo)
13) I Will (acoustic solo)
14) Jenny Wren (acoustic - Wix)

15) For No One (Grand Piano)
16) Fixing A Hole (Grand Piano)
17) English Tea (Grand Piano)

18) I'll Follow The Sun (acoustic) with reprise twice (band)
19) Follow Me (acoustic) band
20) Blackbird (acoustic solo)
21) Eleanor Rigby (acoustic)

22) Too Many People (Hofner) band
23) She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Hofner)
24) Good Day Sunshine (Hofner)
25) Band On The Run (Hofner)
26) Penny Lane (Hofner)

27) I've Got A Feeling (Les Paul)
28) Back In The USSR (Hofner)

29) Hey Jude (Grand Piano)
30) Live And Let Die (Grand Piano)

31) Yesterday (acoustic - solo)
32) Get Back (Hofner)
33) Helter Skelter (Hofner)

34) Please Please Me (Hofner)
35) Mull of Kintrye (acoustic) Peel Regional Police Pipe Band
36) Let It Be (Psychedelic upright piano)
37) Sgt. Pepper Reprise/The End (Les Paul)


Paul arrived in a five car motorcade of black Lexus SUV's with a police escort. The police blasted their sirens as they approached the Air Canada Center around 5:05 pm. More than 100 fans were waiting along a driveway that led to the underground ramp. Paul was in the first car that zoomed by. It didn't slow down. He rolled down the window and waved. The three cars that followed did not have open windows. In the last Lexus was film director Mark Haefeli who leaned out the window with his video camera. Apparently a DVD of this tour is being shot.

At 5:45 pm the soundcheck began and lasted until almost 7pm.

Songs heard at the soundcheck:

Mull of Kintyre" (with and without the pipe band), "Matchbox," "Honey Don't," "Coming Up," "All My Loving," "C Moon," "Celebration," "Midnight Special," "I've Just Seen A Face," "Friends To Go," "Fun in Toronto" (impromptu jam), " Massage Song" (improv), "Lady Madonna."

The show started at late at 8:25 pm with DJ Freelance Hellraiser. "Really Love You" was omitted from the Twin Freaks set. Paul got on stage at 8:50 pm. He wore the black blazer with black satin lapels, tight fitting black corduroy trousers, and a long sleeved turquoise T- shirt which now had a "no-sweat" lining. The black trousers were a better combination than the jeans, giving Paul a trim look.

After "Flaming Pie " Paul said, "GREETINGS TORONTO! GREETINGS CANA-DER! We've come many miles to rock you tonight and rock you we will." Then he began "Jet."

At the song's end, Paul leaned on Rusty and put his hand on his chin. Paul said, "Great to be back here in Toronto. I have one of those feelings again... I feel like we're gonna have some fun and by the way, Happy Thanksgiving! [crowd cheers]

After "Jet" Paul said, "I'm going to take a moment to drink this all in." Paul paused to look at the crowd, drawing a big roar of approval.

"On this tour we are doing new songs and old songs. This one falls into the latter category. If you remember it, you weren't there!" said Paul as he began the "Oh, Yeahs," for "I'll Get You."

When the song finished, Macca screamed "Woo Ooo!" and said rubbing his chin, "I have a feeling we are going to have a good time."

"Let Me Roll It" had an extended "Foxy Lady" ending.

Rusty played a couple bars of "The Stripper" when Paul removed his jacket. Paul pointed a scolding finger at him as if to say, "Behave yourself!"

After "Got To Get You Into My Life" Paul talked about his piano pit accident calling the hole "the bowels of the earth." He introduced Rusty and said, "I'd like to introdust... INTRO DUST?" [laughs and makes confused face] Then he corrected himself. Rusty read a fortune cookie that said, "A pleasant surprise is in store for you."

During "Fine Line" Rusty and Brian did a couple of synchronized jumps. Paul shook his butt after the song and did a 'hair-bow.' (when he grabs onto a forehead bang and tips his head.)

Paul took a bow after "The Long and Winding Road" and stayed with his head down for 10 seconds swaying his hips from side to side. Then he talked about seeing signs that say "Mind the Gap" at every show to warn him about the piano pit opening, which he appreciates. "And believe me, I DO!" he said.

The Toronto crowd sang the "Oh-oh-oh-oh's," as instructed by Paul during "In Spite of All the Danger." Paul remarked after the song, "I'm touched by 20,000 people singing."

He told the same story for "I Will" talking about declining a drink from a man who offered. At the story's end he said, "The next time I'll accept the drink." That brought waves of laughter from the audience.

For "Jenny Wren" he said, This is a new song off the new album." There was some applause. Those that were standing politely sat down and you could tell the crowd was very into the song, because you could hear a pin drop. Paul sang it flawlessly. It got a huge response.

Macca talked about the signs with the story getting more humorous. He said that when he sees the signs, "I have to read them because your mind splits and one side says 'READ IT' and the other side says 'DON'T READ IT you've got chords. What are YOU doing? No NO! Don't read it. Don't read it.' Don't know how your mind does it really."

"Fixing A Hole" had a nice new instrumental intro on the piano.

"For No One" got a big response. Paul stood up, leaned over the top of the piano resting his elbows then struck a pose resting his chin on one hand.

"English Tea" had the pantomine intro and the 'peradventure' story. When Paul said the word "Peradventure" someone screamed WHOOO! Paul responded "WHOOO indeed!" He said that the use of the word "was sweeping North America."

From out of nowhere a man yelled something unintelligible. Paul flew around to stare him in the face and pointed sternly at him saying, "No, No! No NO! STOP SHOUTING OUT! I'M TALKING!" Then he told the Jerry Seinfeld story. Paul said people shouted out at Seinfeld "HEARD IT! HEARD IT! Paul sounded like a frog when he said "Heard It!" Accentuating it like, "Rib-bit" Rib-bIt," which was quite funny.

"I'll Follow the Sun" had two reprises.

Paul dedicated "Follow Me" to "my lovely wife Heather and our little baby." "Follow Me" signs were held up during the song that Paul acknowledged. A Japanese man held up his paper fan with Japanese writing on it. Paul spotted it and said, "Domo! Arigato! Konichiwa! That's as far as I go," then laughed.

Macca took a serious pause and said, "I like to take a moment for a little bit of appreciation for our dear departed loved ones, John, George and LINDA!" The crowed cheered. Paul seemed emotionally moved.

Paul played a little of the J.S. Bach song without any mistakes and then 'sang the notes' saying this is how the song really should be played, "do-do-do-do..." Macca explained that he and George used to play the song to impress people. "We played it to show people we weren't as THICK as we looked."

Abe and Rusty did their synchronized movements during "Eleanor Rigby." Abe really really got into it, strolling up to the microphone with exaggerated dance poses. Rusty was less adventurous.

After the song and applause Rusty put on his guitar and showed the back of it which said, "THANKX". Paul said, "Oh, you're a lovely bunch of people," and asked the audience, "Are you having a good time?" They cheered. Paul shrugged as he lifted one foot at a time. Then he rubbed his chest and put his hand over his head striking a pose.

"This is for the Wings fans in the house tonight," said Paul as he launched into "Too Many People." The song got the house rocking as did "Band On The Run" which got everyone up on their feet.

When Brian was introduced he mentioned that when the stage was put together by Barrie Marshall's (Tour Director) staff it had great sight lines so the performers could see the audience. Brian took a moment to point and wave to the crowd on both sides of the stage. Paul joined him as they walked across both sides of the stage.

The Russian story about "Back In The USSR" is evolving as it goes along. Paul is speaking with a Russian accent as he tells the story about the clouds being sprayed by Russian jets before the show to prevent rain. He says, "I'm not quite sure what they spray it with, but it's TRUE!"

Paul did not do the "Baby Face" intro to "Hey Jude." He did a little 'tinkering' on the piano before he started the song. The highlight of the song was Paul's pantomines as he led the crowd in the singalongs. He pointed to the upper level and asked the people in the "ash trays" to sing only. Then "the people in the middle" and "now the men." Paul stood next to Brian and showed him his biceps as he flexed his left arm. "Now the women." Paul rotated his hips in an effeminate manner with one hand behind his head and the other one on his hip. All the time video crews were showing fans on the video screens. There was a shot of Heather singing along from her seat in section 118 on the left side of the stage.

"Live and Let Die" has more pyrotechnic punch than at the early shows. The sparklers and flame throwers have some color to them now. Paul just can't help himself at the end of the song where he stands banging on the piano. He mocks the audience by putting his fingers in his ears and grimacing.

When Paul took the stage and the dreaded "Red Wings" sticker on his acoustic was spotted by the rival Toronto hockey fans, there were 'boos' of disapproval but in a good natured way. Paul didn't notice. He mentioned that he was playing the original guitar that he used on the Ed Sullivan show not realizing that the 'sticker' was shown on the video screens.

Macca said, "I know you want to rock some more," before he launched into "Helter Skelter." The crowd went nuts. At the song's end the band took their bows and stayed bent over as they did the 'shuffle side-step.' Paul went the wrong way with his feet when he shuffled, stepping on the other band members' feet.

For the second encore Paul came running out on stage waving the Canadian flag and wearing the "no more land mines" red T-shirt. Rusty had a giant flag of Ontario.

Right after "Please Please Me," Paul said, "One of the great things about going to Cana-der is we get to do this next song." He began "Mull of Kintyre"on acoustic and was joined onstage by the 30-member Peel Regional Police Pipe Band in full dress. The crowd went wild.

The song went well until the end when Paul lost his place and made the only flaw of the show. He sang "Mull of Kintyre, Oh mist rolling in from... instead of "La la la la, Mull of Kintrye..." Paul made a face like "Uh Oh! I screwed up!" He laughed and continued with the correct lyrics and did his famous shout at the end.

"We had to do that one!" said Paul. The audience cheered. "We want to thank everyone in the band for coming along and doing that. It's a big thrill for us. The sound of those pipes is something isn't it?"

When the pipers left his psychedelic piano was rolled out and he said, "BEHOLD! A PIANO! We've had quite the light show tonight, but for this next song we're gonna try lighting it with just a single candle." He took out a lighter and lit the large white candle on top of his piano. Then he carefully placed a glass-hurricane cover over it.

Paul said his usual goodbyes to the crowd telling them they had to go home. He thanked the band and crew and told the crowd, "But most of all we want to thank you!" He then launched to "Sgt. Pepper/The End." At the very last note of "The End" he held his hand up in the air, pointed to the sky and closed his eyes in deep concentration.

He and the band took their bows, but first made a huddle and put out their hands touching each other's wiggling fingers. They bent down to bow and went into a 'monkey dance' swinging their arms as they dragged their knuckles on the floor while jumping up and down.

Paul ran from one side of the stage to the other waving to fans. He signed a poster (available for purchase at the show) before he left. Not too many items were tossed to the stage. Someone threw a flower on stage which Paul picked up and sniffed!

He grabbed the microphone and yelled, "HEY TORONTO! HEY CANA-DER! You've been fantastic! See ya next time!" And left the stage.

Signs in the audience:

"63 never looked so good," "Scream if you love Paul," "I named my puppy Jet," "Paul Forever," "Paul I (heart) U," "The Man, The Legend, The Icon" "I Love Paul" (in a giant heart), "This Bird Loves Paul - Let's ROCK."

Bagpiper's story:

Former Toronto Maple Leafs' goalie Glenn Healy was one of the bagpipers and told a fan that when Paul was onstage with the pipers during the song, he turned to the band and said, "Is this f*king great or what?"

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